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Wow... It's been awhile. After probably almost 2 years, i am back, and a lot of things have changed.

I am VERY suprised that the "My hill" Topic is still going. I'm not complaining, in fact, i am very happy about it....
I guess all i really have to say is, "thank you".

I wont be around much, but i'll be here time and time again.

All that stuff is outdated |
Most of it, anyway V

My name is matty555, but you can call me matt.
I live in a tall house in shadowmoor minecraft server,
complete with a service room, an underground wheat farm,
and a cave full of monsters. well,the monster cave isnt part
of my house, but there is a door into it. anyway, another
minecraftian named Mcstudd also lives in shadowmoor,
and he lives in a house that is much wider and
longer than mine. shadowmoor is right next
to a pine forest, which makes wood gathering

I tested 43% positive for minecraft addiction.
Interests minecraft, portal 2, imgur, funnyjunk, oranges, monkeys, space

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