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    IGN : mb55177

    no I have not been banned before
    no I won't abuse item which might normally be banned because that ruins the experience for everybody
    yes I will act maturely as it ruins the experience for everyone if you don't
    I'm 14
    I want to play on this server because most other servers have quite a lot of restrictions that ban people from doing all sorts of stuff but if nothing is banned then the things that might be taken advantage of (such as tnt) can also be needed for certain other things (such as diamond shards) and if tnt is banned then you cannot get diamond shards and it ruins the experience (I'm just using that as one example)
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    thanks that will really help me in my modding experience
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    Quote from Skerp

    Version 2.0
    Note that you only need Modloader and Forge installed to get v2.0 working!! New RC Submarine added that can shoot missiles. This mod should now be compatible with a lot more other mods. There is now a max range you can go from your player. If you go beyond 200m you'll lose your RC entity.

    The Rc Submarine

    The Rc Boat

    The Rc Car

    The Rc Heli

    The Rc Plane

    Older Versions Videos
    Version 1.3

    Version 1.2

    Version 1.1.5

    Version 1.0

    Spotlight Videos
    Version 1.4

    Version 1.3

    Version 1.2

    Version 1.1

    Version 1.0


    1) Download and install Modloader.
    2) Download and install Forge.
    3) Delete the "META-INF" folder in your "minecraft.jar" file.
    4) Download "The RC Mod vX.X.zip" (Links below).
    5) Open "The RC Mod vX.X.zip" and put the "RCMod vX.X.zip" into the "mods" folder inside your .minecraft folder.
    6) Put the "resources" folder folder inside your .minecraft folder.
    7) Winning...

    Download links
    Version 2.0[1.2.5]

    70,486 downloads from initial release! (06/05/12)

    Frequency Crystals:


    Electric Motor:

    8 Channel Remote Control:

    4 Channel Remote Control:

    The Rc Plane:

    The Rc Heli

    Rc Car's Wheels

    The Rc Car

    The Rc Boat

    The Rc Submarine

    Note that the Rc Plane and Heli use the 8 channel remote control. The Rc Car and Boat use the 4 channel remote control.

    After you've crafted your RC entity and remote control, you can place your RC entity into your world. Select the remote control that you'll be using and right click while holding it to activate it. Then right click on your RC entity to also activate it. Make sure you don't hold any of the controllers while right clicking on your RC entity. If your RC entity is activated, you should see a particle effect of reddust above it. You will also hear a beeping sound. You can now select the remote control again and your crosshair will automatically lock onto the RC entity that you have selected. You can now fly/drive! To get the chase cam working, you just have to keep pressing "F5" to cycle through the different cam views. The chase cam will only work if your crosshair is locked onto your RC entity and you have the right remote control selected.


    The Rc Plane:
    "O" - To move forward. You need to move forward in order for the wings to produce lift.
    ";" - To turn right on the ground.
    "K" - To turn left on the ground.
    "Up arrow key" - To pitch down.
    "Down arrow key" - To pitch up.
    "Right arrow key" - To roll right.
    "Left arrow key" - To roll left.

    The Rc Heli:
    "O" - To increase lift.
    "L" - To decrease lift.
    ";" - To turn right.
    "K" - To turn left.
    "Up arrow key" - To pitch down.
    "Down arrow key" - To pitch up.
    "Right arrow key" - To roll right.
    "Left arrow key" - To roll left.

    The Rc Car:
    "O" - To go forward.
    "L" - To go backwards.
    ";" - To turn right if going forward.
    "K" - To turn left if going forward.
    "Up arrow key" - to jump.

    The Rc Boat:
    "O" - To go forward.
    "L" - To go backwards.
    ";" - To turn right if going forward.
    "K" - To turn left if going forward.

    The Rc Submarine
    "O" - To go forward. "L" - To go backwards.
    ";" - To turn right if going forward.
    "K" - To turn left if going forward.
    "Up arrow key" - To surface.
    "Down arrow key" - To dive down.

    " " " - toggles weapon mode on/off

    "F5" - To get to the chase cam mode.

    Race Tracks
    Race Track - [RC Plane] More to come!!

    WARNING DO NOT FLY NEAR YOUR HOUSE! It will most likely be that you'll destroy it and I'm NOT going to take any responsibility for it.

    Known Issue - If you exit and re-enter your world after you've spawned an RC entity, the cam lock will "stutter". Currently I have no idea what is causing it so don't expect a fix for it soon.

    Should be compatible with most Modloader, Forge and PlayerAPI mods.

    Change Log
    Version 2.0
    -New rc submarine added.
    -New rc submarine crafting recipe added.
    -Missiles added.
    -Weapons mode added.
    -New overlay added (information / home arrow).
    -The rc car will now manually jump when pressing the "up arrow key".
    -The rc car will now climb stairs and half blocks without jumping.
    -The inwater detection for all rc entities has been improved.
    -Rc heli will now have a particle effect on the ground.
    -Particle effect for all rc entities reduced.
    -The player will now face in the direction where the chase cam is facing to render the particle in the right orientation.
    -The rc plane's propeller should turn smoother for those with faster gpus.
    -This mod now works with forge and should be compatible with playerAPI.
    -A maximum range that your rc entity can go from you has been added. This is due to the rendering problems with forge.

    Version 1.4.2
    - Misalignment bug when you exit and re-enter your world has been fixed.
    - Chase cam's block detection has been greatly improved. You will no longer be able to have a block between the chase cam and your RC entity.
    - The RC car's wheels now have a friction limit. The car should drift slightly better at high speeds.
    - The RC Car now has a 5% change of flipping if the wheels' friction limit is reached.
    - The RC Car will no longer jump when rolled over.
    - The retrieve function will now place RC entities at the player's position if no previous position was stored.
    - The controls reset function after a key was pressed should work better now.

