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    posted a message on 1.8 Essentials Plugin?

    If slugger is using the 1.8 craftbukkit built using the spigot process- then that version of that essentials will work with that version of bukkit.

    If he's using spigot it will work.

    If he's using Sponge, Rainbow they may have their own preferred permissions software. Trident isn't really ready yet.

    If he's using the 1.8 from august 2014.. then who knows.

    So... where did you get the 1.8 version you are using from?

    Currently, the most stable platform is spigot 1.8.

    In a few months, perhaps sponge or rainbow will be there.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    I would just like to see the built in option for

    a) Hostile "Steve's" (i.e. with options for always, once attacked, socially).

    B) Scalable mobs between size .5 and 2.0 (i.e. 1 block to 4 blocks tall).

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    posted a message on Converting Ocean Temple into Home
    In PVP, leaving the guardians alive will give you some protection to raiding and griefing (esp if you bolster with obsidian).

    Ladders and torches making clearing sections of water easy until you get the sponge.

    You can mine the torches even with fatigue and save the ladders for efficiency axe sprees.

    A lot of the floors and walls are double thick. Light Blue glass goes well (Cyan might too).
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    posted a message on [All in One] Bukkit and Spigot got DMCA'd!
    The procedure is simple enough and over 22000 servers are now on 1.8.1. Over 250 servers per day are converting over. (I haven't checked since last week but it was over 400 a day then so I'm being conservative).

    There are now more mcstats recorded SMP players than ever (560k).
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    posted a message on No swamp biome in my world
    If you make a large flat open room at level 10, you will have tons of slimes. Slime chunks are more common than swamps.

    That being said, what is your seed?
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    posted a message on Upset at Mojang
    I totally hear you Jazz.

    You had a cool username. A bud was allowed to keep their cool user name but completely arbitrarily you are not allowed to keep your cool user name.

    It sucks and it would be very irritating to me.

    That being said, it's not going to be fixed so the best thing to do is let it go. In ten years, you won't care about this issue- so try to start not caring about it sooner (or now).
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    posted a message on Caving vs Branch Mining
    Okay.. something is odd....

    I just redid this for another arbitrary unmined area (freshly generated and never visited previously) and got similar to my original results.

    Again-- only a 256x256 area. I did it 5 layers at a time for speed because I'm up silly late.

    Layers 1-5: Lava 13730, Water 0, Lapis 123, Gold 406, Diamond 314 (of 396294 blocks)

    Layers 6-10: Lava 15660, Water 230, Lapis 302, Gold 615, Diamond, 418 (of 396294 blocks) (this squares with my prior results)

    Layers 11-15: Lava 77, Water 356, Lapis 358, Gold 721, Diamond 282 (of 396294 blocks).

    Coordinates: -4745,5257 to -5001,5001

    Seed: -8703702272186484115


    To the person before- chunkmining does matter because once you find diamonds in an area, you don't have to mine there again. However- the TIME/Effort/Grinding accountingness of cost of tracking that you found diamonds in a chunk probably outweighs the the benefits.

    sleep time.
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    posted a message on Caving vs Branch Mining
    Quote from anomie_x»

    I can't confirm this. I ran a check of 30625 chunks (111057 diamond ore blocks in total) and found about the same distribution as in an earlier check I did against 1.7.9. The total rate of diamonds did increase slightly from 1.7.9, which was expected due to known changes in the vein generation algorithms.

    All layers Y=1 to Y=12 had approximately the same ratio of diamond ore to stone. Y=13 had around 88% as many diamonds per stone, Y=14 was near 50%, and Y=15 had about 10%.

    Layers Y=5 to Y=12 each had approximately the same percentage of all diamonds, too. Y=13+ suffered due to the reduced rates, while Y=1 to Y=4 suffered from bedrock displacing the stone.

    I've never heard that they did.

    Good to see more data on it. My check was a 256x256 layer by layer from layer 1 to layer 16 (//expand 1 up, //contract 1 up) with a //distr for each move up. Since mine was only for a 16x16 chunk area, I'd say your data was better.

    However- I changed all lava and water to glass in the 256x256x18 (for standing room) area and we flew around and saw the diamond ore in that section was where the distr reported it to be.

    But 256x256 is only 1/4 of a region and it sounds like you checked over 100 regions which is a superior data set.

    I'll add checking some more to the list of tasks.
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    posted a message on Will Minecraft Last?
    The question is minecraft

    Ultima Online



    Worlds of Warcraft

    Is it DND or Runequest?

    Sales for the game on non PC platforms are monstrous. Per MCStats, the peak server players increased by 40,000 over the last month alone (and now that Spigot 1.8 is solid, it looks like one to two thousand servers a week are going from 1.7.10 to 1.8.1. Our server did 9 days ago and it's been seamless).

    1.8.1 adds a lot of VERY exciting new things. I've seen a flying contraption that really flies at runspeed 10, a flying house! Cool pose able statues using armor stands.

    There will be a new game. OTH, Lego is going strong after decades.

