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    posted a message on Free YouTube Backgrounds/Designs [DFD]
    Name: Maxwell Medved
    Channel Name: Bushroomproductions
    YouTube Channel: Bushroomproductions
    Main and Secondary Colors: Black, Blue
    Style You're Going For: (Dark and creepy, happy and vibrant etc) Simple, you know old film? Design it like that
    Any Requests Or Ideas: Not really. Preferably make two likes of old film run down each side. No names needed. Just old film!
    Any Text You Want On The Image: None.
    Can You Donate: (This won't be taken into consideration, I just want to know) Alas, I, too am out of money! Sorry :(
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    posted a message on I want to film UR build, city, or custom map! [preview of work in post]
    May I make a request tomorrow or any other day? I have a server spawn, and would love to have it cinematically filmed. I will favorate this page until then.

    By the way, I love your previous works!
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    posted a message on Desolate Wastes (Server) Spawn
    Hello everybody, soon, my server Desolate Wastes will be going live, and I would like you all to judge my work

    And thus, we begin...

    The main spawn room

    The outside of spawn room

    A farm on a platform

    A TON on one shot

    The ship

    And finally, a Class Hall (a custom plugin I have friends working on)

    Thanks for looking, can I get some opinion?
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    posted a message on BushroomProductions Minecraft Lets play!

    Hey guys, welcome to my new Youtube channel! We have just begun and we have just a few videos up and running at the time. Sorry for the bad quality of this video, as I made some stupid youtube edits and it just ruins the video. Anyways, we try to get videos out all the time to you, though we have school and other things. We try to get you to laugh and overall, for us and you, have fun.

    Thanks for watching!
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    posted a message on [Adv/Survival] [1.4.4!] Cerintha Mob Arena
    Nobody has anything to say? I'm surprised.. Is there anything that i could improve on guys? just let me know.
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    posted a message on [Adv/Survival] [1.4.4!] Cerintha Mob Arena
    Cerintha Mob Arena

    Hello everyone! Me and my friend, Josh have recently made a mob arena and we want you to play it and give us feedback! There is more info in the map lower down the post.

    V. 0.1
    0.1- Released map!

    Information about the map
    Cerintha Mob Caverns was originally a fun little project I had in mind, but after awhile of planning I decided to let my friend Josh join in and really set this thing to work. After much trial and error (Roughly 12 hours!) we had finally finished it!

    Now the Cerintha Mob Arena is a fun mob arena that requires coordination and timing. It also requires much survival skill. You must fight through hordes of Herobrines undead army and ensure that he does not turn it against all of Minecraftia!

    This map is totally mod-free and is able to be customized to your hearts content. It has 10 different classes, and 2 different specializations, more to come soon! It can be replayed around 15 different times, but even so, only a few spawners will turn defective!

    The redstone is completely automatic, with the exception of one single button that resets one of the mechanisms.

    The whole thing is run with Command Blocks!

    Highly changeable options!

    Enhance your arsenal with the experience you gain!

    Many classes to choose from!

    Challenge yourself, and your friends with hordes of monsters!

    The guts of the machine!

    Known bugs
    As of V. 0.1
    -The difficulty system (The last building), from what I know, is NOT working, though there is a few quick fixes,
    For Singleplayer or LAN server, just set the difficulty inside of the options menu.
    For a Server, just close the server, go into the Server.Properties file, and change the difficulty.

    From testing through many times, I could see no other bugs.


    -Don't cheat, however, if something breaks or malfunctions, I give you full permission to use cheats (TooManyItems, Ect...) to get back in.
    -If the spawners aren't spawning anymore, you must do one of two things to continue: Either redownload the map, (if it didn't get deleted when you placed it into your saves, just do that again). Or you may go into Creative, fly out of the arena (The big building, duh?) and place eggs into the designated dispensers. Light blue is Zombie, light gray is Skeleton, light green is creeper.

    The following aren't really rules, though it would be smart to do so.

    -If the battle is in progress, you can go to the difficulty building, but DO NOT PRESS THE EASY, NORMAL, OR HARD button. I cannot stress this enough! There is a button to the opposite wall, that teleports without starting the arena progress again. I bet you cant fight through two waves of everything at the same time, can you? :3...
    -Play with a friend, its easier, more fun, and just overall more epic (And funny.. Sometimes).
    -When you complete the arena once, press the RESET button... Just do it, it takes half a second.

    Check out our YouTube!
    Find weekly Lets Plays of Terraria, Torchlight II, Minecraft, and soon to be Cubeworld! It features me, Motleyorc (Maxmedved) and Josh (XxEliteVeteran).

    Our YouTube can always use feedback,

    Please leave comments and suggestions below, and we will always act as fast as we can!
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    posted a message on Academy Cio De May
    I, personally, think it needs more color. To me, it just looks like glorified rock...
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    posted a message on What's the most annoying sound in minecraft?
    For me, it was the old bow noise... drove me INSANE
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    posted a message on Whats your favorite Superflat preset?
    Personally, my favorite is the Water World preset as it opens up new ideas for building. Along with the fact of marine animals, this would be so much cooler if we had fishes and that kind of stuff... It would add so much more detail and realism into the game!

    Now, please tell me your favorite Preset.
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    posted a message on Your worst "NOOOOOOOO" moment.
    Walking far in a world and making a house. Thats when I died, without a bed to respawn in...

    Along with the server lagging when I mined a diamond ore so I got nothing from the block X.X
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    posted a message on What mob would you like to see added to the game and why?
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    posted a message on Cant get LAN to work
    Quote from ULM_Mizoki

    Her firewall may also be preventing you from joining. Or it could just be 1.3.1 in general, hopefully the 1.3.2 patch will arrive soon.

    I do hope its just the firewall because i dont wanna wait for a whole new update D:

    Thanks though!
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    posted a message on Cant get LAN to work
    Quote from ULM_Mizoki

    It may the firewall on her pc preventing her from seeing your LAN.

    Possibly. But what prevents me from connecting to her LAN world?
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    posted a message on Cant get LAN to work
    Quote from ULM_Mizoki

    Is your computer the mac? and hers the windows?

    Yes. It is
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    posted a message on Cant get LAN to work
    Hm. Well we both play on diffrent platforms, Windows and Mac. Would that be a problem?

    Also, when i start a LAN world my sister cant see it. But when my sister starts it i can see it but cant connect.
    Quote from SoulSlayer64x

    The firewall could also be messing with it.

    No. Firewalls have never been a problem for me. In fact i dont even think i have a firewall :S
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