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    posted a message on Looking to play with someone on a lagless sever
    completely lagless..
    pm me for the ip, its a pretty small server, haha
    crap.. why didnt I read the rules.. no self promoting..
    ill stop now.. :|
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to play vanilla 1.2 with
    small group.. dont bother with skype.. haha
    just send me a pm for the ip....

    crap.. why didnt I read the rules.. no self promoting..
    ill stop now.. :|
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    posted a message on small server
    assuming you mean LOOKING for a server.. this server has offline-mode weekends, so if your friends dont own the game, you can try it out..
    just pm me for ip..
    crap.. why didnt I read the rules.. no self promoting..
    ill stop now.. :|
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    posted a message on Looking for lawless servers supporting cjb mod and cheating
    boom. haha..
    just not really any rules and we support a bit of greifing!!
    pm me for ip
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    posted a message on help me make a vanilla server for me and my friend to play
    your welcome to join our servers.. it doesnt use any of that annoying hamachi stuff anymore, so no need for it if you join, its up most of the time.. just pm me for the ip....
    also. hamachis kind of wierd to set up for minecraft.. take your hamachi ip next to the power button and put that under ip in the minecraft server config..

    crap.. why didnt I read the rules.. no self promoting..
    ill stop now.. :|
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    posted a message on Looking For a Few People to Play a new Survival Server With
    already got a server..
    pm me for ip
    it runs on 25mbs a sec.. so.. no lag..
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    2 people whitelisted from steam!
    please welcome the following players!!!!
    Dangerous Beans
    Already finished with most of the Maps!
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    update! we only need 2 more people! servers up!!!!
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    Quote from Berkan35

    IGN: berkan35 can i get the ip?

    AGE: 15
    I buyed minecraft ( got a naruto skin )
    Nothing special just wanna have fun
    I'll follow the rules
    I'm alone

    Added To WhilteList!!!!
    check pms.. if your having connection issues let me know.. was experimenting with something....

    **EDIT** fixed issue.. oops.. lolol
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    Update and Post Reserved For The Win!
    Player added via pm! 4 left!
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    post in the middle of reformatting...
    Check Out My Site Here!!!!
    or twitter https://twitter.com/.../SturmFalkeRDA2
    I am redesigning the server, we now run Minions mod, ICBM, Crossbows 2 (adds almost 200 varients) and a couple of other awesome mods....
    Is there any interest in me reviving this server besides the insane amount of popularity and whitelist requests it generated?
    Add me on steam if you want! just pm me and ill give you my information!
    Also... all returning players will get a reward....


    Epic Server Rules Provided By TwitchCat!!!!
    1- THE TRAINING NODE: To start, you will spawn in the TRAINING NODE, lovingly referred to as "The Cow". In the spawn room you have the choice of choosing RED TEAM or BLUE TEAM. Make your choice.
    The TRAINING NODE can be raided at any time by anyone. Please avoid camping and PVP in the TRAINING NODE. There aren't many difficult sections, but be on your guard. Some minor loot can be found in the dungeon.

    2- TEAM BASES: Each team has a single hidden base, as well as the Mercenary base for those who don't want to choose a team. Base locations should be kept hidden from the other team! It is against server rules to raid the other team's home base, however, secondary bases can be attacked at any time. There is also a strict NO THEFT policy in all bases. Don't steal, you're all on the same team.

    3- NODES: There are a total of 7 nodes in the world: the training node, 4 minor nodes and the Big Twins. Each node (excluding the TRAINING NODE) must be captured and held by a team before being able to enter the dungeon below each node. The Big Twins have the highest leveled loot, but also the most danger. The Big Twins dungeons span around 16x16 CHUNKs, so don't get lost! Each node is reset daily with new loot.

    4- RAIDING: In order to take over a node, the opposing team must loudly proclaim their intent at minimum 3 times before assaulting a node. Unannounced assaults are not allowed and will not change ownership! To take over a node, a team must eliminate all opposition in the node area and replace the flag with wool of their color (DON'T FORGET THE WOOL!). The node may then be explored by the victorious team.

    YEA YEA I know the post looks really really bad.. this was rushed out within a few mins because of an accident post... DEAL WITH IT..
    accidently got this posted earily.. so heres a summary to a steam friend..
    basicly we are fully modded with resource nodes and weapons... and maps.. the team to get to a resource node captures it and places the team flag down.. but cant go into the resource node to capture resources for a day after capture...
    the resource nodes are very very dangerous dungeons filled with resupplying loot to keep your team in the fight.. if your not being assaulted by teams of enemy players you can go into it and get materials
    Many features will be explained ingame..
    If you would like to join to join please follow the simple whitelist below
    post this in the post below
    What is your ingame minecraft name..??
    here (Very important! if we dont have this We cant add you to the whitelist!)
    Do you promise to follow the rules..??
    you will be pmed the ip address and modpack required to connect to the server shortly after applying..
    heres some pictures of us running through a resource node...
    friends of mine didnt look for traps.. had to teleport them to me a few times..

