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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod
    Naruto-Anime Mod


    Hey everyone,

    The time is finally upon us!

    Naruto Anime Mod is now in Beta v0.9

    I know you are all aching to start playing, but please take a minute to read what I have to say first ^^

    The Aburame clan may not have any jutsu in the mod yet, but they are taking their revenge by infesting the mod with bugs!
    Since this is a beta, bugs and crashes are to be expected.
    I will go over a way to report these bugs, so we can fix them together on the bottom of this post.

    I will post back with crafting recipes in a bit aswell

    The mod probably needs some balancing too (certain jutsu might be too weak or too strong ) we'll figure that out as we go and balance things little by little

    Some Clans don't have any jutsu yet, if you end up getting one of these, don't worry, these are on top of the to-do list ^^

    Now, without further ado, Play to your hearts content!

    For questions about the mod, watch the video's on top, they cover most info

    Thanks to our amazing Patreon Supporters I have decided to remove the links, enjoy your direct downloads guys! ^^

    Join the Official Mathioks Discord here:

    ---------- Changelogs ------------------------

    Update 16/03/18


    - Fixed Steel Release: Iron Cage griefing
    - Fixed Ice Release: Dome griefing
    - Fixed Kenjutsu: Slash griefing
    - Added some in-game armor texture
    - Added some HD ninja headband textures ( Hidden Leaf, Hidden Mist, Boruto's Scarred Headband )

    Update 09/03/18

    - Added Aburame: Kikaichu Summon
    - Added Aburame: Insect Clone
    - Added Aburame: Insect Bog
    - !! IMPORTANT !! There seems to be something going on with the way Mojang/Microsoft lets us download skins, because of this clones do not work as intended, and will not have the players skin, I'm looking into finding a way to fix this, but haven't found one yet.

    Update 02/03/18


    - New Ninja Card GUI (thanks to KravendiN)
    - Russian Lang (thanks to Dejez)
    - 7 swordsmen swords with bunshin crash fixed
    - People born in the Hidden Sound can now also unlock Curse mode through Orochimaru
    - Lowered Lightning Release: Lightning Mode's damageboost
    - Ketsuryugan and Byakugan eye positions fixed (with thanks to InomNum)
    - Bijuu should no longer despawn
    - Landmine fist should be fixed
    - Chakra charge zooming player in and out should be resolved or at least less
    - Susano'o is now in process of being added to the skill learners, hence why staging is not possible at the moment
    - Added cooldowns to usage of kage bunshin jutsu in order to possibly stop broken chunks in servers

    Update 17/02/2018


    - Fixed too many mooshroom biomes ( USE WITH CAUTION, BACKUP YOUR WORLD SAVE!! )
    - Fixed Gentle Fist still crashing servers when used by bunshin
    - Fixed Sealing Bijuu in eachother not working
    - Fixed Toad sage mode not working
    - Tailed beasts talking to people without one should be fixed ( needs testing so report back )
    - Fixed Crystal Dragon missing texture
    - Fixed C2 Still crashing servers
    - Fixed 3Tails missing texture
    - Fixed Shukaku Defeat item missing texture
    - Issue with Uchiha letter 1 ( for mangekyou ) should be fixed, if yours was bugged, please spawn in a new version of the letter and let me know if problems still arise,
    the issue seems to happen to some, but for some reason I myself cannot recreate it, so I need your feedback on this )

    Update 10/02/2018


    - Fixed Slug and Snake Sage modes being switched
    - Fixed Hiraishin kunai crashing your game when bunshin's use it
    - Fixed Kenjutsu techniques being bugged
    - Fixed Gentle Fist crashing your game when bunshin's use it
    - Tailed beasts won't spawn on cauldron servers!! UPDATE: Fix found by "Shinzo" and "Teddiki" thanks a lot!

