About Me
I play Minecraft from the moment I wake up to when I sleep...almost. When school starts, I won't be able to play Minecraft that much which is a shame because I love Minecraft soooooo much.

I am a Texas A&M fan and my parents both are too but ironically, my dad now works at Baylor University.

One of my hobbies is blogging, you can find it at Also, if you wanna check out my Youtube channel here's the link to that: I do a couple of video blogs and some other things. Warning: I'm not exactly popular and I don't get a lot of views and I might never become popular but that's alright with me because it's just a hobby.

I really like sports cars. Until recently my favorite car was a Camaro but I have moved on to more expensive cars like a Bentley GT and/or Bugatti's.

I may be a girl but many people have mistaken me for a boy due to my boyish nature. I have a YouTube video all about it called "If I were a boy."

I used to have an obsession with dragons but now I'm waaay over that. Now that I think back on it, I think it was pretty stupid, lol.
Interests blogging, drawing, reading, playing computer games

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