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    posted a message on NPC Towns
    they could have chests full of valubales like near mob spawners and if you try to take from them they attack you
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    posted a message on New Game Mode : Defense
    Would you run out of arrows?
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    posted a message on Ways To Make Electricity
    Hello i am Max5p9 and i am a N00b to MineCraft and its forums,so excusie me if there is all ready some thing like this. I had an an idea for ways to make Electricity.

    You could make water turbine blocks and place them in a river. It would still let the river flow, but might stop boats,I dont know. You would use red stone to transfer the power to a power consuming device such as; Electric light, An Elactric Furnace, Electric Minecart etc.
    [] :wood: []
    :wood: :Iron: :wood:
    [] :wood: []
    Plus Side -Makes a good amount of power all day and all night.
    Down Side -Can Cause flooding and brakes down after awhile.

    You might hold power in battery bocks ->
    :stone: :Iron: :stone:
    :stone: :Red: :stone:
    :stone: :Red: :stone:

    :Red: = Red stone

    [] [] [] This would be a Panel . You could place this on the ground or on tops of mountains.
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: Still connected by red stone.
    :Red: :Red: :Red:
    Plus Side -Makes alot of power and lasts awhile.
    Down Side -Only work during the day and can be covered by snow.

    Basicly its a furnace that burns coal or wood and instead of cooking things etc. it would just generate power.
    Plus Side -You can have alot of them and can be done in side and will make a Huge amount of power.
    Down Side -Takes alot of coal to run it.
    I hope you like my idea's and will add your own. Thanks Max5p9
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