    1. Inside the file "Cauldron.yml" (open using Notebpad ++)
    2. Once its open go to settings and fine the line that says "check-entity-bounding-boxes: true"
    3. Change it to "check-entity-bounding-boxes: false"
    - Fixed Eight gates crashing servers
    - Fixed being unable to hit anything after using Iburi clan Smoke Form 2
    - Fixed right clicking Sannin messing up the scroll
    - Fixed Explosion Release: Exploding Palm not stopping
    - Fixed Eplosion Release C2 Dragon crashing server
    - Fixed Shark jutsu saying it's water prison jutsu
    - Fixed Ice DNA not giving the Ice Kekkei Genkai
    - Fixed Wind Skill Learner saying 010 for Vacuum Serial Waves
    - Fixed Vacuum Serial Waves getting stuck
    - Occasionally multiple people will have the same clans.. this has to do with how minecraft internally creates randomized numbers, if this affects your world, a way to force an update is doing something ( like opening a chest ) before using the Chakra Nature Paper
    - Fixed Kenjutsu stats not correct for Shuriken and Fuhma Shuriken
    - Fixed Tailed Beasts only dropping DefeatGyuki Item
    - Fixed Tailed Beasts talking to people even when they don't have a tailed beast yet
    - Lowered Tailed Beast talking time ( some people were getting spammed, don't worry, this doesn't affect your unlock rate )
    Fixed Hidan's Scythe crashing when Bunshin's use it
    Fixed Moon Bunshin crashing Server
    Fixed Random Speedboosts on Nara Blocks
    Fixed bug of Uchiha Letter 2 Not activating

    Update 04/02/2018


    - fixed kenjutsu workaround
    - fixed tools as kenjutsu
    - fixed genjutsu crows
    - fixed npc's only spawning at night
    - added chinese lang ( thanks to moore 5859! )
    - fixed sage training height training
    - lowered sharingan awakening
    - fixed smoke bombs blinding user
    - added poison bombs crafting recipe ( smokebomb, but instead of gunpowder spider eye )
    - Sage mode only giving snake version should be fixed now (Warning added, you can only get 1 type of sage mode!)
    - Susano'o button shouldn't give a message anymore as long as you don't have mangekyou
    - cooldowns added to kenjutsu skills
    - bijuu spawning fixed

    Update 28/01/2018


    - Sealed Sage Scroll should be fixed now ( not sure, report back )

    - Kaguya clan bone ripping jutsu fixed

    ---------- I found a bug/I crashed ------------------------

    Help! X isn't working!
    - Jutsu that you do not have the appropriate jutsu nature for will not work, so spawning them in won't do you any good
    - If you have the correctnature for it, and it still doesn't work, check your chakra, you might not have enough to use it, not all jutsu give the "you don't have enough chakra message" yet
    - Did you take this jutsu from another player? only players who are the original owner can use that jutsu
    - You checked all these things and it still doesn't work? report a bug ^^

    I'm charging and my chakra isn't going up!
    - Chances are you're sneaking, if you're sneaking while charging, you will charge up your senjutsu instead ( this will be invisible if you don't have any yet )

    I'm an Uchiha/Chinoike, but my Sharingan/Ketsuryugan won't activate!
    - Other than Hyuuga, Uchiha and Chinoike don't get born with their dojutsu unlocked, play the game, it will unlock eventually!

    I'm pushing the susano'o/tailed beast transformation buttons, but nothing happens!
    - Even though the buttons are there, you need to have the appropriate powers unlocked in order to actually use them

    that's all I can think off atm, the list will probably get longer,

    - What do to when you find a bug/crash?

    bug : look up and see if any of these situations apply
    if not -> try to recreate it a few times until you know when it occurs, then tell me here on the forums.

