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    Past RP Experience:Since 2011
    Time you can Dedicate:15 hours a week minum
    Why do you want to join: Been roaming around Rp servers for a freaking year now mostly joining servers in building stage then ended up leaving when the server was halted or canceled,id rather enjoy the FO community so i prefer join FO servers when the server i was building on was canceled(again)
    Did you read the Rules: yes
    Have have you ever been Banned, if so, why: nope


    Name:Ryan Wai Lee
    Place of Birth:San Francisco
    Appearance:average build, weathered
    Traits:Agile and quick, slightly asthmatic, Tech junkie
    Quiet towards strangers, most of the time only opens his mouth when he finds necessary or when he has a topic of interest, hard to get close to, also enjoys eating, will run through supplies quickly when its abundant
    Fears:Minor fear of heights, wary of open spaces when alone
    Special Requested Items:"Box Cannon" A Mauser C96 pistol that fires .45 ACP rounds, multitool, Pip-Boy 2000
    Born as Wai Lee,he is the son of a Shi guard in Chinatown San Francisco. At a young age Wai was educated as a member of the Shi, learning its cultural traditions, customs and language, he also received combat training from his father, learning the inner workings of a firearm, how to use and maintain it. training him to be a guard and serve to protect the emperor like him. Despite his father's efforts, Wai have a much greater interest in technology, often running off to the researcher labs, observing the comings and goings of the research department, learning technological terms having no idea of its meanings and running off to the junk yard covering himself with dirt and oil in the piles of junk and machinery readied to be melted.

    As expected of his father, Wai eventually became a Shi guard, patrolling the streets of Shi-Town. Like many of his co-workers, he developed the look of wary boredom the guards all share due to the lack of fresh activity, the close knit community and isolation of the town made the area rather peaceful, with only occasional conflicts with the Hubologists from time to time. Eventually, tired of guard duties and desire for a pursuit in science, Wai packed up and left stealing an old Pip-Boy 2000 in the process, leaving the safety of Shi-town and into the harsh waste.

    Armed with a Mauser C96 pistol, a multi-tool in his pocket and a pack of supplies, Wai wandered south. Due to a lack survival training , he was soon overwhelmed by the waste. With his supplies depleted and lacking the knowledge to find food or water in the wasteland. He gets weaker by the hour, after a day of walking under the burning sun he fell, exhausted and dehydrated, unable to move on, his vision burs and he fell unconscious.

    Wai awakens, finding himself lying in a wagon pulled by Brahmins, accompanied by a group of 5-6 individuals . He soon learns that he was rescued buy a group of tribal specialist of the Followers of the Apocalypse, traveling down the core region back to the L.A Boneyard, on their way finding him lying on the ground. No wanting to go back home, he accompanied the Followers to Boneyard, learning of the Followers, its goals and its history. Upon arrival of Boneyard, Wai expresses his wish to join the Followers and learn from their library, being a member of the Shi, having an understanding of their culture the Followers accepted. Now taken on the name of Ryan among the Followers, he spend the first three years of his time in Boneyard studying pre-war technology and its history. As time goes by Ryan became a procurement specialist in the Followers, scavenging old ruins and hospitals retrieving useful technologies needed by the followers.

    As the Followers gained in power after the integration of the L.A Boneyard into the NCR, expeditions are send all across the wasteland to land far away. Ryan, was selected as the leader of an expedition to Alaska, with the goal of researching the Anchorage Front Line, part of the effort to ensure that humanity would not repeat the mistakes that led to the Great War. Along with 20 others, part guards,part scientist, they set out north, eventually leaving the territory of the NCR

    After months of travel, passing through first Seattle then Vancouver, they finally arrived in Alaska, now moving towards the city of Anchorage, the group made camp near the Alaska Pipe line as night falls. as most of the group was asleep the light from the camp fire attracted the raiders in the surrounding area, soon hundreds of raiders, most of them armed with crude weapons fashioned with old pre war junk, in a blood thirsty frenzy,the raiders swarmed at the group. The group, now alerted by the savage calls and the stink of blood and sweat, open fired at the surrounding raiders. Even with superior fire power, the raiders numbers never seems to drop, on the contrary, more and more raiders appear as they fall, knowing that to stay and fight would mean their death, the group fought for an opening and made a run for it. Ryan runs into the darkness blindly, separated from his colleagues in his panic, the only thing in his mind was to get away from the screaming of those not fortunate enough to get away, as they get hacked in to pieces, striped of all their valuables.

