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    posted a message on 1.6 [PUZ][ADV] The City of Love~ - What will your story be? Get some love!
    This game is kind of a cute little time-waster.

    I accidenally married...

    ...a MAN!!!!!
    When I was only even dating women!!!
    This is creepy, because it's JUST LIKE MY REAL LIFE!!!

    In real life, I'm a lesbian married to a man.
    (I did, at least, know he was a man before I married him.)

    Unlike real life, though, this game allows for frustrating love triangles, but no polyamory.

    And in seriousness, I was very glad to discover that player's or character's gender does not affect who you can marry. This is good, and is also very much in the spirit of Minecraft, where any mob can mate with any other.

    Oh, and Anistuffs:

    Quote from Anistuffs

    Ahem! I'll just leave this here ;)

    I love this!!!
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