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    Hello, I’d appreciate any and all help!

    i recently joined a public server and was playing all day yesterday with some friends. Today, I logged on and everything went smoothly for about 10 minutes. I typed in chat and placed blocks. Ya kno, the whole shabang. Then I got kicked from the server. I joined back a few different times but every time I typed in chat, I got kicked. My friends joined to see if they had the same problem and they did. They couldn’t enter nether portals, couldn’t open chests, couldn’t break blocks, or even open doors. There is currently no one on the server and it says I have 4/5 bars of connection to it.

    Also, not sure if this is worth mentioning but a few players were making a creeper farm when I logged on today. They finished it I think. The last thing I saw in chat was, “that’s a lot of gunpowder”. I went to type “lol” and boom. Kicked.

    pls help

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