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    posted a message on Caveworld, a challenging new map type
    I support! Amazing idea!

    Quote from Picklegunner

    There Would Need to be alternate Ways to Find wood

    Why? There isn't any wood in Superflat. I think the 'nature cave' sounds a bit odd though. Maybe it should be made of moss or something, dripping from an open hole in the celing.
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    posted a message on Realistic Mode
    In short, you just need something in this mode that would make it stand out from the other modes. At the moment, you're only suggesting small changes.
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    posted a message on Creeper Variant - Boomshrooms
    Fungi Creepers? No

    Keep it as a Boomshroom. This is a really cool idea. My thoughts are leaning less towards having the mycelium and mushrooms placed, and more to just the poison. My idea, looking at the arguments above, would be to make this a mini-boss.
    Instead of it exploding, it would rather just release the poison. Which would kill the mobs around it.

    As just a rare mob, no. But the idea of a mini-boss would possibly give it more depth, and maybe even more acceptance.
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    posted a message on The REAL problem with the Hunger Bar. (Simple!)
    You have a point, but this system kind of makes the food (like pork chops) revert to what they were originally made to do. Instead of them influencing your hunger alone.

    Sorry, I don't support
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    posted a message on Salt and Freash Water
    I really like this idea. It adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. Where there is certain water you can't drink (or swim in?). And yes, it would give more variety and colour to the game.
    Plus, on other thing, is that it isn't something that other players should find dificult. It is almost a 100% perfect idea.

    I support! Definetly!
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    posted a message on Non-Despawning Monster & Spawn Eggs
    I support!
    A great idea for Adventure maps!
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    posted a message on Mining Buddy 'Golem' (thanks to: cadika_orade & Black_Drath)
    Quote from Houndmaster

    Just saying, if I got like...50-60 of these, gave them all swords/bows and arrows, and attacked anything, it would die. Period. So just make them hard to get. Otherwise, good job.

    Yes, I see your point.
    It would be fun in something like creative mode though! ;)

    And thanks! :Iron:
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    posted a message on Mountain Villagers
    But I agree that some biomes should still be uninhabited. Mainly the 'Snow Biome', the 'Jungle/Rainforest Biome' and the 'Hill biome'.
    But, the desert Idea is a good one. You might see them around/near/inside the temples.

    Also, please add more detail as to:
    - What they will look like
    - How will they react differently
    - What will their homes look like?
    - Will there be raids here to?
    - If so, what mob would raid?
    - Where will their villages be located
    - Would it get in the way

    (Personally, I think there should only be 1 village per every 2 or 3 biomes)
    (Also, I agree that the villagers in the desert shouldn't have a village, they should be hitch-hiking or something)
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    posted a message on You know you want them, but how do you want them?
    Great Idea! My suggestions:
    1. It will only chase you if you run passed it. If you walk passed it, it should simply just stare at you.
    2. Bears can be awake during the day? What should happen, is you can find them sleeping in snow biomes! Inside caves and stuff! And walking to close to them would wake them up.
    3. Other bears should not come to its rescue. Wolves and Zombie pigmen do that; not bears. They should be a solo fight. I mean, they're too big and powerful to take on more than one?
    4. Needs to have high hitpoints.
    5. What does it drop? Does it drop normal 'flesh' (not rotten), or hide (like the cow), or fur?
    6. Don't do the 'maul' idea. Just have it attack you normally. The whole mauling is too realistic, and wouldn't be fun.
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    posted a message on Realistic Mode
    Quote from geoninja

    Thanks for the idea!

    No problem. But there is a lot more detail you need to add if you wish this to become game-mode.

    Four things you also need to think about:
    1. How will you react differently in this game mode? What is it's purpose?
    2. What is the main thing you can/cannot do in this gamemode?
    3. What makes it really stand out from the other gamemodes?
    4. Why would someone want to play this mode over the other modes?

    Quote from iPissOnCows

    How would mining stone damage the player? I can understand coal if anything but not stone.

    You've try punching stone? I can assure you, it will hurt.
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    posted a message on Realistic Mode
    Quote from geoninja
    15. Blocks such as stone and higher are unbreakable with the players fist/

    They shouldn't just be unbreakable, they should actually damage you if you try to punch it. Infact, everything should damage you if you punch it.
    Also, going into fire would cause you to have large burns and require you to swim in the water for a little bit.
    Wait, how about, if your health or hunger gets low, you start having hallucinations?
    Finally, what if trees grew slowly, wood couldn't be punched, saplins could only be planted by placing a dirt block above it, and walking on leaves would break them.
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    posted a message on Changes For Combat.
    Quote from Quincannon

    1. Zombies might trip while jumping up a ledge.
    2. Ghasts should have a hovering movement
    3. Each mob has a weakness
    4. slimes leavwe a goo trail that acts like a propellant, xcan be destroyecd instantly, and can be set on fire.
    5 .Pigmen can sprint
    6. I saw a mod that said it gave skeletons 7-14 arrows and when out, would try to retrieve them. It also gave them a sword, though I feel a dagger would be better.
    7. Be able to sneak up on mobs better.