    1) go to your %appdata% -> Roaming -> .minecraft -> crash-reports and grab the newest crash report ( with the current time and date )
    2) save it somewhere
    3) go back into the game, see if you can re-create it
    4.1) if not, report the crash report, tell me what you did while it happened, and continue playing
    4.2) if you can re-create it, go into your mods folder and remove all mods except mine
    5.2) open the game back up and try to re-create it again
    6.2) if it doesn't happen again, it's a mod incompatibility, or might not even have anything to do with my mod, look at the list of compatible mods, put those back in, then put in all the others you have one-by-one and try to re-create it
    if it happens after adding mod X, you have found an incompatible mod, report this on the forum.
    6.3) if it still happens, give me the newest crash report and tell me exactly how I can re-create it ( this will help so much when trying to find out what went wrong )

    ---------- List of mods that are tested and compatible ------------------------

    - Treecapitator
    - Mount and Blade
    - Adventure Backpack
    - Aqua Culture
    - Archimedes Ships
    - Custom NPC's
    - Exotic Birds
    - Extra Utilities
    - Fastcraft
    - Inventory Tweaks
    - Iron Chest
    - Minecraft Comes Alive
    - Open Blocks
    - Pam's HarvestCraft
    - Roguelike Dungeons
    - Storage Drawers
    - Mr. Crawfish Furniture Mod
    - Better Foliage
    - BiblioCraft
    - Damage Indicators
    - Not Enough Items

    ----- You want to help out? -----

    - if you have any skills you want to help me out with ( coding, animation or modeling ) send me a PM here, and I will get back to you.
    ( I'm usually pretty busy, so if it takes a while, don't worry, I'm not ignoring you ^^ )

    - if you want to buy me a coffee or an ichiraku ramen, I have set up a patreon so you can support me ^^

    (click the link below)

    Jonin Patreon Contributors to the mod!:

    - ♪♪Nico♪♪

    - Joshua Derooi

    - YoniThePanda

    - Banjo
    - Mr. Robotic

    - nightfullll

    - HeroGamezFTW

    I hope you all enjoy my first mod.

    Have fun!
    That is my ninja way.

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod
    Quote from TenseiGata»

    All Mangekyou have Tsukuyomi? Or its just Itachi and maybe Sasuke?

    no, only the lines who have it ( more info on that in the next video ^^ )

    Quote from FireEx98»

    Mathioks , my ideia the susanoo color is randomize for the all peoples :V

    sadly enough, with the different models and all that, that's not feasible for now, maybe once the mod is finished, but now I want to focus on fixing bugs and adding more actual features ^^

    Quote from YoBoiJay»

    im pretty sure everyone knows this already but i was in creative mode messing around with stuff i tested out inferno style turns out if you grap the inferno style skill learner and learn all the skills you get sasuke's ems if you already have the ms it wont stay if you switch the sharingan to the 3 tomei and you get the ems that way you cant switch back to normal sharingan your stuck with the ems

    the inferno style skill learner is an old item that won't get used anymore, instead there's now an overall skill learner ( the one you get with mangekyou ) that will have all the info for all the mangekyou's
    as a result, spawning in the inferno one and using it will cause for strange behavior ^^

    Quote from shadowofgrim01»

    Bug Reports: (If you already know these then ignore, just trying to help Math~Senpai)
    Rarity Key:
    Common = 5+ times
    Uncommon = 1-4
    Rare = 1-2
    1. Ice DNA Glitch [Common]
    2. Dojutsu not showing on players in multiplayer [Rare]

    3. Dojutsu making players invisible [Uncommon]

    4. Some players unable to get Tailed Beasts "full transformation" [Uncommon] (May be human error)

    5. Eight Gates Crashing Multiplayer [Uncommon]

    6. Occasionally multiple people will have the exact same clans and natures. [Uncommon]

    7. Tailed Beasts still not spawning on servers. [Rare]

    8. Storm Release: Demon Dragon Storm crashes the game. [Rare]

    thank you so much for these! i've added them to the list ^^

    Quote from Dejez»

    math, whether the full translation of the mod in the file. lang, I'm just from Russia and it's inconvenient to play because of this, the mod I translated completely, but (descriptions, dialogs, menus, missions) I can not! can you add a translation? it would be great :)

    i'll send you a pm about this ^^

    Quote from TheWhiteSheep»

    how do you upgrade your Susanoo?

