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    posted a message on [Current] Share your Minecraft Pictures here!
    Some fairly recent shots of my modern city project called Mattupolis.

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    posted a message on If all electronics in the world got destroyed. What would you do?
    I'd text my friends to ask if their electronics died too... wait a minute.
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    posted a message on Aesthetically Pleasing Homes/Buildings [Modern]
    Since this thread seems to be alive (sort of), I'll dump some pics of modern houses/buildings I've built recently.

    This is a house I built on my own server, as part of my Mattupolis modern city project.

    Another one I built on the server.

    Yet another one. This is an apartment building though.

    The next two I built in another server...

    The last pic is from Keralis' server, it's a test house I built to qualify to the Builder rank in the server.

    It's a bit spammed with glass, I know, but it took hardly an hour to build this, I wanted to test my limits by setting a time limit...

    Hope you like them :)
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    posted a message on Your least favourite Signature type.
    Achievement gets, dragon eggs, reputation whoring, overused jokes/memes, spoilerceptions, unoriginal signatures and oversized pictures etc. that cause the signature to have a scroll bar.
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    posted a message on Favorite guitarist
    Matthew Bellamy from Muse.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Quote from Larsurus

    I'm gonna go ahead and do a
    Topic plop:

    What human vehicle do you think fits what pony/character? Add a reason if you feel like it :smile.gif:

    I'll start with:
    Lyra + Segway (hmmm... I might just have to draw that one)
    Spike + Gocart
    Applejack + JCB

    A fighter jet would fit Rainbow Dash well.

    By the way, what do you guys think of the Fluttershy pixel art I made in my Minecraft server?

    I'm probably going to make an Applejack pixel art next.
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    posted a message on What's mobs to you hate the most?
    The only reason I hate endermen is because they grief buildings. Other than that, I don't mind them.
    I have arachnophobia in real life which is one of the reasons why I don't like spiders. Thank god they're blocky in Minecraft, otherwise I'd have to play on Peaceful all the time. And they can climb walls. They can hang above the door you're coming out of and fall on you (it happens to me often)
    I also hate silverfish, my first encounter with them almost ended fatally.
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    posted a message on So Many Minecraft Memories!!!
    Sadly I didn't find any screenshots from World1 (Didn't know how to take them yet) but I found the first ever screenshot, taken in World2.
    And a present day screenshot from the exact same spot
    Times have changed...
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    posted a message on End of the world on friday 21/10?
    Fake, some of the food in my fridge lasts even until May 2012!
    Seriously speaking though, I feel bad for the people that destroy or sell all their property just to find out it was a fake prediction.
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    posted a message on Hunger Discussion
    If I work on a big building project, I just change to Peaceful. (The hunger bar won't drain)
    When playing on Easy or higher it just adds some challenge which I'm fine with.
    I don't think a toggle is needed.
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