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    Azor saw five monsters flying towards his planet, they were sent by Desperatione. The fury filled the god's body, as he strangled one of the monsters by himself, the other four kept destroying villages on his planet, until an arrow went to the heart of the one that seemed like their leader. The others went confused, as Azor sent legions of elves to finish the three powerful monsters and their wounded leader.
    When he turned back, he saw the mad god, Desperatione, came towards him and Virgil at ligthing speed, when he turned into a very less powerful being, a weird-looking kid with black little wings and fangs. Azor even felt some pity to him, but he did not forgive the people killed by his monsters.
    -Hah! That's your real form? A effeminate kid? Let's just finish this-Said Azor, preparing to give the final blow...
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    Mateo, Northwood, New York state.
    -Mateo smiled, he found home, he was guided by a man towards his room, aswell as Francisco and George to their respective rooms.
    The first thing Mateo did was take a shower, and he couldn't belive what he found.
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    The god Virgil was hurt, that demon was intending to destroy his planet. Azor could not stand it, Virgil came close to him.
    -That being is attacking you for no reason, made out of madness and hate, just a minor demon. We can defeat it. My name is Azor, and I will help you in this war.
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    Northwood, New York State.
    They told them their names, ages, and what happened until they got there, they didn't really knew how may walkers they killed, but they knew how many humans.
    -A bandit... Trying to kill us, in self defense and...-Francisco doubted.
    -We gave our former leader death sentence, we suppouse-Mateo took the word-She killed a friend of ours and she was totally crazy... She...
    -She enjoyed killing-Said George-She was a psycopath and we did not had any other option, so we abandoned her... We would never kill a human being if possible, but this world is taking off the worst of us...
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    Azor saw the civilization of Maan thrive, and many other people also creating cities, like one on the archipelago of Griak, where wonderful palaces were been built, and beautiful women danced for powerful kings, he also saw a group of man on Canaa, who worshipped him, known as the Jeuds, being mercilessly attacked by the dark elves. He turned into a mortal and fought with them. When the battle ended, he leaved his mortal form, promising his return.
    As humanity thrived in all the continents, Azor saw another planet in the distance, where two gods were figthing each other, their warcries were heard on his planet, which mixed with the wind, creating a hurricane that nearly ruined the city of Maan. Looking at the suffering people, he discovered he hated war, so he decided to not go in any conflicts with any gods (unless totally inevitable) and never getting involved on the conflicts, unless he tried to stop the war, thing he was not going to do now, he decided to look at his planet, to see cities rise and fall.
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    Sheriff's Office, Northwood, New York
    The man that seemed in charge told the group to give him the weapons and told them that he would ask them some questions.
    -Sure, allrigth, take them.-Said Mateo, handing him his crossbow, bolts and machete. George doubted for a second, but he handed his weapons too. Francisco was not sure about the situation, but he handed his weapons too.
    -So, what was you going to ask us?
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    Outskirts of Northwood, New York State

    While Francisco and George seemed worried, Mateo simply could not be more happy, they finally found civilization, or, at least, the closer thing to it. A roof over their heads after so much time on the road, hell, even not a psycho leader like Lucy! (Or, at least that's how he looked like, he couldn't be so unlucky to get out of a crazy regime to get into another), he said, finally really happy after so much time:
    -Okay, guys, we found people. We found home.
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    8 years have passed, and Azor saw that humanity expanded far beyond Nylia and Canaa, into the other continents far away, from the small lands of Aeroporea, where humans replaced neanderthals, pushing them back to some aislated hills, and, also changing physically, as the humans of Aeroporea were different (quite paler) to the ones of Nylia and Canaa.
    Also, humanity expanded to Chinoca, where they also changed, being smaller and with different eye shape. In the western continent, known as Amparprica, gropus of humans went from the frozen north to the great jungles in the south, and the frozen south, where some made contact with the wood elves, while some elven groups where hostile with the humans and vice-versa, some recivend them peacefully. The first half-elves were born.
    Most groups, however, showed distrust towards the humans, but not hate, so they decided to hide their cities from normal human eyes, exept some gifted ones, who could see them and befriend them.
    The ones who ecived with friendship were mostly mestizated with humans.
    Yet some wood elves showed hate towards humanity, and to their jungle bethren, so they decided to go back to the Great Tree in the south pole, where high elves rejected them, as hate darkened their hearth. They decided that no god will rule them, and negalecting Azor, they left to the underground caverns of the world, where they changed drastically, with their skin going from brown to grey, their eyes red, getting used to darkness, hate to the sun, to their elven brothers, to the humans, to life, to their god self. They began worshipping demons, and were renamed as dark elves.

