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    posted a message on [1.4.7]AVGWORLD [PvP] [50 Slots] [open] [MODPACK]
    This is the best server i have ever played in.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7]AVGWORLD [PvP] [50 Slots] [open] [MODPACK]
    great server i love it
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    posted a message on I-Prison Reborn [No Whitelist] [Tons of Features] [You Have A Voice]
    Lol ruins one server makes another a week later that is the same...
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    posted a message on Malware in Adf.ly Links
    Quote from atokniro

    Terribad arguments
    1: Released mods is an alright section as many modders use adfly
    2: No antivirus is perfect. Just because 1 slips past doesn't mean it's crap
    3: It's possible that 2 people are wrong, but how likely is it that many thousands are lying?
    4: It means Adfly is **** - Adfly is responsible for the ads therefore they should actually screen them.
    5: You are comparing apples to oranges
    6: You don't have to click on it to get infected. You are a computer illiterate if you claim otherwise.
    7: This one isn't so bad - Doesn't change the fact that Adfly don't screen their ads
    8: If you don't have a virus, then you download something from a site, then you sudenly have a virus...
    9: This literally makes no sense and implies you don't know how code works. Code doesn't just magically add features to itself.
    10: Fair enough I guess

    Bonus 1: What if someone wants to support a mod and can't afford to donate?
    Bonus 2: I'm not even going to bother - This is literally as retarded as when the BTW creator compared the nazi invasion of poland to tween with keyboards.

    And by then you are already infected, and in most cases you won't even know

    It's Adfly's responsibility to screen ads not the consumers

    Low quality post and This is not near the right section for this because there is no mod being released or even talking about a mod. its about some skid who bitches because he is stupid and get viruses from porn
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    posted a message on Malware in Adf.ly Links
    Nice skills on finding the wrong section and adf.ly does not give virus that comes from all the porn you download
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