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    posted a message on Small Community SMP Survival Server [Whitelisted] [nearly one year old!]
    1. IGN: Derpeehooves
    2. Age: 22
    3. Skype: I will tell players in game. i promise i have it and a mic
    4. Do you have a youtube channel and do you post videos? (link if yes) If not will you be willing to in the future? I was setting up for it with my previous server but it got stopped due to lack o fplayers so no one paid for the server
    5. If you don't have any videos, posting some screenshots of builds would greatly increase your chances of entrance. It's not hard, just upload to an image hosting site and post a link here. Sorry, I cannot access my world for a screenshot bonanza
    6. How long have you played minecraft for? 8 months ish
    7. How active would you be on this server, and for how long? (ie think you will stop being as active after ___ event happens.) i play about an hour + everyday. when finals come around for university I will most kely not be on at all, but will be back with a vengeance when I can.
    8. Give a brief explanation of how you think you can be a good addition to this server: (3 Sentences minimum.) I am a semi-technical player who likes to resource horde and work with others to make excellent automated systems. my first goal is always to make a deluxe mob spawner, and insodoing get a BUNCH of TNT. While I am relatively new to the minecraft world, I think that the right attitude and players make the game. On ym old server I was the go to guy for any materials that were semi-hard to attain (slimeballs lol). I am especially interested in a snapshot server because in ym single player I always run the latest version and am therefore out of luck with a lot of servers. In short, mature, organized, helpful, and ingeniously pranky (and NOT in a destructive way).
    9. Please tell me a joke.
    Three scotsmen decided to build a house together, Olie, Polie, and Rolie. The first obstacle they decided to tackle was an outhouse while they were building, Olie dug for a whole day and when he was satisfied he counted a-one, a-two, a-three, before it hit the bottom. Polie not to be outdone found a better spot and dug for 3 whole days and when he was happy that he had trumped Olie he counted, a-one, a-two, a-three, a-four, a-five, a-six before it hit the bottom. Rolie, the most fiercely competitive of the trio could nto stand idle so he dug until he hit bedrock. and then he counted. a-one, a-two, a-three, a-four, a-five, a-six... all the way to 50! amazed he stood up and there it was, caught in his suspenders. (kinda crass, oh well it's my dads joke)
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3.1 Server WHITELIST 24/7! (Survival)
    username " derpeehooves
    age - 22
    ban status? NEVER!
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Minecracker [Survival] [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [No Kids]
    IGN: derpeehooves
    age: 22
    occupation: train conductor
    reason to join : i have been playing with a group of people on a non whitelisted server for a while. I am looking for a vanilla server with very few and hopefully no plugins. tnt doesnt work on my current server and i have been banned from it because i made a tnt xray machine. looking for a server where i can make video upload video and have fun with people more my age. (2 of the admins on my server are 14 and 15. ugh)
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    posted a message on Milty's Vanilla Survival Server [brand new] [whitelist]
    ign derpeehooves
    why i want to join? cause playing MC with a small group is the best.
    i like to build with people. dont grief "though minor pranks are fun"
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    posted a message on Liberty Minecraft [1.3.1] [Bukkit] (24/7) [SMP] (Load's of Minigames)
    super fun server. wondering how long till the new bukkit is up and running.
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