    And Minecraft scratches the "I want to build my own world" itch really well.
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    posted a message on Is 1.8 Lagging for you? POLL - Let's settle this issue!
    It is mostly the same.

    when I'm constantly loading new land (moving in a straight line), it's faster.

    When I stand in exactly one spot for a lot time and don't change my facing, it gets a little slower than it used to be.

    If I'm walking around and changing direction (ala caving or surface battles), it is about the same.

    Under ground mining, it's about the same.
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    posted a message on Caving vs Branch Mining
    Used worldedit to do a distribution check.

    It looks like diamond dropped 2 levels as of 1.8.1.

    12/13 is no longer as plentiful and 7-11 are more plentiful.

    Our most productive evening was TNT mining at level 8. 3 players... 140 diamonds (fortune 2 axe).

    All of us were digging and blowing things up.

    I also think diamonds don't cluster at the edge of chunks like they used to. And worldedit /DISTR backed that up too.
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    posted a message on Apparently if you are under 13 years of age, you can't play Minecraft.
    Quote from Badprenup»
    That is a legal liability thing, technically most websites where you need to make an account you need to be 13 or older. But if your parent or guardian makes your account for you (or gives you permission to make it), that is fine.

    Basically, if you make an account and something happens, Mojang (or any website that has that, including Curse and therefore, us) gets to say "their parent gave them permission, we aren't liable", or if they did not get permission the say "they violated the terms of use, we aren't liable".

    That isn't the worst of things like this. Activision recently started putting all their EULAs within the game themselves. One of the clauses of their EULA is that when you play the game, you agree to waive the right to form a class action lawsuit or some other stuff. So you agree to the EULA before you can even read it.

    There have been court cases where that form of EULA was found invalid.

    I agree that it protects Mojang- plus it says you should not use the website, not you can't play the game.
    seems like a stretch to me on the parentposter's part.

    So I thought I'd look it up and on straight dope found this.

    "should" is not defined in any of the online legal dictionaries I searched.
    Normally the words used are "shall" to indicate a compulsory requirement and "may" for one which is permissive.
    A legislator added,

    In most cases, the use of "should" is going to point to some principle or consideration which the legislation is directing someone to take into account in their actions or decisions, rather than a principle which the legislation is trying directly to enforce.
    So "should" could be taken to mean, "We'd like 13 year olds not to use our web sites but it's not something we are going to legally enforce".

    It's certainly different than the language around profits from their game which use "must not".

    The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we‘ve made. By “distribute anything we‘ve made” what we mean is “give copies of the game away, make commercial use of, try to make money from, or let other people get access to our game and its parts in a way that is unfair or unreasonable”. So the one major rule is that (unless we specifically agree it – such as in brand and asset usage guidelines) you must not:

    • give copies of our Game to anyone else;
    • make commercial use of anything we‘ve made;
    • try to make money from anything we‘ve made; or
    • let other people get access to anything we‘ve made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable.

    The Eula doesn't feel like it was written by a lawyer. It doesn't use traditional legalese. It's strength mainly grows out of the fact that they can shut off use of their game and it's not worth a lot of money on your part to fight it legally.

    Finally, even if "should" means "must", Mojang doesn't have to actively enforce the terms even when they are made aware of a violation.

    I agree with the parent poster that while they say 12 year olds and younger "should not" use their web site, mojang is aware that many of the users on the web site are 12 years old and younger. But short of a universal web id, you can't do much to prevent people from saying, "yes I am old enough" when asked.
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    posted a message on Don't you hate the new minecraft community's maturity.
    Quote from Triangle_Nick»

    Yeah, I think age specific servers with a whitelist handle it well, people who want to play with people their age have the option to. All games have at least some sort of immature group, it doesn't happen exclusively with minecraft! :P

    I don't care about age. I've played with kids, I've played with adults. Both kids and adults have been mature and immature.

    I don't like a lot of harsh cussing. I haven't experienced racist comments but they would put me off.

    Everquest had a "/ignore" command. it turned off chat from the playerid you didn't want to year. Maybe they need that for Minecraft.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    I don't know man.. my experience on a fairly old machine with a 9100 gfx card is similar performance to 1.7.10. Maybe even faster.

    Maybe its something specific to your machine, driver, or playstyle.
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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    This only goes back a month...

    But this would be a valid place for actual data.

    Specifically 116k servers and 153k players on servers at 326am cst using one or more plugins which report statistics. The peak each day looks like roughtly 520k players.

    The number of servers has been basically constant over the last 31 days. However, 1,000 servers being shut down would be under 1% so the change wouldn't be very noticeable.

    The number of players has varied by day but it is 40,000 players higher now than it was on december 5th.

    (about 480 then and about 520 now).

    You can also see users for each plugin. For example:

    60,000 of those servers are on spigot.

    14000 of those are on 1.8, 30,000 of those are on 1.7.10


    It seems reasonable that enforcement would be complaint driven and start with larger servers first.
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