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    So, been using GoG for a while now and I absolutely love the work you've put in - it is easily the best creature mod out there. However, I have found the config parameters to be a bit... lacking. I imagine it would be a lot of additional work, but it would be a great help if there were more variables which could be tweaked when using the mod such as individually setting a mob's hostility, spawn parameters (specific biomes or quantities) and aggro range.

    For example, I prefer to have more of a challenge, so I generally set everything to hostile - sadly, this creates some issues as the mobs which are generally passive spawn in clusters, making the biomes they spawn in much more dangerous than the actually 'dangerous' biomes. It also effectively disables using the 'trader' mobs entirely.

    Thanks! I'm rather bored and capable of a bit of coding myself so I'm not averse to helping considering the workload of the request...

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