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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Need a little help here...

    I was a long time user of WE-CUI from the beta to 1.3.2. I took a little break from MC and decided to jump back in with 1.5.2 to make a map. I've been trying for 4 hours now to get WE-CUI to work and i'm ready to tear my hair out. World Edit works fine but WE-CUI refuses to show up.

    Here's the list of mods installed listed in order of installation from a clean jar. (no - launchers, all injected directly into the jar).

    1) ML
    2) TMI
    3) Rei's MM
    4) SPC
    5) Player API (tried both Universal 1.0 and 1.1)
    6) SPC for Player API patch

    7a) Mystou1's WE-CUI 1.5.2 ML non-Forge version (moved all files in the classes folder directly into the minecraft.jar)
    7b) Mumfrey's Liteloader version (put liteloader contents into the minecraft.jar, and tried the following...)
    7b1) Put mod_worldeditcui_1.5.2_01_lite_mc1.5.2.litemod into the mods folder
    7b2) renamed mod_worldeditcui_1.5.2_01_lite_mc1.5.2.litemod with ".zip" and moved it to the mods folder
    7b3) renamed mod_worldeditcui_1.5.2_01_lite_mc1.5.2.litemod with ".zip" and put the contents of the zip into the minecraft.jar

    Nothing works. I started with a clean jar each time. Minecraft works - no black screen, no error report. World Edit works fine - WE-CUI just doesn't show up.

    Anybody have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Can someone write up a quick step-by-step how to install WE-CUI for MC SP.

    Thx in advance to all responders. =)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    Quote from MontyPylon

    I thought I did include a config file... I'll have to check on that.

    Oops, you were right - the config does have Block ID editing baked in. I must have mis-click-opened the wrong config file when I checked the first time around. Sorry about that.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] Solar Energy [v1.1]
    @ Quintinity

    Bug Report: as many people above have stated, Solar Energy crashes when you place a solar furnace down. I think I know what the problem is.

    Risugami updated ModLoader but didn't bother writing a different version # in the OP (someone kindly told me about this in another thread). I'm guessing here, but I think you wrote your mod to work with the old ML but not the new one. Hope this helps.
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    posted a message on Note Block Display With GUI [SSP][SMP]
    Quote from ImRaginBro

    I will definitely look into getting it on modloader. I've been thinking about it anyways. :)

    Honestly I don't think I would be able to get all of the features to work with ModLoader. I might mess around a bit more later though, and see if I can figure it out.

    ModLoader and ModLoaderMP are 2 separate mods made by 2 different modders. ModLoaderMP does rely on ModLoader though. Your mod uses the adg.class which is used by MLMP. Perhaps there is somethign in MLMP that you can work with?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    Quote from brewdoggy

    Here is a possible fix, when I redownloaded ModLoader I found he updated it on 3/4/2012, and I had the one that came out 3/3/2012, So I used this new one and now my texuers seem to be ok, Apperantly he doesnt post or say if he upgrades his mods, so only way to know is download and check date inside zip file when it was created/modified.

    Interesting... I'll give it a try and report back.

    Seems you were spot on Brewdoggy. Risugami did update ML without bothering to update the OP with a new version #. (It seems he now includes the ahs.class which he didn't before). You were also right about More Pistons working fine with the new ML. - It's strange... Risugami never bothered answering posts on his thread but he was usually good about naming updates in his OP until now. I wonder what the deal is. Anyways, thanks very much about the ML 411.

    @ MontyPylon:
    Brewdoggy had the solution. I do have a request though. Could you please add a config file so we can change the block IDs? At some point, i know this is going to collide with another mod. Config files are usually a standard thing with mods that add blocks, to avoid ID incompatibilities.
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    posted a message on Note Block Display With GUI [SSP][SMP]
    @ ImRaginBro

    Can you make this ModLoader compliant? Better yet, can you code this so it doesn't edit any base classes? adg.class is used by ModLoaderMP and ais.class is used by Rei's MiniMap. These are probably the 2 most popular mods after ModLoader.

    Your mod seems very useful but I don't see anybody installing it once they realize the incompatibilities.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    @ MontyPylon

    Bug Report: Like someone else already reported, you have the ModLoader 4th sapling texture glitch.

    When you place or destroy a piston in creative mode (i didn't test regular mode) the mod places a phantom glitched jungle sapling into your inventory.
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    posted a message on [1.6.1] THX Helicopter Mod v025
    @ Theoxylo

    Bug report: I just tried alpha v016. It doesn't work.

    You put the mod_ModLoaderMP.class and ModLoaderMP.class in the .zip. This is procedurely improper. If the mod requires ModLoaderMP, you must state it in your OP and put a link to the mod - not redistribute it within your own.

