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    - Booted up game

    - Got a stone sword

    - Went into a mystery dungeon

    - Got rekt.

    No but on a serious note, cool mod! I did not get any crashes or bugs on me. Looking forwards to bosses! Also, you should ensure that the chest in the final room has better loot than the others, I got some wood and a carrot. I don't know if this is fixed as you play longer with the mod. Anyway, there were some stuff I noticed too.

    Let's start with the details shall we?

    - First of all, mcmod.info. Make one.

    - The thread could use some fixing, but it works for now.

    Now to the more "serious" stuff:

    The generation algorithm is waaay too generic, I have a suggestion as for what you can do to spice it up a bit. Basically, there is an algorithm (don't remember the name) that let's you generate dungeon layouts pretty well. I'll explain with pictures (Won't code it, don't know java).

    I'll walk you through it in 11 steps (see the image attached for reference).

    1. Make a box. This box is the size of the whole dungeon. (if 4x4 dungeon I recommend about 200 - 300 blocks) The size should be random

    2/3. Split the box vertically within a set limit (to prevent the rooms from becoming too small. Yous hould prolly have at least a 7x7 or 8x8 limit for the lowest rooms, so if you split into 4x4 rooms like done here you should probably have the limits be about 30 blocks from each edge.)

    4/5. Split it horizontally within a set limit. You now have 4 rooms. That is, a 2x2 dungeon. A little note, I derped here. you should split EACH OF THE TWO rooms you made in step 2/3, not the whole box.

    6. Split each room within a set limit. You can choose to randomize horizontal and vertical.

    7. Again, split each room. Make sure the final rooms are bigger than 7x7 or 8x8 (You can actually stop it from being too small by just not splitting small rooms, this would allow for some more variety in room placement)

    8/9/10. Split every single wall except for the border of the box once. That is, make a hole in it so the player can walk through.

    11. (optional, adds more variety) Fill in some blocks from every wall, making sure not to block the tunnels between each room.

    Overall this is a pretty good concept that has been executed decently. Can't wait to see future updates!

    (I have a video demonstrating a generation algorithm I made in this style once, I'll se if I can find it)

    EDIT: Found it. it's pretty buggy, but shows it off. (that is without 11)

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    My pixel art

    Ok you seeing this im new to pixel art so please say what i can do better!!!

    So i just began doing pixel art and right now its only one image but it will come many more very soon (im working on making my cat right now)

    At +20 rep (in this post) maps will be out

    But here comes the pixel art i currently have:

    Avril Lavigne (june 6. to june 7. 2012):

    Hope you like it!!!

    And two extra things...

    1: please plus me if you like it so more people can see my pixel art

    2: i will plus any1 who gives feedback

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    Minecraft Maniacs

    Clan History

    There was once a great minecrafter called maxamb.
    But once he met madow2000 and they began training together, then once while training bed_tobi came and fought against them. bed_tobi almost killed both maxamb and madow2000, but then maxamb and madow2000 decided they wanted to kill bed_tobi. And one day they went to kill bed_tobi, and after a great fight maxamb held the sword onto bed_tobi's neck ready to strike. And then just as he was about to strike bed_tobi said "What about we being... allies?" Then maxamb said "And that means?" After bed_tobi explaining what he meant both madow2000 and maxamb agreed to make a clan.


    Minecraft Maniacs have a three strike system. How many strikes you get is determined by what rule you break. You lose a strike every week that you havent got any new ones. the strikes is marked by a X each

    Spamming in a chat

    [X] [ ] [ ]


    [X] [X] [ ]


    [X] [X] [ ]

    Don't respecting higher ranks

    [X] [ ] [ ]


    [X] [X] [X]


    [X] [X] [X]

    Swearing at others

    [X] [X] [ ]


    [X] [X] [ ]


    Minecraft in game name:
    What servers do you play on:
    What version of minecraft did you start playing at:
    Special skills in minecraft (sniping, sword, redstone, e.t.c.):
    You crash into the sea in a plane that is out of fuel with two friends, what would you do?


    The great maniac (Leader):

    The sniping madow (co-leader 1):

    All-round tobi (co-leader 2):

    Extraordinary maniacs:


    Simply maniacs:
    slayerzak5 (IGN: beybladesrule123)
    spinachie2 (IGN: spinachie)
    Turtleplayerkid (IGN:d305dante)

    we have no yet

    we have no yet

    Training courses

    Im currently working on a training course!!!


    Thanks to NoneSuch for making this server!

    Other servers (i will always get permission first):

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