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    I want to play minecraft together with a friend or two, but doing so means either buying a server, since the hosting software is insensibly demanding, or playing on a server with a ton of random people and asinine addons.

    I want a peer-to-peer multiplayer system that allows a small number of players to play minecraft together without all the overhead.
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    Remember in World of Goo all the signs you'd find about? It'd be really cool if we found random signs in Minecraft every now and then. They would provide useful gameplay tips and some funnies.

    For example,

    "The sizzle is

    Lava nearby."

    "Zombie wants hugs."

    "how do i kill dragon?

    And such.
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    posted a message on Tutorial: Create Multicolored MOTD's!
    Needs more stickiness. I recommend Elmers.
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    posted a message on To the creators of custom servers, in order to appease Notch..
    First off, an IRC quote:

    : Notch, may I ask you why you despise custom servers so much? Some of them seem to contribute a lot to your game. Many of them are written from scratch, and do not intrude on your own code, namely Spadge's server. Especially if you're going to use lua scripting for servers at a later time, all that we're going to end up with is custom servers.
    : madk: I strongly believe people should be allowed to make custom software like that, as long as it's done from scratch
    : and, yes, a lot of them add fun features that users like.
    : my reasons for not liking them is mostly personal. I feel like I lose creative control.
    : and there's also a risk of them costing me sales if they start letting people use premium features for free in the future
    : Notch then you should sue them
    : I could, but I won't.

    I suggest to all custom server coders that you prevent nonpremium accounts from connecting, and I'm pretty sure this is possible.. This would make Notch happier with us, and maybe we'll see him starting to be friendlier toward this cause.
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