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    Quote from redrew89

    Wait... I don't recall a single instance of malicious code being present in Better Than Wolves mod. The only thing that might come close would be the instances where installing Forge and BTW in the same jar results in crashes, but that is not the result of "malicious code", as you put it. That's just incompatibility by choice. If anything, SirSengir took it a step further, which I applaud, by the way. Respect earned.

    Case-in-point, the fact that everyone is getting so upset over something so trivial is what really rustles my jimmies. Consider the Big Picture ™ for a whole twenty seconds and you might realize that your little video-game mod pissing-contest is really insignificant by comparison.

    True that there was no 'direct' malicious code, however making it so that it crashed with forge, which was a compatibility API is pretty much equal to chosen incompatibility, not to mention flowrchild is recorded as saying that it upset him that other mods distracted from his when installed together.

    Malicious code, which I define as code intented to alienate or directly attack/impede a given community or person(s) is terrible practise. I would like to add that also in both cases these were attacks (yes, both instances follow the oxford definition for the word attack) were on compatibility/ease of use utilities, so essentiall Sir Sengir and flowerchild are saying that they want nothing to do with the respective communities. (Sengir's case it's technic community, flowerchild it's the forge community.)

    I would also note that in recent better than wolves version he might have made things forge-compatible again. I don't keep up with it as the incompatibilities forced me to choose redpower, buildcraft, and IC2 over BTW.

    Quote from SamDem
    1. It is his mod. If he wrote a mod that turned the entire world into lava, is it his fault if you decide to install it?
    2. If I write a song with explicit lyrics, is it my fault if you listen to it?

    It's his art. He should have every right to make it into whatever he wants. It's the ambiguity of Technic that makes it so the Technic players don't know quite what they're getting, and it's that ambiguity Sengir is standing against. He deserves credit and artistic freedom.

    what ambiguity exactly are you talking about? The big list of mods included? The fact that you can click 'mod options' inside the launcher at any time and get a list of mods directly from modloader? I am having trouble seeing where ambiguity in technic occurs, atleast compared to the fluttercluck that is getting that number of mods to work together smoothly.
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    What exactly did technic team change inside his mod, except for the confid ID's which were configurable (see config) in the first place to make it more accessible. I can also personally testify that technic had actually done great strides in promoting forestry and several other mods, as I had been making sure the stay as up to date with mods as possible since way back when we were still on IC1.

    Again technic also probably got him a great deal of donations, as I had been waiting on my next payday to chip a little to the modders throuh technics (once agian staying true to their purpose) modder donation page for player convienance. So sir sengir has done little but alienate himself with a great deal of people. I love his mod and he does a fantastic job in my opinion and is full of great ideas.

    However because he stopped to the level of flowerchild and installed obviously malicious code (which anyone can check if they rename their .minecraft folder to .techniclauncher, go on and try it.) I can't bring myself to donate. Just like I won't buy GeForce graphics cards because they have mallicious code in the drivers against ATI.
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    Timber! comes build into the technic pack 4.4.0. Plus the nature overhaul mod that comes with that also has a lumberjack option. I do think you'll need to add the industrialcraft chainsaw to the tool list to the config to have it use the timber mod though.
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    There is a mod/binary difference system called MCNostalgia. You can backdate all the way to infdev if you like. As for the changes to minecraft: I like them, and they are optional. You can just ignore the new recipies and keep your world on peaceful and make a self-enforced ban of nether portals and you'll be golden.
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    The modpack does actually add something. It creates a few new crafting stuffs which make the three big mods (EE, buildcraft, and IC2) work better together, so in an odd sort of way the pack is almost a mod of a mod in it's own right.
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    While the mod could use a name revision I think that from the screenies it is well-thought. I never liked the other varients due to the fact it looked like the characters were trying to smuggle a box of pasta noodles out in their shirt. Do carry on and I am curious if this might evolve to much more complex character models as a whole (expanding outside the current contents)

    edit: reworded for clarity.
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