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I like to consider myself an intermediate command block engineer. I am trying to learn more about command blocks on PE/Win10 and PC/Java, being that they are both slightly different from each other. I like to try to help people who are in need of command block assistance or want a cool way to spice up a map that they're making.

Normally, I will build my own creations by messing around with command blocks, but I also search for things I can do learn from it to be able to use it in other builds that I make. At the moment I am working a lot with the /execute command and using detect with it. This helps to make invisible pressure plates, or sensors, that will run a command upon having a specific block in a specific area in terms of the player's location. Example, if you want the player to be standing on a diamond block with a data value of 0 in order for them to teleport to an area, you would type /execute @p ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ diamond_block 0 tp @p 287 70 535. If you're reading this, I hope that you learned something. You better have learned something.

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