    press "o" ^^

    I have a small list of questions

    1. Is there anyway to disable mob jutsu griefing and player jutsu griefing

    2. Is toad sage mode not in the mod yet? I completed the training for it and I am still not able to activate it

    3. Is there any benefits to the susanoo's cage?

    4. About how long does it take for your tailed beast to start talking to you

    1 most jutsu should have that added into their code, but I have no idea how to do it for the rest
    2 there seems to be more issues with it, and i'm looking into it
    3 it gives a major defense boost
    4 it's completely random and doesn't add anything to your unlocking or not, it's just an easter egg ^^

    many of you have told me that the two different profile pictures are very confusing,
    so because of that, I have decided to, after three years,
    change my profile pic to the one of my youtube channel..

    black and white sasuke pic, you will be missed!
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    hey there everyone,

    happy 300th page!

    I never expected we would get this far when I started this little project 3 years ago, thank you everyone for the continued support!

    what better way to celebrate the 300th page than with a new update (bug fixes) and video! ^^

    (niconiconee, no, at the moment the ms only has 1 available jutsu)

    !DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ! Some people told me to use so I can create a bit of income for my work, however, !!BE SURE NOT TO CLICK ON ANYTHING BUT THE SKIP BUTTON ON THE TOP RIGHT AFTER WAITING THE 5 SECONDS!! I don't want any of you to get any viruses!

    Update 04/02/2018


    - fixed kenjutsu workaround
    - fixed tools as kenjutsu
    - fixed genjutsu crows
    - fixed npc's only spawning at night
    - added chinese lang ( thanks to moore 5859! )
    - fixed sage training height training
    - lowered sharingan awakening
    - fixed smoke bombs blinding user
    - added poison bombs crafting recipe ( smokebomb, but instead of gunpowder spider eye )
    - Sage mode only giving snake version should be fixed now (Warning added, you can only get 1 type of sage mode!)
    - Susano'o button shouldn't give a message anymore as long as you don't have mangekyou
    - cooldowns added to kenjutsu skills
    - bijuu spawning fixed

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    I see some of you are advocating editing values and "cheating" powers into the mod
    if you want to do that on your own, that's fine, however, don't advocate such behavior on the forums.

    There is a reason I locked certain powers away, and that reason is not "because I don't want you guys to have it"
    it's because I'm trying to fix bugs here, this is a beta, and by locking away things that aren't finished yet I make the crash reports and bugs I get a lot more accurate and easy for me to figure out exactly what's wrong
    if people start cheating in things that aren't supposed to be ready yet, then it will only give me false information when they submit a crash report/bug
    which in turn, makes my job at completing this mod just that much harder and more time consuming ( of which I barely have any and have actually skipped school for the last two weeks just to get this out to you guys)

    so please be respectful,
    I'm working here to create a mod everyone can enjoy, don't deliberately make my job harder

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    here is the link to the new vid! ^^

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    hey guys,

    quickly want to let you all know even though I'm not posting here I'm still working hard on getting everything ready for saturday.
    I don't have time to reply to everyone right now, after the release of the vid and the v0.9 open beta I'll probably find some more time to get back to your questions.

    (ps, as people have noticed before, since I usually work until late at night, my hours are kinda shifted towards america's time, so for people living in earlier timezones, expect either late vids/updates or expect them early the next day ^^)

    now, I'll be going back to work, and as always, thanks for the continued support!

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    Quote from LeviLiah»

    Good job math, wait so does this mean its going to come out every saturday for 4 weeks

    no, I will still decide how I'm gonna manage it time wise, but there whould be around 3 more videos (before launch of the update)
    so that's one next saturday, and then 2 in the course of the last week leading up to the update with the 4th one being the friday before release

    Are kakashi sharingan the same to madara

    no, they are different
    Quote from blue3sonic55»

    Will the armor in the mod still be really bulky or have they been updated to look more like a part of your characters skin like in dragon block C? I just want to know because I would hope that this mod gives you some cool looking armor but it was just so clunky in version 0.2 that I never want to wear it.

    no, the armor now looks like skins, so when you wear your armor it will fit nicely on your character without being too bulky ^^
    also, wearing a mask or anything the like will hide your name from other players, but more on that in the upcoming video ^^
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Hey guys,

    just letting you know the vid is coming today!
    Been working on it all day, when it's done I will post here with the link to it

    There is no channel for it yet, I will make that when the vid is ready! ^^

    see you all in a bit!