    Now with little supplies, and deemed too dangerous to travel back to the core region on his own, Ryan decided to stay and tries to survive in Alaska, facing a completely new environment, new dangers and threats unknown to him.

    RP Example:
    (Insert player name)approaches town gate
    (Insert Guard name)spots someone approaching
    (Insert Guard name)Points pistol
    (Insert Guard name): Halt!
    (Insert player name) Stops where he is
    (Insert Guard name): You there, slowly move towards me with your hands up, any silly movements and ill pump you full of lead
    (Insert Guard name): Who are you? and what do you want?
    (Insert player name): I'm just a traveler coming to trade for supplies
    (Insert Guard name): Alright,your clear, just just keep your weapons holstered, don't take whats not yours and we won't have a problem
    (Insert Guard name) :Go straight down the road then turn left when you reach at the water tower and you'll be at the trading post
    (Insert Guard name) Waves at gate
    (Insert Guard name)yells: Ey! you pricks open up, this one is clear

    God bless the Enclave, God bless America!
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    Quote from Tiwyn

    I see your point.
    But I still disagree with it.

    sorry, i was writing an app then accidentally posted it
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    Quote from XXzPandaBoyzXX

    It seems like you ran out of builders...

    Threads not updated yet

    But yes we need more builders
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    Quote from GrayWolf448

    OOC -
IGN:------------------------------- GrayWolf448
Gender:--------------------------- male
Age:------------------------------- 14
Have you read the rules:---------yes
Have you read the lore:----------yes
    RP Expierence:-------------------fallout 3,fallout NV,oblivion,skyrim

    Fallout Expierence:---------------fallout 3,fallout NV
Define Meta Gaming:------------using out of game rocorces to give a advantage for ex) a bet in RP you go to web browser and serch up question

    Define Power Gaming:------------when to set a specific goal to make your char. very powerful in specific spot. or when you force another person in to a rp part where the don't have say


IC -

Race:--------------------furry (fox)
    Appearence:------------slim, light gray and white fur, 6 feet 4 inch, brown cargo paints, brown shirt,short snout,pointed ears
Signifying Traits:--------he's a furry(fox) , very friendly, slim 

    Signifying Skills:--------scavenging,very sneaky,specalices in semi-auto rifles,great sences(smell,hearing,sigh), good at rationing supplies
(40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)





RP example:

    *alarm sounds*

    ...critical radiation levels detected...

    ...unengaging cryo-pot locks...

    ...reviving subject...

    "where am i

    critical radiation detected all personel evacuate!
    imedent meltdown in t-minus 10 minates

    russell starts sprinting to get out
    steel suport beam falls and covers door
    "THAT WAY!"
    he quickly turned and saw a ladder
    he got to top of ladder with the radiation levels rising to be leathal
    russell starts sprinting as fast as he can to try to make it trough the possible exit
    "OH SH*T!"
    while trying to run out the cealing colapses and traps russell in a room with dangorus levels of radition getting higher and highly flamable fumes in the air that will combust of he doesnt make it out soon
    "need to find another way out!"
    after looking around for a few seconds he finds a lose air vent on tha wall and pulls it off and starts to climb up the vent.
    close to the end of the vent the fumes in the room got ignited by a spark and fire rushed up the vent can blew russell 10 ft in the air.
    russell took a hard landing and after a few seconds he pased out right in the moon's light explosed to any mutated creature that romes the waste.

    early life:
    Russell was boren in the year 2056, boston, massachusetts. When Russell was 4 he move to CA. As a child Russell didn't have many friends, and that didn't bother him because he was a gamer. The few friends he did have were on some of the online games Russell played. At a early age Russell relized the value of saving, all the toys he got he kept together, and knew he could make money later by selling his old toys. Russell was very interested in weapons and due to that he had a large collection of airsoft guns, bb guns, and the newer nerf guns. During Russell's spaire time he either played games or draw random, made up combat vehicles, or weapons. At the age of 12 Russell found out what a furry was, and found out that since he could remember he was a furry, he just didn't know what they were at the time. Russell knew that if people found out he was a furry some people will start to annoy him for a long time so he kept it secret.

