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    posted a message on I NEED HELP WITH SOMTHING!!!!!!

    I have a server but it turns off if someone isnt on it and then

    when my friend wants to join the server

    he would come to me and beg at me for hourss!!!!

    i have a alt acc

    so how do i keep a alt account inside a server without running minecraft?

    and maybe even not running my pc????

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    posted a message on Minecraft names

    Im tierd of this.

    i find these accounts like some og names.

    but they are abandoned

    like minecraft needs to like

    if someone hadnt played on a account for like a year or two

    should be deleted cus like....

    example the name 123m

    its a old acc no one is using it

    it should be deleted cus like someone might want that name but...

    they cant have it cus some idiot made that account and doesnt use it......

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    posted a message on 1.16.2 or 1.17 IDEA

    You know how people loved 1.8 cobat system well what if 1.16.2 or 1.17 u could add or remove fetures like grab the combat from 1.8 and add it to the 1.17

    then servers could transfer the version to 1.17 and take certain things from versions

    like if u like how apples look then u could click somthimg and add it to 1.17

    custom version update :DDDDD

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