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    Hi. i'm building an elevator with commandblocks. The first verson is the classic one with 2 commandblock for each floor: the first teleports the player up and the second teleports the player down, easy.

    i want to make a better version of it using just 2 commandblocks.

    here is my logic:

    • the player press a button
    • the commandblock activates and gets the coordinate of the player
    • it teleports the player up (or down) adding (or subtracting) the height of the floor to players coordinate


    player 1 is at x:10, y:10, z:10. the commandblock picks the coordinates of him and teleports him to 10, 15, 10

    How can i do this? my goal is to create an universal elevator using just 2 commandblocks without entering the coordinates so i can use it in different buildings.

    thank you

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