    Growing up:
    As Russell got older he started to sell most of his old toys to buy newer computers and new games. At 16 Russell still didn't have many friends, the few he did have in real life were furry haters so Russell kept the fact that he is a furry a secret. Russell really felt odd wile near his friends since the only thing they talk about is how much they hate furries, he started to question if they were really his friends? At 17 Russell got a job at Robco to rapaire Mr. handies. With his new job Russell was helping to pay for a vault for his family incase of a war back home. After they had bought a vault room they all started to save up to pay for Russell's collage, to help save money they didn't use a car due to the gas price and that the market was fairly close to home. Russell started to save up supplies so that later in the school years he didn't have to waste money for new supplies.

    in collage:
    At the age of 18 Russell moved back to massachusetts to go to collage. At collage Russell finaly got some friends and was able to play games with. Russell kept his old job at Robco to make money for food, rent, and school supplies. He knew that he will need to conserve money to make it trough collage. To help save money Russell made sure that his fridge is closed all the time and not to leave food out. Russell had a tendency to keep all of the stuff he get's but, he sold it when he had too much. Russell was insain about conserving stuff when it comes to food or games Russell made sure nothing goes to waste, "if their's left over food give it to the dog" is what Russell said most of the time if his friends were over. At the age of 19 Russell was thinking about joining the army, win the war, and then attened collage and finish. When Russell was 20 he droped out of collage and went home to tell his family he was going to war. They were shocked. Russell kept telling his family he will be ok, that nothing back will happen, and that he will come home alive.

    in the army:
    As a soldier in the United States army Russell was deployed at the alasken front to defend the US borders from the chines. For the front line their was bairly any action in that section. The soldiers spent most of their time in the warm cabens playing cards or out in the cold to hunt for fresh food, Russell told the troops not to waste their hunt because most parts of deer are unfull and they can find a use for it. At the camp their was little to do, and one thing that made it worse is Russell didn't know how to play cards. Even in the army Russell kept himself being a furry secert because he had no idea how the other soldiers would react. Russell was able to write lots of letters back home telling about how he is safe and he will come home once the war is over.

    the experament:
    One day Russell got a letter but this time not from his family. The govenment asked Russell if he would like to join an experament to create a winter super soldier. They told him that the experament was going to make him half fox and half human, that was all that they toled him. Russell accepted the offer because he knew that the outcome of this would be that he will become a furry, and fulfill his child hood dream. Russell sent his last letter home saying that he is getting moved to defend the oil pipe line and that due to the not that terrible
    conditions they are not going to allow you to send letters because the troops on the front line needed more support, and the will to fight, and of course this was a lie because he would want to tell them he was a furry when he got home, and that he isn't ment to tell anyone about it. Due to the transforming from human to furry they kept Russell in a cryo-sleep pod to pervent his body from rejecting the new parts.

    after the "Great War":
    Before they were able to finish testing and deploy the new soldier to the front line, the "Great War" begain. Russell was the only one in the testing facility the scientist evacuated, and went in hidding in other vaults but the vaults weren't sealed in time and they all died. Due to the shifting of the earth's crust it broke the cryo-sleep pod and freezed Russell to the point of not even being able to even dream. Over 200 years of the reactor getting tosed around by the shifting earth the main coolant pipe broke causing a nuclear meltdown. During the meltdown hight levels of radiation leaked out, and trigered the emergency system in the cryo-pod to wake up Russell and allow him to get to safty. Bairly making it out, Russell finds him self unconscious out in the middle of the wastes exposed to any creature that might dewll out side. this is where his story of life in the wastes starts out.

    good now? if not please tell me im doing better :/ and what im missing

    Not holding any grudges against Furries
    but do you really have to RP as one in a FALLOUT RP server?
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    Quote from soul_reaperz

    • The Main (staff-owned) factions have been decided and given names... except one. It is a Followers-eseque faction, and we're having trouble with the creation of a name. Any suggestions will be welcomed warmly.
    - Soul

    How bout "The Shepherds"?
    Guiding and helping the "lost flock" of the waste with their knowledge and aids those in need best they can
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    Quote from TheDevilsPoet

    Why is Lode never on? -_-
    I may have to resort to joining the NCR... Or even.
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    Im sure youll do a great job

    and heres my app

    Why do you want to play on this server?:
    Joined the Vault since the third launch and loved it
    Did you read the rules?
    Character Name:Hunter

