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    posted a message on Buildtime! A city server. Needing builders! We are reopen! More info on 2 page

    Please post a picture of a build. I will give you ip to server once you post it.

    *After months of being absent from buildtime. Buildtime Will reopen Bigger and better. I seen a lot of post coming up after buildtime official close. So I will officially reopen this. We are a Server inspired by SBS another mcpe city server and PCB a minecraft PC city server. The good people of this community spoken and I will gladly open this project back up. Giving up on this would be sad and it time the server shine more. I will need donations, good caring staff and of course a great community. We will have plots, a creative world survival world and more. More info comming soon. "Buildtime: It Time to Build"

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    posted a message on [jicecraft] still need mods and builders and devs

    alright still need all the staff that listed in title please join server or apply to give me info about you :D IP:

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