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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    IGN: marshallb129

    Current rank on the server: block B

    Reason you were banned: SMD
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) benjaminsunders (i think)

    Approximate time of ban: 1:04 northeast

    Why you deserve to be unbanned: I was banned for advertising, it was 2 nights before I was banned, and a person started asking me questions about the mcpvp hunger games servers. (there were 4 peeps on at the time, it was about 4:00) since there was a star for it to buy one for a warden, i assumed it would be fine if i gave a link once since it was practically already advertised. I gave a link to the kits since thats what he was asking for. There was 1 gaurd on at the time so i thought it was fine. I was in the clear until sumhow i have no idea how, 1 gaurd started talking to me about being muted for 2 days. i was fine with this and kept on playing for around 10 more minutes, until the you have been banned screen popped up. i thought this might be some confusion, so i waited around 30 min thinking it was another gaurd who thought i was getting banned and banned me, but after that, i realized there was no confusion. I think i should be unbanned because i know now that no kinds of advertising is allowed, but even if this isnt possible, i would like to know the reason this guard changed his mind. thank you and i hope to be unbanned soon.
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