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    Yeah, that's it, plain number 5. You start on a grass covered island with a single small tree on one side, in the middle of a vast ocean. There are a few other islands on the map, most of which are Mushroom Islands, and a single large island with desert biome and a bit of plains biome on it. The later is the only island where you can find animals (other than squids and mooshrooms). If you're a fan of ocean biome this seed is for you! Even with the PC version of Minecraft this ocean goes for thousands of blocks on either sides of spawn. Obviously the stronghold is beneath the ocean floor ...

    Unfortunately, even with PS3 version 1.04 there's no temple on that map, nor any village for that matter.

    Incidentally, you might not have noticed but for now the PS3's terrain generator is pretty much**[/i] the exact same as the PC's 1.2.4 - 1.2.5 era, meaning that any great seed reported for that version of the game will also work with the PS3 version, but limited to the "1 map size" around spawn.

    ** now that I think about it, the Nether might generate differently since the 1.04 update (new ores in the Nether)[/i]

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