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    Not enough detail

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    Hey everyone! My name is mateias and I am a Moderator on VazioMines. We would like you to be in our staff team! Please do apply below and I will contact you on Skype if you are accepted! The IP for the server will be given if you were accepted through Skype. Please use this format below to apply or it will be instantly denied. Thanks in advance, and good luck on getting the position.

    We need 4 Admins and 3 Mods at this point.

    *Note* This will be updated everyday so check back to see the staff we need!


    Server Rules:

    1. Scamming with money isn't permitted.

    2. No hacked clients are allowed.

    3. Advertising things that are not related to the server are not allowed.

    4. No using /fly in PVP arenas. You will be banned immediately.

    5. No spamming is allowed in the chat.

    6. Be respectful towards all players and staff on the server.

    7. Asking for OP will result in a permanent ban on the server!

    8. Do not abuse any bugs/glitches. Please report them on the server's website.

    9. Report any hackers on the website's forums page.


    Admin and Moderator Staff Application

    Age: You must be at least 14 years old to apply!




    Email: This is 100% optional.

    Previous experiences:

    What can you bring to the server that other applicants can't?: Refrain from using bullet points

    What we need to know about you:

    Plugins you are familiar with: You can list them here

    Why we should pick you against other applicants?:

    How do we know to trust you:

    How would you react against someone breaking the rules?:

    How long can you stay on per day: We prefer people that can dedicate time towards the server!


    Thank you for applying, your result will be given shortly!

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    posted a message on Want to become Staff on a Prison Server?? Well come on and apply here!!

    Can you please tell me if I was denied on the forums? Thanks again! <3

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    posted a message on Want to become Staff on a Prison Server?? Well come on and apply here!!

    Age: I am 14 years old.

    Position: I would like to apply for Moderator on this Prison server.

    IGN: My minecraft IGN is mateias.

    Skype: My Skype is [email protected]

    Email (Optional): I will send over Skype if needed!

    Previous experiences: I have been a Moderator on an old server that shut down a couple of months ago. The name of the server was Kastia. I applied for Helper, got promoted to Moderator, and then resigned because there was practically no one on the server.

    What can you bring to the server: I can bring a positive attitude to the Staff team. I am also good with solving problems within the server and community. I could also take care of online forums if the server has any! There is much more I would love to tell you over Skype if accepted!

    What we need to know about you:I am a freshman that does swimming six days a week. It is not tough for me to do my homework and fit in Minecraft/Mineplex into my day as well. I usually play for about one hour and a half to two hours each day. I live with my younger sister, two parents, and my chihuahua named Amethyst. I love helping people and took two Leadership classes over the last year. I would more very grateful to be accepted and would be ecstatic to start working as soon as possible. I also have great grammar as stated above, am usually very calm whenever there are problems, and I can help answer questions to others in need.

    Plugins you are familiar with: I am not too familiar, but I know the basic ones (/ban, /mute, /punish, and prefix plugins)

    Why we should pick you: I think that you should choose me to become a Moderator against all the other applicants because I am very mature, I learn from any mistakes that I have, I now treat everyone with kindness, and I love to help out in Lobbies and Servers. If I was picked to take on the role of a Moderator, I would want to make my main goals to be positive ones. I want to make more friends with other staff members, I want to help out those that are in need of assistance, and I can bring a positive attitude towards the community.
    My personality is happy and open-up. I am 95% of the time a positive person and love to be socially active and communicate with those around me (in game and in real life). I am also open to having deep discussions about my life and events I have done with people that I do build a trustful relationship with. I also love to help people with whatever I can. I have been in a real life group called Natural Helpers which is a suicide prevention group to help those that are thinking about taking their life away. I know this is not an easy topic so I will stay brief with it. I was also in my school's Honor's Society group, and to qualify, it is needed that you have a GPA of above a 3.5, and help out your community with at least 15 hours of total community service in a year, which is usually not a problem for me. This shows that I am hardworking and dedicated to important things like school. I think that I have been shaped to be a good helping person, and that is why I think I would be a good Moderator. I also can handle stressful situations very well and have great grammar! I would also LOVE to take care of Recruiting others for the Staff team!

    How do we trust you: I think that you should test me with some questions/problems and see how I would handle them. I promise on my life that I won't try to overtake the server. :)

    How would you react against someone breaking the rules: I would punish them based on the severity of the rule they broke. I could go more in depth with this if you want to on Skype!

    How long can you stay on per day: I can stay on the server for hours each day since it is summer break, and can stay on a couple hours whenever school is because I am efficient, stay on task, and complete my homework quickly each evening.

    -thanks for reading my application, andrei!