    RP Example(not just a conversation between two or more people):
    (Insert player name)* Following the path toward a small settlement, slowly approaching the town with an exhausted look
    (Insert guard's name)* spots incoming traveler
    (Insert guard's name): Hey you there! Stay right where you are with your hands up
    (Insert guard's name)*shouts as he points his gun towards the traveler
    (Insert player name)* Immediately point his gun back
    (Insert guard's name): You don't want to do that.Who are you?Khan?Slaver's Guild?
    (Insert player name): Neither,now put that down before you hurt yourself

    Bio (MUST be AT LEAST 1-2 good paragraphs):
    One of the earlier 'Flawed' androids made by the commonwealth,build with advance machinery to perform dangerous tasks,
    as many of his counterpart are leaving one by one, he starts to wonder the true reasons of their departure ,until one day he was send outside to retrieve stolen weaponry, he sees for the first time what the world outside is like,with help from the Railroad, he left his creator and fled to the west as far as possible

    Several months after his escape,he arrived at the west coast and came across the Mariposa Military Base, upon entry he was attacked by super mutants and was forced to go deeper into the base,severely injured as well as losing his abilities, thanks to the multiple pre-war gear found in the base,he managed to escaped unnoticed, continuing his journey across the waste

    Btw is can help with the skin pack
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    Quote from BACON_NATOR

    swiss a suggestion we should build a new i guess u would call it a landmark for the factions to fight over as the vault and unr isnt really what anyone is fighting for anymore also this might help the factions to actually expand and not just sit in the city hammering each other just to alivate the boredom.

    how bout landmark and the idea of outposts marks the territory of a faction and can be claimed by others

    as in

    M=main base
    :: :: :: :: x :: :: x :: :: :: ::
    :: :: :: :: x :: :: :: x

    :: :: :: :: x :: :: :: M :: :: :: x :: :: :: ::

    :: :: :: :: x :: :: :: :: :: :: :: x
    :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: x

    areas that are inside the outpost circle will become the factions territory
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    Quote from CaptainKidd77

    Just FYI, Its Maxson, and they went to the Lost Hills government Fallout Bunker in California (Hence why they are in the first Fallout). Hidden Valley (and Helios for that matter) doesn't occur till about 200 years later, when the BoS is a lot larger (and more fanatical) with a somewhat different aim then the original aims set by Roger Maxson, being to "rebuild civilisation - no matter what".
    So instead of a group similar to the Enclave, they ended up forming into a more isolationist community after the War with the NCR, albeit with some exceptions of them adapting to their situation (such as in Tactics, but not in New Vegas).

    However we put it, its up to the Elder ( KvSketch?) to choose which variation the BoS follows.

    Hopefully Sketch will choose the 'Beat it local,get lost' way
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    Quote from ThePacMan

    IGN - TitaniumTicTac
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - a few hours =D
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I do not have it, but will make sure to get it :smile.gif:
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Link to vote for us and have you voted? - I'm not sure how to vote, but if I knew, I definitely would
    Link to the website? - http://www.thevaultrp.com/

    Name - Ken Phonlin
    Gender - Male
    Age - 24
    RP example
    Thug: Give me all of your stuff or I'll cut you like a piece of meat!
    Me: You might want to rethink your words when I'm holding a .44 Magnum, dirtbag!
    Thug: I have a gun too, moron, what do you think is pointed at you?
    Me: You mean that little dinky water pistol?
    Thug: Another word outta you and you'll be food for the Mole Rats!
    Me: Oh yeah? Show me what you got!
    *In one swift move, Ken aims his magnum at the thug's head before he could put his finger on the trigger of his pistol, and as fast as his arm was raised, the thug lies dead at his feet. He smiles.*
    Me: Some people...

    Ken Lived and grew up in a quiet neighbourhood in California, Ken took up mechanics and engineering in school, when the bombs fell, he was responsible for upkeep in the vault he stayed in. (He's always kept it secret which vault he was in, because he was ashamed of it.) Mostly plumbing and the terminals. When he emerged from the vault, he wandered the wastes for a new place to settle carrying with him the clothes on his back as he travelled across the wasteland looking for jobs to earn some caps and get started in the new world..He is currently travelling towards NCR camps for recruitement.

    That's all I got :biggrin.gif:

    BTW: If I screwed up any fallout terminology, it's probably because it's 4 am, I'm uber tired and just wanted to get this app out, if I notice anything tomorrow I'll fix it lol

    and also (Last thing) I created an account on the website under TitaniumTicTac but never recieved the confirmation email..what should I do about that?

    We have our selfs a ghoul here,bombs fell 200 years ago
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