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    So I had an idea for a mod that I think is neat. Multiplayer in single player worlds!

    Basically, the mod will add mobs that act like players. For example, you could find a Steve with no armor living in a dirt shack, or a full-diamond person running around near bedrock level. I'll stick some AI differences between the two here.

    Steve: A tiny dirt shack, maybe with a crafting table or a bed, but not much else.
    Diamondman: A big house filled with anything anyone could need, but also possibly a few traps and guards?
    Also, some abandoned player-made houses can spawn, containing some chests and furnaces or something.

    -Attitude toward mobs-
    Steve: Usually runs away from all hostile mobs, unless he's feeling brave and decides to go for a kill, which usually doesn't end well. If he sees wolves, he will probably punch them, then start running away.
    Diamondman: Either completely ignores hostile mobs or completely mows them down with his mighty diamond set.

    -Attitude toward player-
    Steve: Random. Upon seeing you, he could start punching the crap out of you, or start rapid-shifting and walk away, or just turn heel and run.
    Diamondman: Almost always hostile. Occasionally, he could drop some items for you and walk away, but that's rare.

    Steve: His home or running around wildly.
    Diamondman: Pretty much anywhere, but usually found in deep mines or his home.

    Steve: Some wood, dirt, and raw meat/apples, but not much else.
    Diamondman: His armor and weapons, along with maybe some rare stuff like emeralds.

    There should also be a few different AIs between these two, all with their own levels of intelligence and habits.

    I realize this could be difficult to make, but this AI habits are just examples. Really, I just want a mod where I can find mobs with random player skins and old player-made houses in my world.

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