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    If anyone has time, I'm looking for a simple mcpe 1.14 mod that has options in a mcpack or mcaddon. I would like to have a simple drop-in that can increase the Vanilla ore generation during world generation by 2x, 4x and maybe 10x. Only ores, no new items or recipes or mob drops. Something to increase ore found so you can spend more time on exploring and still find enough ore for crafting whats needed without switching between game modes. So far all of the ore mods I've come across all add new ores but none increases the quantity of the Vanilla ores built into the game.

    Thank you

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    If you updated your game then thats all you updated. Your issue may be with an outdated addon. Installing a newer version of your addon wont fix the issue because it cant overwrite whats already in your game folders and uninstalling and reinstalling wont remove addons in your game folders. you have to manually deleat the folders then restart your device then reinstall you desired updated addons for what ever MC version you are running after updating. I play around with various Beta versions of MC and when I get a crash to desktop it always follows testing a new addon that hasn't been updated to my MC version. I am currently running on android and some of my addons are listed 1.13 but seem to still be 1.12 or lower and tend to be incompatable and need to be deleated when issues arise some don't. So try deleating your device games folders ( dev/games/com.majang/resource_packs and dev/games/com.majang/behavior_packs) you plan on reinstalling. Unless you just installed something before the issue started then you can try just deleating the suspected folders in your resources and behavior folders then clear cashes and data under apps then restart you dev

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