    Meanwhile, some humans of the Amparprica begun to get near the mountuain caverns their clans forbid them to go. They built cities there, and even discovered an underground cavern that crossed the sea. The lack of sunligth made their skin pale, their eyes grew bigger, and they begun to grew beard, as the aeroporean humans, also, they begun to be each time smaller, and they finally stopped considering themselves humans (despite that was what they were) and they begun calling themselves dwarfs.
    After many years, Azor decided to take another break, while in the east of Canaa, the first organized nation begun to appear, by the name of Maan, only time (or actually, only Azor) would say if it would last or not.
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    Outskirts of Northwood, New York State

    Nobody appeared to be on the walls, Mateo insisted.
    Then, three men appeared on the walls, they amimed the group with their guns, and Mateo, George and Francisco putted their hands over their heads.
    -Calm down, we mean no harm, we need food!
    ((I may edit this, but in your last post you said that there were sent 2 or 3 men over the walls to watch, I'll wait, I guess))

    Somewhere in the New York State

    Lucy was still running away, she heard the groans of the herd, eating what was left of Michael. She kept running.
    When nigth came, she saw a fire, so she went closer. A group of men was cooking some food over there. They saw her.
    -Hey! Come closer!
    She went near the fire.
    -Here, you want some meat?-Said one of the men, handing her a strange piece of meat, it looked like a finger.
    -Th...Thank you.
    It had a strange taste, she liked it, then she saw the fire. They were cooking an arm. A human arm. She vomited.
    -What? You didn't liked it? C'mon! There's nothing else to eat! They do it, why shouldn't we?
    She did not responded. She just shot him in the chest, killing him. The other three men ran towards her with knives and hatchets. She pushed one of them to the fire, where he burnt. She shot one of the other two in the head, andthe last one (a small, bald guy) gave up. She tied him.
    -H...Hey! What are you doing?! First stab John in the head! He's gonna turn!
    -Let's see if you like cannibalism after this...
    -Hey! No! Don't leave me here! Please! Nooooooooooo!
    She went away, and when the tied guy began to scream in pain, she laughed. Mateo was rigth, she enjoyed killing people. And she was going to find them, to get revange.
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    Nomad camp, New York state.
    The camp was running short of supplies, and the walker attacks were more frequent than before, it was time to move out.
    -Allrigth guys, let's get going, make sure you don't forget anything!- Lucy was anxious for leavng.
    -I hated thid place anyway-Said Mateo.
    Then, a gunshot was heard, and Mike fell to the floor, being hit on his leg.
    -Aaaaaaaaah! God damnit!
    More gunshots, until the bandit was shot on the stomach, Lucy ran towards him, kicked him in tha face, and then stabbed him on the skull, Lucy was always violent, but her face was different that time, like if she enjoyed killing people.
    -Let's go then, this guy will be bait for the walkers, so we must keep moving.

