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    Minecraft username?


    What are the main reasons you would like to join?

    Looking to get back into playing minecraft, 1.14 update, socialize and build with the community

    What is your usual play-style (adventuring, building, seeking achievements, social, etc.)?

    building,social, adventuring, messing around with farms and redstone.

    Do you prefer to use Discord or in-game messaging?

    either or is fine

    Anything else that you would like to share about yourself?

    I am in my 30's and Electrician by trade, love videogames and been playing minecraft off and on for years.

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    posted a message on Vana'Diel Survival - New Server - Great Playerbase - Join NOW!

    Hey! I just sent in my appllication via your website, I hope to hear back soon, I am currently looking for a server to play on, I have been away from minecraft since the 1.8 days so I am kinda a noob going into 1.11. :) ign: maddavescientist

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    posted a message on Unity - Survival - McMMO - No PvP - Jobs - Grief Preventions - Economy - 24/7 - Friendly - No Whitelist - Quests

    yes i was wondering why the site and server are down?

    edit: also bring back quests please! I would love to have more quests and if you need anyone to help create quests I can do that, I know how to create quests with the plugin commands.

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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Aerondale (Roleplaying, Building a Kingdom, Medieval setting)
    Kingdom of Aerondale

    Game Settings: Hard, Survival, Mob griefing off. RP is welcomed but not required., For best results use the John Smith Legacy texture pack here.

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Aerondale, We are recruiting! Inside the kingdom walls rules must be followed, but outside its free for all! Looking for active mature players and RP is welcomed.

    Rules (Inside the walls):

    • Do not grief another player, do not steal from or destroy their house.
    • Obey all orders received from the King. If ordered to move or destroy something, do it in a timely fashion.
    • All buildings must be of medieval style and nothing modern (inside the walls)
    • No livestock inside the walls unless you are given a job as a farmer or stable master.
    • There will be in game currency, I will accept Full health armor pieces and return to you their ingots. (For example: gold leggings trade in for 7 gold ingots if its at full health)
    • In game currency will be Gold, so if you are looking to buy new armor, enchants, weapons, etc…, from an OP player make sure you have a good supply of Gold. (Nuggets, ingots, and blocks its all worth something)
    • Sometimes there will be a black market where a OP player will sell Goods in return for In game currency (Gold ingot, diamonds, etc..)
    • There will be a rank system, those at a lower rank must respect and listen to those of a higher rank.
    • No abusing of your rank title or you will be demoted or possibly Blacklisted from the server!
    • Rank system is: King < Queen < Magistrate < Captain of the guards < Military < Peasants
    • There will be several different roles to fill if you choose to be part of the kingdom. Refer to the job list below for more info.
    • If you do not want to be griefed/killed outside the walls, stay inside the kingdom or make sure you have a well hidden base of operations outside the walls.
    • The King and Queens cottage outside the walls is off limits to bandits and grievers. It will be guarded and anyone caught stealing will be banished from the lands.
    • When applying for membership to this realm, please use the following form:

    • IGN: In game name
    • Age: 16 and up please
    • Info about self:
    • How long have you played minecraft:
    • What Job role you want:

    • Job List for the Kingdom of Aerondale:

    • Staff member to fill the role of magistrate (helps coordinate and construct major buildings inside the Kingdom Walls. I will have to get to know you first before giving this job out.
    • Magistrate's Builders - Will have access to creative mode when helping on big builds.
    • Captain of the guards (Organizes and leads the Kings army, also enforces the law inside the walls. Can take a group on a quest to kill the wither, ender dragon, or guardians)
    • Military personnel (lead by the captain, must follow orders when on duty)
    • Enchanting Master (Librarian, runs the towns enchanting building.)
    • Engineering Master (Somebody with good experience with redstone. They will give out redstone licenses and be in charge of all redstone mechanisms within the walls of the kingdom.
    • Farmers – We need people to build community farms for Wheat, carrot, potatoes and all the livestock.
    • Stable Master – someone in charge of finding saddles, horse armor and taming horses and building a stable. (perks include renting out horses and selling them for in game currency.)
    • Grocery Market shopkeeper - someone to collect food items and sell them from a shop to any player who needs it.
    • Armor/Weapons/tools Shopkeeper - someone to stockpile weapons/tools/armor
    • More Jobs will become available as our world and its players grow :)
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