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    To be honest I was unsure about whether or not I would be able to get my old account back but I guess life is full of surprises....

    Anyway a little bit of backstory about me. Back in the day I used to watch a lot of YouTubers who happened to play Minecraft. Eleven year old me at the time was very curious and decided to purchase the game. I registered an account with my mom's yahoo account (because yahoo emails were in at that time???) and signed up for it. Pretty much during the year of 2015 is the year when I started drifting away from minecraft as I was getting bored of it. Fast forward many years (Like 2019 ish?) and I really wanted to get back into my old account. Problem was at the time I had no idea what password I used so I tried to change it only to be referred to them basically telling me that the reset password link has been sent to my email. I thought this wouldn't be a problem and tried to login to my mom's account.

    Once I tried logging in, yahoo told me that they sent a verification email to my mom's recovery email. Which happened to be an old internet email that we didn't have anymore (because we switched internet providers, so I could not get into that email either as it was deleted). So... that was pretty much a dead end. I was actually thinking about emailing Minecraft Help themselves at the time but didn't know if they would let me in since I couldn't get my Transaction ID. (because the transactions at the time were made by Skrill and the only way I could get that was if I had access to my mom's email. Which like I said, I don't.)

    In the same year (2019), I pretty much bit the bullet and bought a new account because I thought at the time I was out of options. I am fast forwarding again to May of this year. I was bored and decided to "hack" into my old minecraft account. I made a list in my iPhone notes? (possibly Google Sheets?) of all of the passwords I used when I was 11-15 years old. Once I had that, I tried every single password in that list and I finally somehow got in. This was great. Just one thing left to do, change that email. I tried doing that but mojang told me I needed to add "verification questions" to my account. Which required them to send the link to this page to my... mom's email. I was back to square one. I lost interest and came back to this in June of this year. I finally said "Screw it, let's just email Minecraft Help and see what happens" and... well... see the conversation for yourself in the attachments. Long story short, Titan helped me change the email without a transaction ID! I had my account back!

    This is great in all. But now I have an extra Minecraft account that I don't know what to do with. In all honesty, I might just deactivate the account, give it to a friend, or maybe just abandon the account again. I am unsure.

    TLDR: I made a account in 2012 with my mom's yahoo account and abandoned it in 2015. I tried to get it back in 2019 but had to reset my password which required Mojang to send an email to my mom's yahoo account which I couldn't access anymore. In 2021 I managed to guess the password of my account by chance. I wanted to change my email but couldn't do that because I needed to add verification questions which meant Mojang needed to send a link to this through my mom's old email which I couldn't access. I emailed Minecraft Help and this guy named Titan changed the email for me even though I had no transaction ID.

    I wanted to share my experience as I thought this might be helpful for other people who might've lost their accounts. I created this thread to share my story and hopefully hear about some others. With that in mind, what's your guy's experiences? Did you also lose your account and got it back somehow? How did you get it back? I would like to know so, if you have any stories feel free to comment on this thread!

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