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    posted a message on The last city[7/19 EPIC UNDERGROUND CITY ADDED!][SURVIVAL][WITH PICTURES]
    [Survival map]The last city(land)
    based on seed:infinity


    Download the latest version now: //rapidshare.com/#!download" target="505p8" data-ensure-absolute>https://rapidshare.com/#!download|505p8|2381812509|the last land 4.zip|729|0|0

    7/19 LONG TIME NO SEE! Now the biggest update ever is coming.The republic underground city now has been built.Dorms,temple,cathedral,congress,the president's house and etc...Guard your republic city and keep zombies away!

    7/10 The UPDATE 2 is coming now.I brought back my zombie cage concept into this map.With few road lamps added.And a protected coal mine is built.
    The instructions of catching zombies will be listed below.
    At the beginning,you've got 3 animals in the farm,2 zombies in the cage.
    Post your cage photos below to see who can catch the most!
    Some zombies are stucked in the pillar of the holy gate at the beginning.Destroy the black blocks and kill them all,put a torch inside and repair the pillar.Then you'll get more zombies respawned at night.
    7/9 THE UPDATE1 is coming now.The holy gate of the land.A chinese style farmer's house.More detailed pigpen/oxtall/or whatever. And a well is added.
    Now it's the time to farm under the city and activate this land again!
    7/8 here's some photos of the upcoming first update of this map=) i want to say thank you all who support this map.Your comments will decide the future features of this map!The holy gate with a small chinese style farmer's house
    7/6 safe villa(dinning room,bedroom,restroom,guardroom,storage,balcony and etc.) inside the mountain;city built on the height;2 gates;1 giant chinese style defense tower.
    Instructions of putting zombies into the zombie cage
    1.find a zombie and let him follow you into the house
    2.go into the house in advance and destroy the floor glass block to let him fall down.
    3.go down through the door on the other side and attract him to the cage.
    4.rebuild the glass block and start from 1 again.
    AS long as you are finished,go down and block the cage with glass blocks =p

    The main gate of the city
    The subgate
    i built this defense tower upon my understanding of ancient chinese towers.The small and only security house in the city.

    Inside the security villa inside the mountain

    dinning room

    restroom with one toliet and one bathroom

    The storage room will supply you sufficient materials at the beginning of the game

    Also the guardroom ,observation room and balcony are included but without photos.
    Hope you all to enjoy it,feel free to make your own version out of it!
    History version: Please notice that the latest version is on the top of this post.
    7/6 version:
    https://rapidshare.c...1/malo map1.rar
    7/9 version:
    7/10 version:
    Thanks for supporting this map:
    All for One: One for All 人人為我 我為人人
    Let's share our ideas and architectures!
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    posted a message on My update of the map(underwater hotel,temple,new structure)

    Still remeber my map?Now underwater hotel is still under construction.bridge is longer,the castle looks more symmetrical,i tried to fix some vortex in the water,and made the underwater city looks a little bit simplier.At the end,hope we can get our update on ios as soon as possilbe,i will upload this map as long as i finished that hotel.
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    posted a message on My city
    Here's a short video of my map,but what you can see is only an overview,actually there are much more stuff deep inside :tongue.gif:.download the map. It consists of underwater cities,tunnles,castles,cathedrals,bridge,and etc.
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