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    Hello people,

    I'm managing a tiny server which will be available for at least a year from now on. (pre-paid already)

    My goal is to build a tight and friendly community.
    I kind of want to know everyone that play on the server.

    Now about it,

    it's very likely whenever you join to be the only player online, that's just how it is with new servers eeh :?

    The environment is not friendly, there are very dangerous creatures like warlocks, dark wizards and YES - Dragons. Hopefully you wont meet them in the beginning.

    You can learn and cast more than 100 spells.
    You can claim your own land and nobody can destroy it or steal from your chests.
    The rest I'll leave to you adventurers.

    you can join here : play.minecraftmagic.com

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    I did my best.

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