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    posted a message on [Windows] [VERSION 1.0.8] Minecraft Texture Studio - Resource pack editor, add block, item textures and in HD, sounds and fonts
    I know this was made with Visual Studio, but what language did you make it in, and how did you make the texture preview window? Very good job, sir!
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    posted a message on Realistic Pain - Now Client Side!
    Hey, man!

    When I tried this mod, I liked it at first, but then I got a little annoyed seeing the realistic blood spatter, but the entire game is all retro pixelated, so I modified the textures a bit, you can have them if you want, but I hope you replace the old textures with these new ones. Here are the modified textures on imgur:





    They really feel like Minecraft blood spatter, don't they? (The last one was dust, or smoke, or whatever)

    Feel free to "Save as..." the images if you wanna use them.
    Also, I know Java too. :D

    Btw, if you do use them, gimme some credit. :P

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    posted a message on Multiple commands in one command block
    Quote from Saiga

    I support. This would be useful, because what I want is like a event system where on screen it would say "Looks like something didn't digest very well" and it would give them nausea for 15 seconds. I would use a @r command, but using 2 command blocks, I am afraid that it would target one person and say the message, and someone else would get the nausea.

    Again, I extremely support, and it should be a feature.

    I think what you need is variables, like in pretty much ALL programming languages. :)
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] MCRealism - The Realism Mod
    The Realism Mod
    Have you ever wanted more realism in Minecraft? "Impossible", one might say, and I say to you: A bit! But still do-able!

    Here's a list of what this mod adds!

    -It takes longer to break blocks, like, ALOT longer.-Adds a FEW blocks and items, which after I'm done with some core features of this mod, I plan to improve upon. (Rubies, ruby blocks, mud, mud blocks, and a "Griefing Block", which is unbreakable.)
    -Adds some random, convenient miscellaneous features.
    And here's a list of what I plan to do!

    Red: Haven't started
    Yellow: Have touched upon
    Green: Essentially finished

    -Make blocks harder to break (Done, will be out next update)-Add bone-breaking, and bleeding (First as a potion effect, then in a whole new GUI)
    Screenies! :D (For you "No pics, no clicks" guys.)

    Step 1: Install forge. (Tutorial found here: http://www.minecraft...ation/Universal)
    Step 2: Drag your downloaded "MC_Realism_1.X.X" into the mods folder
    MC Realism 1.6.4
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    posted a message on I Wish I Was a Minecraft noob Again.
    Oh, I remember my best Minecraft noob experience... I tried to craft a gun... Then I called my friend over, who was very experienced at Minecraft, and told him to help me. I was in the most beautiful jungle biome i had ever seen, (I was in 1.2.5 BTW) I dug an underground "hidey hole" and built a little mine with the pickaxe my friend showed me how to make. Eventually I crafted a wooden sword. I felt so proud of myself, that I entered a cave (Jungle Caves are EXTREMELY RARE, But i found one.), expecting to PWN anything that dare cross my path. Immediately I found a cow inside the cave and I ran out screaming "HALP!!!" to my friend... When it became dark I saw a zombie banging on the door to my underground lair and I hid in my mineshaft, shifting so the zombie wouldn't see me, and blocking with my sword cowering in fear. But eventually it did turn daytime, and I had survived my first day in Minecraft... Barely. I ran away from a cow, if that doesn't scream "NOOB!!" Then i don't know what does.
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    posted a message on [1000+ Downloads] ~~~The Game~~~ [1.2.5][Mob Fighting][Game][Game Master Controls Everything}
    Quote from Dragosh988

    Anyone want to make a let's play on this? I think it would be a awesome video!

    Why not? seems fun! I've only just hit my 30th Sub... www.youtube.com/user/2000supermark
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    posted a message on A skin shop for Noppes more player models

    Hi, sorry to bombard you with requests lol, but could you make me a green dragon male furry? thx

    Already exists...
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    posted a message on WingCraft(1.5+)(Wearable wings in Minecraft)(Forge)(Looking for Wing Ideas!)
    Amazing mod, just what i needed, but I'm pretty good with textures but i just can't find any .PNG file for the wings so i can re-texture them... Cuz the wings look kinda ugly, so how would I go about re-texturing the wings? BTW Just so u know, I'm re-texturing them for PERSONAL USE ONLY...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Surpasses 10 Million Sales, 1.6 Feature Spoiler Alert
    So much forum spamming about horses... *sigh*.
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    posted a message on The Gauntlet: Villager-Napped
    The Gauntlet: Villager-Napped
    A fast paced, fun-filled, adventure!

    This is a map about an adventurer-in-training who sets out to find out why all the villagers are gone.
    After failing a life threatening quest and gets pulled to shelter he notices all the villagers are gone. He first finds a mineshaft with around 16 zombie spawners that are likely to kill him in less then 30 seconds. Next he finds a parkour puzzle that he has to complete while being shot by skeletons trying to shoot him off. He then stumbles into a charged creeper spawner, and barely fights them off while surviving. After completing the dungeon he has to fight off the boss who kidnaps the villagers and wants to turn them into stew... THE WITCH!
    After killing the witch he must lead the villagers out of harm and back to the village to celebrate.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Shield Mod
    I'm a legit modder saying, dude, that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much to just... ask for... -_- I would consider making it ONLY if i had

    A. Help
    B. A cash reward

    So yeah... I realize there are only 5 items, but there are way too many features...
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