    FYI, jamioflan's unofficial MLMP is no longer used. The original modder - SDK (ScottyDoesKnow) reclaimed the mod and updated it to 1.2.3v3 as of 2 days ago. He fixed a bunch of bugs so there is a chance that some calls you are making in your mod might no longer work. FYI.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4]Kew's Cowbell Mod (Update 4)
    @ Kew2001

    Congratulations on your first mod! You have done an excellent job. If you keep studying hard and listen to your dad, I have no doubt someday you will become a great modder. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.1.0][SMP] Dawn of the Modern World (thethirdmike's Mods)
    @ thethirdmike

    Can you fix the mediafire files please? All the links are broken.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    @ iChun

    bug report:

    Quote from iChun

    - Going back immediately is probably because you don't have any space above the portals and you immediately fall back into the portal.

    - Sounds will work as long as audiomod is installed as I make the mod access audiomod's function to load external sounds from the folder. That is why I have a footnote saying that if that doesn't work for you, move the folders to /resources/mod/

    About the bouncing issue: The horizontal (flat) portal had no obstructions above it or to the side. When I tested it again, I realized what the problem is.
    I was jumping down 1 block (on a small hill) into a vertically placed portal (on the side of a tree). Portal physics says this should mean I jump out of the horizontal (flat) portal with even greater force (conservation of momentum which is directionless) but it seems the mod also conserves direction (the vector) - so when I'm coming out of the flat portal, the mod says keep moving downwards which is why I only come out half way. The mod shouldn't be conserving the vector, only the momentum.

    To replicate the problem, place a vertical portal 1 block higher then ground level. Then stand on a small hill 2 blocks higher then ground level and 1 block space inbetween you and the portal. Place a flat horizontal portal wherever unobstructed. Jump/fall into the vertical portal and you will see the problem I'm referring to.

    As for the install, you were completely right - originally, I didn't move the portalgun folder into the mods folder; I just unzipped all the files in the portalmod folder to the mods folder. My bad - apologies.

    While I was testing v3, I found another bug (I'm not sure if it was there in v2 and I just didn't notice it before.)
    In my testing .jar I have Rei's MM and CJB's installed. When looking at a portal, the HUD of both mods freak out (like a visual version of radio static). When there are no portals within the field of vision (just look away) the HUDs return to normal.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    @ iChun

    bug report: (for 1.1.0v2)

    - Traveling from a horizontally (flat) placed portal to a vertical (upright) works fine but traveling through a vertical to a horizontal bounces you back immediately back to the vertical. Under certain circumstances it will work but 95% of the times you'll get bounced.

    - The installation instructions (step#2) on the OP and in the readme.txt are incorrect. The mod will work but you will not have sound. You mis-nested the folders containing your sound files. Your current instructions put the sound files in:
    .minecraft/mods/resources/sound/ &
    They should be in:
    .minecraft/resources/mod/sound/ &
    .minecraft/resources/mod/streaming/ (that's a different branch off the main root folder)

    I'm a long time user so it only took me 5 secs to figure out the problem but I think you will get a lot of Portal newbs having problems.
    I suggest repackaging the portalgun.zip with
    - the sound & streaming folders nested in the folder structure '/resources/mod/'
    - the class files zipped up and nested in a folder titled '/mods'.
    Just instruct everybody to drag and drop the 2 folders into their root '.minecraft' folder instead of the 'mods' folder; let ModLoader read the .zip file and let the mod auto-generate the props file on 1st run (which it already does so you don't need to instruct them where to place it as a separate file).
    Just FYI.

    P.S. I like the new ability to see through portals instead of solid blue/orange textures. (fps laggy but good).
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    posted a message on [Genuine] Mods - v1.4.7 - Client side mods.
    @ GenuineSounds

    Bug Report:
    I've been testing Genuine Trophies as statues for themed castles/parks, and ran into some problems. While the mod seems to work fine for vanilla mobs, it is unpredictable when it comes to Mo' Creatures.
    - Half the mobs work fine as trophies; deer, big cat, bear, fox, werewolf, etc...
    - Half the mobs show up as vanilla chickens: horses, dolphins, sharks, flame wraith, polar bear, etc...
    Mobs from other mods seem to work fine: Touhou's Alice doll mod, TehKrush's Squirrels.

    Any ideas what might be the problem? Is it something screwy with Trophies or Mo'Creatures?
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    posted a message on Thebombzen's Mods
    @ thebombzen

    I just tested MinecartLavaBoats v1.5 and found a big bug. The minecart floats in lava and doesn't burn but for some reason the ability to get in the cart is now disabled (regardless of whether it's in lava or on a track on the ground). When I deleted the mod from my mod folder, normal cart getting-in-and-out was restored so it seems the problem is with the mod. Could you look into this please?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)
    Quote from CodonAqua

    Thank you very much for telling me of this incompatibility! I have never heard of forge before, so I never would have found out on my own. Will look into making them compatible as soon as I can.

    Cool, thank you.
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