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    posted a message on *All Helpers Applications will be accepted* Unity is looking for staff and youtubers


    In game name: mateias

    needs to have 20 Subs: I am really close to 20, I have 15 subs but I have over 50 views per video! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_VYe6Yw30UVt7Ueo6gviQ

    Must make videos on the server: I promise to do it!

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    [Staff Or Builder] I would like to apply for staff.

    [Age/Doesn't have to]U an 14 years old and very mature!

    [What Servers Your Staff/Builder On] I was staff on one of my friends server, and co-owner on another server, but i I get the position I want, I will quit from it.

    [Skill Level 1-10] I work very well and efficiently. I am mature and patient so I would give myself around a 8.

    [Why You Wanne Be Staff/builder] I want to be a staff member so I can help out communities. I work for free and like to help out whenever I can. I also have a YouTube account but almost no subscribers on it so I won't bother telling you about it.

    [If A Player On The Server Asked You To Shut Up

    What Is Your Answer] I would kindly tell him to please stop disrespecting staff and talking rude, and that next time there would be a consequence like a mute.


    [Ranks]Helper Helper+ JrMod Mod HeadMod Co-Owner [Choose One] I would like to be Co-owner.

    [Why You Wanne Be Staff] I want to be staff as stated before, to help out whenever I can. I do not need any sort of redemption but would like to make new friends. I also can problem solve really well, and am decent with how servers work.

    [How Can You Help Our Server] I can help this server by giving new ideas that have never been thought of for games. I also will give my time and dedication to make the server the best it can be.

    [What Servers You Have Staff On] I have had staff on many of my friends servers, and I have been Moderator on a server with about 500 people on!

    Thanks for reading my application, I would love to work with you and make this server better,



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    posted a message on PyroRealms | Looking for Staff | Dev | Mod | Builder | Helper | Willing to apply?? Click [HERE]

    IGN: mateias

    Skype (Optional but highly recommended): [email protected]

    Which rank have you chosen: Not one of the default ones, but YouTuber.

    Why do you think your worthy of that rank: I make videos that I truly am passionate about. I know I do not have loads of subscribers, but if you give me a chance, I promise to make 1 amazing quality video minimum per week, and I will promote on the internet, and with my friends.

    What makes you stand out of other: I think that I make fun videos for everyone to enjoy.

    How useful can you be in times of difficulty (Fights, commands, Hackers): NA

    Experience: I have made over 25 Videos, and I have truly grown since starting out youtube.

    How well do you blend in with others (1-10): 11 :D

    Thank You For Reading This

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    IGN: mateias

    NAME: Andrei

    AGE: I am 14 years old!

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING MC: I have been playing Minecraft for over 2 years now, so I do consider myself an expert on everything.

    EXPERIENCE: I have been Mod/Helper/YouTuber/Dev on many other servers that were looking for staff, but then shut down.

    WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF: I want to be staff to help out any minecraft community. I do not like playing with hackers, so I do like to help catch them. I also can bring new ideas to the server, since I already have a few in mind!

    SKYPE: [email protected]

    Thanks for your time to read this!

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    Okay! Thank You very much.

    (Just so you know, it is spelled decide)

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    posted a message on AquaCraft v.4 Need Staff/Plugin Dev/Builders Need Help With Permissions and Plugin Setting up

    Age: I am 14 years old.

    What am I applying for?: Plugin Dev or YouTuber!

    Why I want this Job: Plugin Dev: I know well how to work with commands, and how to do ranks and such. I can make many warps, and add people to have ranks. I also love to work with Minecraft commands, so I think that this rank would fit me perfectly!

    YouTuber: To make fun videos on here and spread the word about this awesome server! :) I know I do not have lots of subscribers, but I am growing rapidly. Yesterday, I got 3 subscribers, and I would love to make videos on this server!

    What role would you like if your doing staff: Dev or YouTuber!

    How long can you be on per day: Every day I can play for 2 hours after school, and 4 hours on the weekend!

    Plugins you would like me to get for your job(Link please) : Prefix Plugin - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/rankprefix-plus/

    Warp plugin - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/warpcore/

    Username: mateias

    Do you know how to use Multiverse-Core: Yes I do!

    Thank You for taking time out of your day to read this!

    I understand if you do not want to accept me :( I will go to another server to do Plugins without a problem if not accepted! I do have another position, but I would like to change to this new server because I have been doing Plugins for 2 years on that server, and I think it is time for a change!

    -mateias (Have a nice day!)

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    posted a message on [Builders] [Staff] Needed now! DoomsdayPvP Prison server

    Age: 14

    Skype: [email protected]

    Ign: mateias

    Experiences: I have been Mod and YouTuber on many other servers!

    Time Zone: PST

    Amount of time you can play: 2 hours every day!

    Pictures of past Builds: NA

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    If you're looking for a youtuber, I can advertise for you!


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