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    Now this Sir, looks like a good map.
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    I dont build houses. I just walk around at night killing stuff
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    :Diamond:Diamond Survival!:Diamond:
    V. 0.2.1

    Diamond Survival is a survival map that adds an element of Skyblock and Skygrid together! Here are some images of the map.


    Main Goals:

    1. Obtain all of the metal rails
    2. Make an unlimited water source
    3. Make a cobblestone generator
    4. Make a bow
    5. Make a shrine for the yellow flower
    6. Craft a full set of diamond armor
    7. Craft a Music Box and play the record
    8. Build a wheat farm (at least 2 blocks to put wheat on)
    9. Build a house out of wood AND cobblestone 20 blocks away from the diamonds
    10. Reach the mainland (this is easy)

    When on the mainland:

    11. Craft a diamond pick and mine up the platform where you first spawned
    12. Build a large house
    13. Find a village
    14. Make a viewing platform to see the diamond in the sky
    15. Defeat the ender dragon.
    16. Get TNT and blow the whole diamond up! (do this last!)


    The only three rules I have are:

    1. Try not to die.
    2. Do not die purposely (to replenish hunger) though I will allow it one time.
    3. No mods!

    Finally, if you die with something valuable such as a Water/Lava bucket you may do one of two things.
    1. Restart the map.
    2. I will allow this in only this circumstance, Spawn the item(s).

    0.2.1 Change log

    -Removed the .Txt files from download as it was preventing it from decompressing(?).

    Old pictures

    A sneak peek at my new map!

    What could it be?!?

    I am open to opinions and I am also looking for a new name. Post with ideas! Also, I would be jubilant if someone would make a lets play. In the future I hope to make many more maps like this one.

    Good luck, Have fun!
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    I really didn't understand at first but when i finally figured it out it was a really good map! Simple but hard! :Diamond: to you!
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