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    My name is mc_myster and i am a experienced java developer. I currently am Head developer whilst maintaining Minerverse. i have been developing java code for 2 years now and know what i am doing.

    I am experience in mostly Java code, i know everything there is to know about servers, i have made and developed many servers in the past.

    I am willing to develop a plugin for you not on a hourly base or even a high amount. I will not change until the plugin is 100% completed and bug tested/checked. I will show you the plugin during the development and when its done on my own personal test server. When the plugin is finished you will not send it to you until I have been paid. You must pay via PayPal. The payment will be around $5-$20 because i enjoy coding so do not change highly over it.

    I will be a long-term developer for your server and help you with configuring plugins and setting up the server, fixing bugs all for free but i charge for any sort of plugin. I am not going to just develop you a plugin, get paid then leave. I wish to stay with your server and develop not just plugins for money but help you during the development and maintenance of your server for free. I can also do free updates for the plugins i develop, you will just need to contact me.

    All plugins i make for you will be for your server only. The plugins i develop will not be used on my own server or uploaded to websites such as Spigotmc.com or bukkit.org. The plugin will be yours and yours only.

    If you are interested in hiring me to be your servers short-term or long-term developer (No price adjustment's between the two) then contact me on either my email or my Skype, please when adding me as a friend on Skype make sure you mention in the request that you want to hire me. Thanks!

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: mcmyst3r

    List of plugins i have developed:

    - Combat(pvp) Logger - Stop players combat logging whilst in pvp
    - Daytime vote plugin - Allow players to vote for daytime when it is night
    - Custom donator names - Change the color of donators names
    - Donator /reclaim benefit plugin - allows players to use /reclaim after donating
    - Inventory Ban - allows you to ban players within a GUI instead of command
    - Inventory Scan - Allows you to completely stop a player talking, using commands and moving whilst you talk to them in a separate chat so you can scan them (Easier than putting hackers in jail)
    - Kill money - pays you money when you kills mobs, monsters and players
    - Logger - logs every message and command players send
    - Parkour minigame - Parkour GUI that has lots of levels of parkour and leaderboards
    - PVPArena - PVP Arena minigame that allows players to fight in a arena
    - Recorder - for Youtubers to use whilst recording/streaming on Youtube or twitch
    - Tokens - Second type of currency, cool ad-don for players to use
    - Withdrawl - Allows players to put their money from their account into a piece of paper which is right clicked to redeem.
    - Password Protect - Makes users login before joining the server. (for cracked servers)
    - EBank - Bank plugin for players to store their money in

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    Quote from jabob56»

    hahaha jk i know whos owner u little raskel

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    IP: play.minerverse.net
    Our server Minerverse is looking for new builders so we can enhance our server to the best of its abilitys, if you want to become a builder just join now and either myself (mc_myster) or jabob56 will show you to the build world which you can build a small build and convince us that you have what it takes to become a builder.
    IP: play.minerverse.net

    My skype: mcmyst3r

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    posted a message on Using World Guard to restrict commands to certain regions.
    You could create a new world for this region and make it a Parented world through group manager so you can have seperate permissions for the world .
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    You guys do know its from holographic displays right ? i tested it myself, i went into a new world and they were not there untill i created a HD, i proved it to mahself!
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    This is great and why da hell are people bloody quoting this XD
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    GTA SA IS ON XBOX 360 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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