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    posted a message on All-U-Want - Create and edit items, entities, spawners, and more!
    Awesome Mod! Very useful for peoples like me, that make maps for my friends! (Or even for everyone in the world)
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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v5.3.1 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)
    This mod is awesome! Good job, anyways gratz on 2millions of downloads
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    posted a message on Pigs are getting more useless
    They don't became useless, because thier cooked meat heals 8 hunger points, cooked mutton only heal 6 hunger points and cooked rabbit only 5 points. Rabbit stew heals 10 hunger points, but hard to craft: 1 cooked rabbit, 1 mushroom, 1 carrot, 1 baked potato and a bowl, so i think pigs are still useful for food
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    posted a message on How did you last die?
    Fell into my own hole. One of my derpiest deaths ever xD
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Nice spawn with Mushroom Island and Village
    So I found a nice seed with Mushroom Island and Village

    Seed is 7770416789689201992

    This is a nice seed to build.
    Take a look in the forest! There is a lot of hills, nice for building houses in hills/mountains!

    Biomes near/at spawn

    • Plains
    • Forest
    • Mushroom Island
    • Taiga (Near village)
    Here is a view of spawn (bottom left island), a part of the mushroom island biome and a part of the village
    You can see almost all the village (This is a very small village, only 3 houses, no potatoes or carrots)
    Here is a full preview of the Mushroom Island biome

    I hope you like this seed, enjoy!
    Texture pack: Pixel Perfection
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    posted a message on Giving Away FOUR MineCraft GiftCards!!!
    Why not? To give a copy my friend
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    posted a message on Post your seed requests
    I would like to have a rare biome (Mega Taiga, Mesa) with huge caverns at or near spawn. If you can't find any seed like that, then look for a seed with huge caverns at or near spawn
    Or a survival island (Atleast 5x5 in size) with trees and only one biome (I would like jungle, mega taiga or flower forest)

    I hope you do it and thanks if you do! :)
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    posted a message on What version did you buy Minecraft in?
    I bought Minecraft when Survivaltest wasn't finished (Near October 2009)
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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)
    Quote from IncubiLord

    There's a simple workaround to forum filters when they misbehave like this:
    Set a color for one letter of the censored portion. Observe:
    lapi[color=#000000]s[/color]Spread, lapi[color=#000000]s[/color]Size
    See that black 's' in there? Probably not. But the forum's software sees "lapi[color=black]s[/color" instead of "lapis" and therefore doesn't find any words containing "pis".

    Thanks, I'll edit my post to fix words with your solution :)
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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)
    So I find a few presets for you:

    Giant Caves (Warning: This world is very laggy):


    Glitch World
    This world is very strange, there is no mountains, only a underground ocean (This ocean can show up at surface sometimes)
    Minerals can generate up to height 255 because this preset has a underground ocean that goes very deep (Bedrock layer), else, that would be very hard to find diamonds, redstone, lapis, gold and iron!


    Hope you like these presets!

    P.S: Texture pack is Pixel Perfection

    Other P.S: Forum's word filter won't let you write 'lapis Spread' and 'lapis Size' without spaces because letters make a word that is not allowed. Thanks to IncubiLord for helping me to fix this problem!
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    posted a message on Awesome Seed for snapshot!
    Hey guys, I found an awesome seed for snapshot.
    Here is the seed: -2981529172967884323

    You spawn in Plains next to Savanna Plateau M (Mountains). There is a village and a surface dungeon (Zombie dungeon) near the spawn. There are 2 floating islands in the mountains. A second zombie dungeon is just below the village.
    Village is located at x:202 y:66 z:196
    Surface Dungeon is located at x:277 y:64 z:162
    Second Dungeon is located at x:202 y:50 z:197
    Around the spawn there are 8 biomes:
    • Plains
    • Sunflower Plains
    • Flower Forest
    • Savanna
    • Savanna Plateau
    • Savanna Plateau M
    • Desert
    • DesertHills
    Images (Resource pack: Pixel Perfection http://www.minecraft...snapshot-ready/ )

    This village is very small

    Loot from chests in the surface dungeon (My inventory represents the second chest):

    Second dungeon zombie:

    Digging straight down from here to get in the dungeon

    Loots from chest

    Tell me if you have found something in the seed! Have fun with the seed! (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French)
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    posted a message on Let me search for a seed for you - sZPeddy's Minecraft Seed Finder
    I would like a seed with:

    - Mushroom island
    - One or two villages
    - Maybe the biome 'Savanna M'

    I would like that these criteria with the default search radius (1000 blocks)
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    posted a message on Summon Helper - Generate /summon Commands easily
    Very nice, I like it.
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    posted a message on .
    Well, I'm a old player (from Indev). I have lived these big moments like Adventure Update or even redstone when they where added... Old times...
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    posted a message on Which developpement version do you prefer?
    Which developpement version do you prefer (Alpha, Beta...) ?

    Well I very like Indev, I can even remember some of my old worlds ...
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