About Me

Living a life with a long distance relationship. She lives in the Philippines and I live in USA. I make a trip over there a few times a year and looking forward to getting married and living our lives together in the Philippines. I do enjoy minecraft and during this covid19 that's what I tend to play the most and even created my own server.

For those who enjoy hard mode, vanilla survival and like to keep to the latest snapshots and versions, can follow rules, you're welcome to join my whitelisted server: IP: and send me a message with your IGN so I can whitelist you. The server is automatically backed up throughout the day and is whitelisted to keep the server safe from potential grieving. I also make sure that those I invite are mature and prefer adult players or 16+.


I love to whistle, I like to juggle, I like to chat on discord and obviously play minecraft and make new friends.

Location USA

Profile Information

Discord MagicWhistler#3574