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    Name: Mariah Grace

    In-game Name: mariahgraced

    Experience: I have never been a moderator, but everyone starts somewhere right? I have been on TerraLeet for around 3 months, and over that time I have gained extraneous amounts of minecraft knowledge. On top of what I have learned in game, a few years back, I also taught myself how to port forward and configure the needed components to run a server. If I don't know how to do something, I learn.

    Why do you want to be a Moderator? I feel like I'm being thrown on stage and interviewed, well (insert generic lifeless name here) I want to me a moderator, because I see it as an opportunity to help improve the community of TerraLeet. The people on TerraLeet are what makes the server feel inviting. We are a small family (it's true). I would use my position to protect the standard of people playing on TL. People who grief or are unkind are what taints that feeling. I would monitor what was happening within the server to help keep TerraLeet's atmosphere inviting.

    What separates you from the other applicants? Considering another applicant, coolboss000 for example, my age outnumbers his (and I_Love_to_Build's). I have had 18 years to prepare for this position. I have gained knowledge of how to act and react. I act kindly towards others in an amicable way, separating me from many minecrafters. If you've ever talked to me on TS or Skype, you'd know I'm not the ordinary applicant. I would use my power and authority to benefit others, because I already act accordingly.

    How may we contact you? I like skype and my username is easy to find. Simply, mariahgraced.

    Have you read the Terraleet.com goal - What do you think? The hidden happy-zone describes TL perfectly. TerraLeet was a "hidden" bundle of happiness. In my quest to locate servers to try, I had never found TL. It wasn't until one day, via word of mouth, that I was invited to join. The atmosphere that TerraLeet provides is one of a family. The community is what helps TL achieve its goal. The variety that is offered brings people to TerraLeet, but the family-like community is what keeps them playing. The community is what makes up my "happy zone". Whatever you find happiness in, you'll find it on TL. TerraLeet's goal at becoming the best minecraft experience is well underway and I want to continue to see this server grow. If i was a moderator, I would be able to actively help, which would aid my zone of happiness.

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself - What about minecraft do you love? Talk about myself, eh? This seems like the easiest question, but my mind is blank. I am a girl. Yeah, that's enough about myself. A girl. Oh, that's not enough? Alright, I am a minecrafter of three years. Over those years, I have come to love the players. Minecraft connects a variety of people, and the servers give me the chance to connect with people I would never likely meet in person. Outside of minecraft, I like adventuring. Backpacking, snowshoeing, fishing. I'm also a college student, trying to uphold my GPA. I am studding to be a teacher, 4th grade to be exact. Ask anyone and you'll also learn that kids are my life. I work in childcare and volunteer with children on a biweekly basis. I guess that about quickly sums up my life.

    (I really appreciate whoever reads through these applications. :Sheep: Thanks for opening up this opportunity.)
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