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    Minecraft 1.17 just released and the hype is real! In my opinion the update is all around awesome... really gotta give it to team Minecraft, well done!

    Glow berries are one of the new food types found in the lush caves. My idea is something really small and minor but I think it would add that little pop to the glow berries. My idea is that when a player eats a glow berry, they get illuminated for a few seconds, such as how when an entity gets hit by a spectral arrow, their outline gets highlighted. The player would emit a golden-ish glow and would be; for a few seconds visible through walls by players thus giving away a players location.

    It’s a small harmless feature that I just wanted to put out there and of of course i’m no Minecraft professional and none of the things I mentioned have to be exactly the same.

    Really excited for the update and once again, hats off to you Mojang!

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    Now, I know this is very controversial, the idea of Herobrine and whatever. I just don't want anyone to get offended by this and I apologize if someone has had a similar idea.

    We're very close to the 10th anniversary of Herobrine (a very popular Minecraft urban legend). I have an idea that i think will make the game more fun and will please veteran players. Herobrine was a made-up character (or they say) that "haunts Minecraft and messes with your world". It has become an icon and as well as a running joke. I think it would be spectacular to add something in game that is loosely based on this tale.

    Imagine, if one day in your Minecraft world there were random structures you don't remember being there, or an entire forest ripped of its leaves. Slowly but surely your world would start having a lot of fog and rain. One day maybe some mob or something of the sort would present you with a map or book that would lead you to a "temple of Herobrine" where you finally clash down with the legendary mob and claim the title of the unbeatable player.

    That's just MY IDEA and doesn't necessarily have to be it, just how I envision it. I think its high time that Minecraft gets a new boss battle... a more exciting boss battle that would really change the gaming experience. I understand of course how Herobrine is a scary figure to some (especially young children) but it can be optionable to have this boss battle in the world. Anyway as the anniversary of Herobrine approaches... It's time to give the fans what the want Minecraft!!!

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