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    It's a more beautiful version of vanilla. Vanilla done by someone who has an eye for actual game art.

    Improvement tip: the grass is a little too busy, it could do with less accents on the top.
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    Can't wait to try out a seamless version that manages to keep the look. I really like this as far as 'default-like' packs go. I'd recommend the 64 or 128 version. The 32 version is barely enough to get the effect across. Looking forward to updates!

    Also came from Reddit
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    Quote from Jman37X

    There is an alts file, which you can use to customize some textures. Using Paint.net, GIMP, or some other similar program, just drag the textures from the alt file to where you want them in the terrain.png file.

    And also, thanks for reminding me about that, cause now that it's brought up, I should probably change that to reflect the defaults in the pack haha

    EDIT: Oh, and you mind posting those textures? I want to add them to the alts file, as they look like something maybe some people would want to use :)

    Thank you, that did the trick.

    I didn't know what format to post the planks in so I hope this is good: http://imgur.com/a/s08n8
    Both the terrain with the planks in it and just the planks separated from the rest.


    Great to see you back Eld! (yay for blizzard drm, j/k) This pack is one of the more beautiful packs out there and definitely my favorite 16x pack. I do have one request, could you maybe detail what textures you're changing with each release. It's been a little muddy with al the fan edits.
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    I 'gave' the guildmaster 64 wood, but it's still in my inventory. The text still says that the guild is fixed. Where would I find it? Or what's going on? He doesn't take my resource but still fixes it? Or says so, at least.

    edit: my farm did change, does that have anything to do with it?
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