    Sometime later, the group was going near a forest, and Mateo was sent hunting.
    "Yeah, sure, send me, why not? I can be replaced..." He tougth to himself.
    Then, he saw a rabbit, so he sot him a bolt, nearly missing, hitting the bunny on the leg.
    -Well, food at last! Never something filling, but it's something!
    A noise was heard on the distance.
    Mateo spied trough some bushes, he was paralyzed, 20, maybe 30 walkers, he was terrified, he never saw so much in the same place, he didn't knew why, but they didn't smell the rabbit's blood, the rabbit, agonyzing, moved a little bit, suprising Mateo.
    -Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!Oh, wait did I just..­,cr ap ­,cr ap ­,cr ap ­...
    The walkers began moving towards him, he just threw the dying rabbit at them and ran away, to the camp, with 30 walkers following him... Not the smartest of ideas actually...
    -Guys, bad news, we need to go!
    -What have you done now?-Francisco did not seemed worried, until he heard the groaning.
    -C'mon! Into the cars!-Lucy was hysterical.
    -There's no fuel!
    -Allright, we can do something, maybe we can outrun them or... OH GOD WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE- The yelling would attract more walkers, but Mateo was panicking too.
    -Calm down!-Said George-You can leave now, but I'm ded weight, I'm too old for this world I guess, now go!
    -No! Is all of us or nobody!
    -G-Guys... Can we stop talking and RUN?!-Mike was scared too, and he knew he couldn't make it with his leg hurt.

    They run as they could, but they knew that the walkers would not stop following them, and they would not get tired, Lucy knew that one of them had to die for the rest. And it was not going to be her.
    -Sorry, Mike, but we can do nothing to heal your leg so...
    Lucy pushed him to the floor, where he couldn't get up because of the pain on his leg.
    -Lucy!!! Aaaaaaagh!! Fuuuuuuck­ youuuuu!!!
    The walkers distracted with the poor Mike, letting the group time to escape, but the other three saw Lucy killing Michael without even thinking about it.
    -What the hell have you just done!?
    -I did it for the safety of the group, for our safety!!
    -We could have outrun them, you know? They don't run, they are stupid, we could just leave behind without killing anyone, you crazy b*tch­!
    -.What did you just called me?!-Lucy aimed her gun to Francisco's head. George tried to speak.
    -You killed a man, Lucy, but not a bandit, or someone trying to hurt us, you killed Michael in cold blood, you killed our friend, we wouldn't even be here if not for him. We don't want you here anymore.
    -You don't understand, I did it for...
    -For what, you bloodthirst?-Mateo was just furious-Don't think we don't notice but we saw you, when you killed that kid that shot Mike in the leg, we saw you, you enjoyed it!
    -Shut up!-At the time she said that, Lucy tried to shoot Mateo's head, but she missed.
    -Allright, then, kill us, c'mon. Do it then.
    Lucy saw them all looking at her, waiting for the final shot. She couldn't stand for it, she lost her mind and ran away.

    The reduced group traveled aimlessly for some time, until Mateo saw something... A... Town?! Yes, it defintivley looke like a town, it was surrounded by a high metallic fence, there were also wooden barricades near the gates, mostly outside the perimeter as to keep it clean. A cannon was placed on the rooftop.
    -Holy mother of God... Guys!! Come here!!
    -Did I ate a mushroom and I am having hallucinations?-Francisco said.
    -Hello! Anybody in there?!
    ((Allrigth funkybub, I found it :) ))
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    Quote from funkybub

    ((wanna be a part of my town?))
    Quote from funkybub

    ((wanna be a part of my town?))

    ((I was planning on founding your town eventually, so yeah, but I must be accepted first, I think))
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    Name- Mateo Gonzalez

    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 21
    Gender(Male/Female/Both)- Male
    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African-American/Asian/Etc.)- Amerindian
    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)- As most guarani people, he has mongolic eyes and medium heigth, straigth hair and ligth brown skin.

    Clothing-A white, old shirt, a pair of vjeans and two old, brown shoes.
    Personality(Characteristics)- He is optimistic, but normally he tries to show the brigth side to everyone to hide his desperation. He is religious and hard to anger, despite he finds easy to make someone angry at him, he likes being with people, despite his trust sometimes took him to a horrible consequences.
    Biography- He was born in Argentina, he lived a normal life and at the age of 18 he moved to USA to study History, when the outbreak began, for him where just weird news, until too late. He tried to save his friends, but only he and his friend Francisco got out. He tried to keep a positive look to the situation, but he would have killed himself if not by George, Mike and Lucy.
    City/Location- Somewhere in the New York State.

    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- Machete, a rudimentary crossbow with 6 bolts (he does not want to make noise, ever), painkillers, a cross and a piece of rat meat.