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Hey everyone!
    Let me start off by wishing everyone a happy newyear!

    It's been a while,
    and that's an understatement, it's been a really really long time!

    First of all, I want to apologize for not having been active for the last 6 months.
    I've been busy with a lot of things lately, many changes have been happening in my personal life, and I couldn't fit working on the mod into those times.

    With a new year having arrived, aswell as many things having settled down, I have found some spare time to return and finish what I started.
    Furthermore, I have decided I won't release just the finished product, as I feel like I will never feel fully satisfied with the full extent of content, aswell as my life getting busier and busier with jobs etc coming up.
    however instead, I will start by releasing a functional version really soon.
    We could see it as a widespread beta.

    I don't have a lot of time right now, so I'm gonna keep it short,
    I haven't had the time to go back through all the posts and look at what people have written either, so sorry for that.
    however I was very surprised to see the continued support over this long period, for which I'm very thankful!

    I will come back to the forums either this sunday or beginning next week depending on my schedule.
    When I come back I will have an ETA for you guys
    and as it stands right now that ETA will be within this month!
    I will also start posting youtube videos starting next week, these youtube videos will be explaining the different features currently in the mod
    they will pose as a way to get you all ready for the release later this month, so you'll have some things to look forward to as I'm still finishing things up.

    so in short, what to look forward to?

    - an ETA coming up either sunday or beginning next week
    - version 0.9 getting released in January ( this year haha ^^ )
    - Youtube videos explaining how many of the things in the mod work leading up to the release

    Once again, I'm extremely sorry for leaving you all wondering what happened,
    honestly in the beginning I was just too busy, but as time went by, I started feeling like I couldn't return empty handed, and just popping in to say "sorry guys, but can't work on it right now" just didn't feel right, which is why I decided to let the whole project rest until I could come back to it, hope you all understand.


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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Hey there everyone!

    It's been quite a while, over a month I think, and oh what a month it has been...

    First of all, I want to appologize for my absence, and I immediately want to reassure you all that I have not abandoned the project ^^
    Also I'm very sorry if I made anyone worry.. ( I haven't been able to catch up on the posts yet, I did see on top of the page that shadowofgrim said he found me on discord, well, I don't actually have discord, I even had to look up what a discord is haha ^^ )

    now, aside from that, why have I been gone for this long?
    I definitely owe you all an explanation, so here goes:

    well, as you all know I was in the middle of my exams a little while ago, which made it so I couldn't spend any time on the mod.

    Well.. They went really well and pretty much as soon as I graduated I got a job offer.. And this job has been my life long dream...
    I was asked to make a short comic book for a starting game company!

    So I obviously accepted this, and am now full time employed as a comic book artist and author over the course of this summer.
    It's a rather short project ( only a few months ) this does however mean that I will be spending all my attention on this job, and while I'm not by any means quitting the mod, I will post-pone it till the comic book is finished, it's just impossible to combine the two as they are both very time and energy consuming.
    This means that sadly enough for the remaining of this summer I won't be able to progress the mod ( at least not noticeably, my best friend will come over at some point and we'll do some coding on a couple of my free days, but a few days work is nothing "worth mentioning" )

    Somewhere in the midst of all this hype of finally being able to live my dream, the thing I've worked for all this time, aswell as the preparation somehow made me forget to check up on the forum and inform you all, honestly, time just flew by lately...

    I understand that some of you might be angry or disappointed in the lack of communication,
    So once again I want to thoroughly thank you all for being here, even if I abandoned you all for a while, I definitely never meant to leave you all behind like this, as Kakashi would say... I got lost on the path of life...

    Right now it is 2:10 am and I just finished my workday, I'll try to hit the forum up again asap and read up on some of the things i've missed aswell as get back to the private messages I have gotten.

    Hear you all soon!

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