    General Information
    Single Player
    • Check the mod_*.properties files, they have lots of configurable options. .properties files are text files.
    • The jet pack is worn as a chest piece. Hold down jump while in midair to use it. It requires buckets of oil for fuel.
    • Laser wolves look like normal wolves but their eyes are teal. Right click them with a laser (carefully) and/or diamond breastplate to give it to them (after they've been tamed).
    • Don't right click a normal wolf with a laser, you'll shoot it in the face.
    • The ATV wheel recipe does not conflict with the planes wheel recipe. If you have planes installed, the ATV uses the plane wheels.
    • Press I on the ATV to access the guns menu.
    • Press space on the ATV to fire the guns.
    • The ATV can be repaired by right clicking it with a wrench.
    • The laser uses redstone dust for ammo.
    • The grappling hook activates when it lands on top of a block that is accessible from the direction you threw it.
    • Default key to reload is 'R', zoom is 'Z', use parachute is 'P', enable nightvision is 'N'.
    • Nightvision goggles are worn on the head, scuba tanks and parachutes are worn on the chest.
    • The lighter block lights on fire when power is applied to it.
    • Right click the cannon block with TNT to fill it up, max 15. Power it with redstone to fire.
    • The grinder block is fueled by diamonds for 64 uses each or iron for 8 uses each. It grinds flint (100% chance) and gravel (25% chance) into gunpowder.
    • Hardcore mode increases the maximum number of mobs.
    • The lightometer turns red when it's dark enough for monsters to spawn.
  • Recipes

  • Long Barrel

    Short Barrel

    Shotgun Barrel - shapeless

    Minigun Barrel - shapeless

    Fat Barrel

    Metal Stock

    Wooden Stock

    Metal Grip

    Wooden Grip

    Minigun Handle



    Metal Parts

    Metal Receiver - shapeless

    Redstone -> Laser Convertor


    Desert Eagle






    Rocket Launcher

    Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher



    Sniper Rifle

    Sentry (Use any gun besides the gatling gun to make that sentry)

    Sentry (If guns are disabled, creates an AK47 sentry)



    Sticky Grenade

    Stun Grenade

    Smoke Grenade

    Molotov Cocktail

    Light Ammo (AK47, MP5, Minigun, M4)

    Medium Ammo (Desert Eagle, SG552)

    Heavy Ammo (Sniper Rifle)

    Shotgun Ammo (Shotgun)

    Rocket (Rocket Launcher)

    Laser-Guided Rocket (Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher)

    Bullet Casings

    Shell Casings

    Oil Drop

    Oil (Flamethrower, Jet Pack)

    Jet Pack


    ATV Body

    ATV Wheel




    Player Spawner - If enabled in mod_SdkFps.properties

    Weapon Spawner A (Guns) - If enabled in mod_SdkFps.properties

    Weapon Spawner B (Not Guns) - If enabled in mod_SdkFps.properties

    Grappling Hook



    Nightvision Goggles

    Scuba Tank





    Gold Coins


    stupid backbutton.. delete the post.. here goes a rewrite
    To Be Announced

    The goal of this server is to provide a fun unlimited experience to new players or people just trying out the game, we will not bother you with tnt detonating or anything like that as long as it does not harm the experience of other players.. if you are greifed you will simply be given your items back, and if the greifer was outside of the anarchy area he will either recive a warning, or a ban....

    A note to people questioning my allowence of Non-Premium members (people who are still trying out the game)
    This will only be allowed on certain days as to allow them to try out a legit multiplayer experience, we hope that if you do not have a premium account, you are at least considering buying minecraft in the future! that is the whole point of allowing you guys on here!

    be aware that you will be watched a bit more then the normal players as we do not know if you will follow rules..
    if you have a skin on your character, or can proove that you have a premium account, you will receive special benefits!!!!
    may it be from special armor to mob spawn eggs all the way to OP! it just depends!
    This is a way of saying THANK YOU!! to the creators of minecraft....
    you will also receive this.. a custom made map saying your name is premium (note that this players name is made up and not a real player)

    We do allow greifing in our anarchy arena!! this is a very very large area of the level where almost anything goes!! haha just dont build 20000 feet tall water fountains....

    Due to the fact that a server like this might become very very messy with all of these new players doing completely random stuff.. it might take days at a time to finish fixing stuff, as such, the server will not be 24/7 and it will operate on the eastern timezone anywhere from 4 hours to 16 hours.. even more if you guys dont mess things up haha!!!!

    We have a small easy to use whitelist before joining to keep out bad people.. this whitelist is very simple, copy it, and answer the questions in the below post... I am on almost completely constantly.. so you should get a reply very very soon!!

    What is your ingame minecraft name..??
    here (Very important! if we dont have this We cant add you to the whitelist!)
    How old are you? (You may answer N/A if you or a gaurdian does not like you answering this question)
    When did you Buy Or download minecraft?
    here (if your very new you may receive extra help)
    Is there anything special you wanted to do or test out besides the game?
    here (tnt mining, mob traps, pistons, we may be able to allocate you special testing items)
    Do you promise to follow the rules and be somewhat polite to people..??
    Did you come here with a friend
    here (if yes try and put his name here)
    I will check back hourly or even every 10 mins to add you to the whitelist! ill let you know!

    Thanks! be sure to bookmark us to know when we are hosting events such as mob invasions or Offline-Mode Free Days!!!!
    after we get 5 whitelist requests we will post the IP
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    This is just.. Great..
    get it when trying to place some stuff....
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -3
    at dustmod.DustShape.updateData(DustShape.java:115)
    at dustmod.DustShape.drawOnWorld(DustShape.java:450)
    at dustmod.ItemPlaceScroll.a(ItemPlaceScroll.java:42)
    at yq.a(SourceFile:88)
    at acq.a(PlayerControllerSP.java:193)
    at TMIPlayerControllerSSP.a(TMIPlayerControllerSSP.java:25)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.c(SourceFile:1220)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1545)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:709)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:662)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 44f74cd5 ----------
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Golem Factory: Update[Jan 16] Medusa and AntiGravity golems!
    for anyone having issues when you go to adfly and it says skip ad.. simply rightclick and press get link location and paste it in your browser.. this should bypass the redirect to mediafire and work!!
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    oh nice!!!! cant wait for it to be finished
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