    Version 1.4.1
    - Keyboard controls code re-written. Hopefully it will solve the issues that some had.
    - RC boat's drag has been fixed.
    - Float physics for the RC boat slightly changed.
    - When you turn on the RC boat it will now say "Rc Boat: On".
    - The retrieve function will now retrieve multiple RC entities at once.
    - Collision box for each RC entity has been adjusted. RC car and boat should now go through a 1x1x1 open space.
    - Wheel animation for the RC car and plane adjusted.
    - Minor cam lock and chase cam bugs fixed.
    - The chase cam can now detect when it might go into a block and will try and prevent it.

    Version 1.4
    - New RC Boat added.
    - New RC Boat crafting recipe added.
    - New RC Plane model added.
    - RC Plane is now fully animated.
    - Yaw induced roll re-added to the RC Plane.
    - The RC Car will now drop four wheels when crashed.
    - All RC entities will now render smoother during a turn.
    - Chase cam detection recoded. Should work for those who had trouble before and clients shouldn't crash.
    - Heading calculation bugs fixed.
    - The RC Plane/Heli/Car will now stop working when in contact with water.
    - RC entities will now have massive drag when in the water.
    - Time calculations have been removed. It should help those with slower CPUs.

    Version 1.3
    -New Rc Car added.
    -A new 4 Channel remote control added.
    -The Rc Plane now has new flight dynamics and ground handling physics.
    -Particle effect added for the Rc plane.
    -Now you need to activate the Rc car/heli/plane to be able to use them.
    -Reddust will appear above the Rc car/heli/plane when activated. Text will also show in the chat bar.
    -You can now spawn in multiple entities and control the one of your choice.
    -Control input re-written from scratch. You can now control multiple entities.
    -The cam lock feature has been greatly improved. The cam will now lock onto the entity you activated first.
    -The cam chase feature has also been greatly improved. It will now yaw and pitch with the Rc heli/plane.
    -Crafting Recipes have been changed.
    -You can use 1 diamond to craft 10 frequency crystals.
    -Rc heli/car skin templates added.
    -You can now only control an Rc heli/plane/car if you are holding the right remote control. The cam lock/ cam chase will also only work if you are holding the right remote control.
    -Minor bug fixes. Version 1.2.1
    -A couple of texture issues on the rc heli have been fixed.
    -When spawning the rc heli, it will no longer rotate like crazy.
    -The rc heli's icon has been changed.
    -The crafting recipe for the rc heli has been changed.
    -When you spawn in a heli the blades will no longer rotate.
    -Some minor issues with the cam lock feature have been fixed.
    -The issue with custom skin while using the chase cam feature has been fixed.
    -The sleeping bug after using the chase cam feature has been fixed.
    -Some code has been added to the rc plane to make it easier to get out of a dive and climbing is now more realistic.
    -This mod will no longer make minecraft crash if you are using the Aether mod as well.
    -Text has now been added to make it easier to keep track of what is happening.

    Version 1.2
    -Rc heli with new flight dynamics has been added.
    -Crafting recipe for the rc heli added. -New chase cam has been added.
    -Roll limit on the rc plane has been removed. It can now roll through 360 degrees.
    -One hit will now de-spawn your heli or plane.
    -Time function is now fixed which resulted in the client freezing.
    -The modified base files for the cam lock feature are no longer needed and should prevent any compatibility issues.

    Version 1.1.6
    -Removed the RcPlaneCam.class file which resulted in the client crashing.
    -The code of the cam lock feature has be slightly changed. Should work for those who had trouble before.
    -The propeller on the model has been aligned.
    -Propeller is now animated. Will turn when you press "O" and also when the plane is above a certain speed.
    -The one plane per world limit has been temporarily removed. Be aware that to spawn in more than one will cause problems.

    Version 1.1.5
    -Added a cam lock feature, the plane will always be in view once the controller has been activated and three hands will no longer be needed.
    -The plane will spawn facing the direction you are facing.
    -Model now has dihedral wings.
    -Fixed the texture overlay problem on the model.
    -There is now a skin template in the "extra" folder. You can now make your own skin. Just rename it to "RcPlaneSkin" and put it in the "RcPlaneMod" folder.
    -When the plane crashes it will no longer drop iron and redstone.
    -There's a 90% chance for dropping an electric motor and 80% chance for dropping a receiver.
    -Crafting has been slightly chanced to make it less expensive.
    -New remote control texture added. It now has a light to show when it's on or off.

    Version 1.1
    -Added a feature where you now can retrieve the plane by just pressing "P".
    -If you hit your plane it will not be destroyed. It will give you the rc plane item.
    -Yaw will now result in a slow roll in the direction of yaw.
    -Tweaked the yaw of the plane. Its now better on the ground and less effective in the air. (To force people to roll to turn)
    -Fixed the annoying bug where you can not have a plane in each of your worlds.

    Version 1.0 -Initial release.

    To do list
    -Multiplayer support.
    -An RC Jet
    -An RC Sea Plane
    -And more to come.

    Great signature by Safadi!

    [center][url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/851939-11spthe-rc-mod-v142/"] [img]http://i39.tinypic.com/24c6z43.png[/img][/url][/center]


    Special Thanks
    To Pheenixm for providing solutions to help improve the compatibility with other mods
    and to those spreading the word about this mod.

    This document is Copyright (2011) of Skerp (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

    i think a good idea would be ot have a way to turn the max range off
    then you can use it as a scout to look round wthout having to worry about going out of range
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