    Theme Song- Warlords-AudioMachine

    Name- Francisco Rodrigues

    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 21

    Gender(Male/Female/Both)- Male
    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African-American/Asian/Etc.)- Caucasian

    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)- He is short, with straigth blach hair, brown eyes and a big nose.

    Clothing- A green shirt, a pair of jeans and two old shoes.
    Personality(Characteristics)- He is intelligent, sometimes the only racional guy in the room, despite he can be pesimistic, he can control himself (and the people close to him, as many times showed). He is Jewish, and he tres hard not to loose his faith.

    Biography- Born in California, he moved to NY at the age of 16, there he lived until the outbreak.

    City/Location- Somewhere in the New York State.
    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- A knife, a hachet, 4 cans of something (he can eat it, at last), a revolver with 3 bullets and a green backpack

    Theme Song-

    Name- George Connors

    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 45

    Gender(Male/Female/Both)- Male
    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African-American/Asian/Etc.)- African American.

    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)- Dark skinned and wide back. Has grey hair and a goatee. His face shows a calm guy.

    Clothing- A white shirt, brown pants and a pair of shoes (think Hershel's clothing).

    Personality(Characteristics)- Calm and peaceful, he is normally the one who calm down the people of the group.

    Biography- He does not want to talk about that "Past is done" he says. It's known to have seen his children die.

    City/Location- Somewhere in the New York State.
    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- A knife, a shotgun (used only in emergencies) with 3 rounds, a first aid kit, a picture of his sons he does not shows to anyone, a Bible.

    Theme Song-

    Name- Lucy Johnson

    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 22

    Gender(Male/Female/Both)- Female
    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African-American/Asian/Etc.)- Caucasian

    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)- She is short with blonde hair, green eyes and prominent lips.

    Clothing- A grey shirt, a pair of jeans, old shoes.
    Personality(Characteristics)- Has a feeling of leadership, being hard to her to trust anyone external to the group, she can be histerycal and unstable.

    Biography- She does not talk about that, or maybe Mateo was not listening. She is a cop.

    City/Location- Somewhere in the New York State.
    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- A gun with 8 bullets, some food and a knife

    Theme Song-

    Name- Michael "Mike" O'Connor

    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 23

    Gender(Male/Female/Both)- Male
    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African-American/Asian/Etc.)- Irish (Caucasian)

    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)- He is tall, redheaded and has a moustache.

    Clothing- Shirt, old pants, old shoes, a jacket.
    Personality(Characteristics)- He does not talk much. But don't make him angry...

    Biography- Never said nothing about that.

    City/Location- Somewhere in the New York State.
    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- A gun, 6 bullets, food, a knife and a piture of his family.

