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    posted a message on Besides caves, what do you think 1.15 should be about?

    So what i thinking about Minecraft 1.15 was that it should be a MEGA update. Most of the suggestions come from comments in YouTube from SystemZee video, so, go check him out. Back to the suggestions.

    The fact that i think beside caves and dungeons, there should be more updates about new biomes, i mean, it makes no sense to running around and suddenly fall into a lava fall in the middle of absolute nowhere isn’t it, so it’s better to add some biomes to make the world more beautiful and engaging players to discover the world more. I (not really me) would like some biomes like volcano, tropical island,...

    We also needs more features for Minecraft, like seasons,... SystemZee lists it better than me actually.

    And then we goes to mobs and animals, you know, Minecraft isn’t the game that is having mobs and animals, so again I suggest checking out SystemZee :P he list it better than me

    And last, but not least, we need more modern in our game. This is my suggestion. “But hey MrTommyCash you don’t need those, we can build them!” (MrTommyCash is my IGN) ya ya i know pal but i think we need things like modern furniture, weapons, vehicles... For the furniture i would really recommend checking out MrCrayFish because he is the mod maker of Furniture Mod. And about weapon, you should check out Flans Mod. About vehicles, check out Soggy Transportation mod.

    So, make it short: 5 things: caves, biomes, feature, mobs and animals, modern stuff. I EXTREMELY PAY ATTENTION AND CARE ABOUT THESE in Minecraft 1.15. And it’s not really necessary to add other things unless if Mojang wants to, but as long as Mojang add the 5 things up there, they can add other things in conditions that it is not bad to Minecraft players.

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    MrTommyCash (me)



    Flans Mod Creator

    The person reading this

    Mojang (if you readed :)

    The one who work for Mojang

    The one who is Mojang friend

    The person who got the patience to read

    Have a nice day (or night or noon)

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    Can you help me with this sonicether? Whenever i run the shader, when i look at the nametag or the custom head (on armor stand) the texture it just glitch out! It’s look like a glitching texture and i dislike it. Other than that, it’s working perfectly (the shader), but can you help me with the error because this shader is my life in Minecraft

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