About Me
Hello and welcome to my page! I'm currently working on a really ambitious project which is the Legend of Zelda majoras mask! It is being created on a 1x1 scale and is taking awhile! Here is the link to the minecraft forums thread: http://www.minecraft...ask-recreation/
Don't forget to check out the official page for the project which can be found here: http://www.facebook....dofMajorascraft

Anyway I love to read and i love to help others out! so if anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask! I am twenty and live in Indiana. I try to be as friendly as can be and try my best to help out with the community in anyway!

If any reason you need to contact me my info will be posted below. Atm my email is acting funny and it wont let me log in so maybe skype would be best, also you may pm me! Anyway if you want to get to know me just ask me questions!

Contact Methods

Skype Mainganca