    Theme Song-

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    Eigth days Azor slept, he noticed that the smoke that the "high" elves were producing was quite annoying, so he decided to take that unholy weed from his sacred home, into some jungle in the west of his planet. Some elves stayed with him, they would be known as high elves or ligth elves, the rest decided to go with that plant, they would be known as weed elves (their name was changed to wood elves shortly after, to avoid being offensive).
    Also, he saw that in the 8 godly days hee has been sleeping ((I seriousley think we sould change the 8-day skipping into a 8 year or at least 8 months skippng, as 8 days are quite short time for a planet)), the humans conformed different tribes, and their population of 10.000 was growing, as women were forming the first families, he also saw that the monkeys evolved also in another kind of human, but tougher, bigger, stronger, uglier and way more stupid, so he said "Hell no! I don't want those Neandertal hurting my people!" And he sended them to the cold north lands, not too far away from the deserts, sabanas and jungles were the humans lived but none of them seemed to know how to swim neither navigate so, there was no problems...
    Azor concentrated in the actual humans, and provided them with souls, do they could go with him when they die (actually, they would go with boss Yahve or boss Allah, depending who is in charge the day but, whatever, he could go visit them).
    Also, he saw that, differently to the Neanderthals, the humans worshipped him, but they also they figth each other, with spears and slings, mostly for food or hunting ground. But he gave them free will, so he only could interfer indirectly, with miracles, or...
    -Stop this war you BASTARDS! Don't you see there's enough gazelle for you both to share?
    He said on his human form. Again, bringing prace. "This is the last time I stop a war" He tougth.
    He saw that they discovered fire, when he was trying to burn a monkey with his godly powers, and he saw how some tribes went far into the unknow north, into deserts, until they found a nice continent in between the one of the pagan neanderthal, and the one were most of human tribes flourished. They built a village near a river and they begun fishing. Years of travel trough a different land (deserts and fertile valleys surrounded by mountuains) changed the tribes of the new land, known as Canaa, and ,made them different to the peoples of the lands of the first peoples live, known as Nilya.
    First, those peoples were smaller in size, and their hair was straight and sometimes long, not always black, as some had brown hair. Also, their noses were bigger, and males usually grew beard, something rare to see in the nilyans, unless they reach an old age. Apart from that, their languages and cultures changed drastically in comparison to the nylians, that, and that their skin was ligther, not as ligth as the neanderthal's, more like ligth brown.
    After that, he decided to see how the other gods were doing.
    He found a planet with very advanced peoples (exept one continent, that was full of stupid beings that did not knew how to build). He saw an ugly creeper face totally covered of volcanic stone.
    -Hmmm... That's weird, I swear that I saw a ravine here before... Well, watever, I'll put some trees here to make it look pretty.
    After that, he saw another planet full of volcanoes and magma, with a giant squid sleeping inside of a volcano.
    -Quite hot for my likeness, but I can make a barbacue here!
    Then, he fell asleep, back on his planet, where primitive agriculture was being depeloved, and some tribes began adventuring to the east (to the lands of Chinoca and Gurka) and to the west (to the little land of the pagan neanderthals).
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    Age(Between 15 & 45)- 24

    Ethnicity(Caucasian/African American/Asian/Etc.)-Latin American/Mestizo
    Physical Appearance(Body Type and Facial/Picture or Description)-
    Clothing- A red, wasted shirt, a pair of jeans and some old shoes
    Personality(Characteristics)-Optimistic, sometimes, sarcastic and clever, he is quite religious and people think he is insane.

    Karma(Good, Neutral, Evil)- Neutral, kind of a mercenary.
    Biography- It will get unfolded in the RP (or maybe not, and I'm just lazy...)

    Vault Dweller(Yes/No)- Nope

    Faction(Optional)- He is from a nomad group known as "Los coyotes" (The Coyote), basiclly a scavanger group that normally offers mercenary services to the NCR.

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.(You have 44 Points, Special stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, max points in one skill set is ten)- S-4 P-6 E-5 C-10 I-10 A-7 L-2

    City/Location- Nomad camp, actually somewhere in Mojave.
    Inventory(11 Items or Less)- A machete, a rudimentary crossbow w/5 bolts, some food (3 cans) and a stimpack.

    Other- He totally detests slavers, is really hard to him to control himself when watching slavery occur.
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    After a long time terraforming his planet, adding oceans, deserts, jungles, ravines volcanoes, rivers, montuains and a lot of other biomes (even an island that instead of trees grow some kind of hallucinogenous giant fungii, and adding animal life (by third time, because he forgot to control the volcanoes in the first time and some red guy with horns threw a big rock at the planet the second one) he decided he needed some sort of sacred home, where he could live, see everything and have connection to the HeavenNet, so he, in the frozen wasteland that was at the very south of his planet, he made a little kind of circle, were was warmer (but making the near zones to that circle ridiculousley cold, so he did not recived unexpected guests. In the circle he created an exuberant jungle, and in the center, a huge tree, to live in (with HeavenNet connection, of course).
    But he was feeling alone on that circle, so he made the high elves, to live there and protect the Sacred Weed (Azor did not knew, but that weird-shaped leaves that found on Earth was not something healty, especially when the elves began to smoke it, so the "high" elf term was not precisey for their heigth).
    As the nigth fell over Ankaria, he decided to sleep, but first, he went to a monkey pack that was roaming the sabanas of the hot central continent, and tougth "This will cause a lot of disputes in between the humans but, whatever!". And pointing his middle finger towards the monkeys, he said:
    -Let there be Evolution!
    After that, tired, he went to his tree to sleep.
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