    1. It would have to be rare. But I don't see it getting added, as the player would also have to have a chance to trip, and that would make the game un-fun. No

    2. I thought they already did? Anyway, this would be a great idea, but it is not 'combat changes'. Yes

    3. Like what? You might need to specify some examples.

    4. My favourite. That would be aweomse in my opinion. It would act like oil or something, instantly catching alight! YES

    5. It would make the nether more harder, add more challenge, and make you think before attacking the pigmen. Yes

    6. The skeletons should have more than just 14 arrows (at least 40), and a animation of it drawing the arrow and bow would be really cool. And the collection idea does seem acceptable. I mean, come on, we run out of arrows, and so should they. Yes
    As for the dagger, it should take it out when out of arrows, and trying to retrieve them. If we get to close to it, it will attack us, before trying to collect the arrows. And will start shooting again when it's got at least 10. Yes
    However I don't think skeletons should spawn with a dagger alone. No

    7. On easier difficulties maybe. If they aren't looking your way, then they will not see you. But on harder difficulties, they should stay the same way. So yes and no
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    posted a message on Mining Buddy 'Golem' (thanks to: cadika_orade & Black_Drath)
    Quote from KinglyNinja

    Isn't this idea a little bit OP?
    Do you really think we need this in vanilla?

    If you don't mind me asking, what does OP and Vanilla mean?
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    posted a message on Realistic Mode
    No to the retextures. What you need is the villagers being more, well, human. So, they might need to build, need to want to eat, and possibly react more to the player.

    Hunger makes no difference to be honest. Adding 'thirst' is a 50/50.

    Using a currency system where you could use gold, and sell the diamonds.

    Water should have waves and stuff. And tipping a bucket of water onto grass should have it spread out (in a large area), and slowly abdorb into the ground.

    When killing the mobs, they shouldn't disappear. But lay there, dead, slowly decaying or something. And you would have to punch them more times, which would cause their drops to slowly come out.

    If you add that, then I support. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Mining Buddy 'Golem' (thanks to: cadika_orade & Black_Drath)
    My original idea was to make a clone of yourself, which would aid you in certain aspects of the game, but thanks to Black_Drath and cadika_orade. A better idea has arisen.
    The idea here is that, using gold (either a gold ignot and pumkin inside the crafting table; or a gold block and pumkin on the ground (like other golems)), you would construct a small miniature mining buddy. He would follow you around, help you mine, etc.
    You would be able tp give him one yourself, and, also even a sword, so he may help you fight mobs, etc. But, the main idea here is for him to be able to mine alongside you.

    How exactly would he help me mine?
    As I said, he would follow you around. So, if you start mining a block, he would try to start mining it aswell. I don't know how far programming goes, but you may be able to 'direct' him to mine certain blocks as-well. Such as, mining gold ore if he sees it. Of course, you would still have to come and collect it.

    Would he pick up the stuff and I somehow have to get it from him?
    No. Like other mobs/golems, he wouldn't be able to pick up the items.

    Would he mine stuff and it would just drop on the ground?
    Yes, just as if you were mining, the drops would fall to the ground, awaiting to be picked up.

    How would he know what to mine?
    As I said, he would mine the same blocks as you. And/or maybe he should automatically mine diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks, etc. Of course, you would still have to pick them up, and he'd somehow have to know whether mining the block would put it in danger (such as, if it is above lava).

    Would you be able to tell him what to mine?
    That's kind of a hard one. Unless some sort of 'directing system' gets added... then no, I don't think so.

    Would mobs attack him?
    In an open area, they are prone to attacking you. But, if the buddy was alone, he may provoke them (if you have given him a sword).

    Will he follow you around always without any way to make him stay?
    If you DON'T give him a pickaxe, then he won't follow you until you give him one. Maybe if you clicked on him, he would also drop the pickaxe you gave him, which would also hault him.

    Do you have to be mining in order for him to?
    That was my main intension. For use on high level blocks like obsideon; but it would also help you mine other blocks, (such as, if you were mining a vein of iron ore, he would help by mining that vein as well).

    Wouldn't this promote laziness(ex. player sits back and watch while his slave mines for him)?
    No, I didn't want him to be something that mined by himself, eveything you wanted it to; but rather, helped you mine when needing assitance.

    How much health would he have?
    Not a lot. He's only a small dwarf miner, and should be able to be killed easily. However, giving him armour would give him extra protection.

    How would I give him things?
    Simply by right clicking with the thing you wish to give him. So, right click with a pickaxe, would give him a pickaxe; right clicking with a sword, would give him a sword; right clicking with a chestplate would place a chestplate on him; and right clicking with a bare hand would cause him drop whatever he was holding/wearing.

    If you hit him will he become aggressive?
    No. Unless you've given him a sword. Maybe on higher difficulties he attacks regardless?

    If he dies from mobs/explosion/you killing him will he drop anything?
    Maybe a gold ignot? And/or the chance to drop anything he was holding?

    How on earth did he get the pickaxe if he's made of gold and pumpkin?
    He doesn't spawn with it, rather, you can give him one.

    Would it be easy to make?
    Well, I didn't want to have 'restrictions' placed on them, as there aren't any on the other golems. But I also didn't want them to be 'easy' to make. Having a block of gold (9 ignots) isn't the easiest thing to just pull out of your sleeve; but if you're worrying about people making too many, I suppose you can have it so they attack each other when in large numbers?

    Isn't this idea a little bit Over Powered?
    Some might see it that way, but my intention was to add something that would 'aid' you with mining, and possibly other aspects of the game. It doesn't 'do it for you', it only helps YOU do it.

    Do you really think we need this in vanilla?
    I do believe that it would be a fun addtion, adding a bit more company and support in the area of mining.
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