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    posted a message on War Nights: Arenas [Hardcore PvP]
    Im very upset with mojangs server crash, we sorta lost everyone we had, and it messed up a few plugins.
    But on the bright side I fixed everything :D
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    posted a message on War Nights: Arenas [Hardcore PvP]
    The server went under major overhaul, changing from a survival server into a arena server, if you are spawned outside the hub, please type /warp Hub
    thanks for playing :)
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    posted a message on War Nights: Arenas [Hardcore PvP]
    Quote from OldGregg546

    when mack literally told me just before he banned me
    "Youre killing everyone and theyre complaining so i have to do something about it"

    You did break the rules spawn killing was the main one, and i know this is a pvp server, but if everyone is complaining about one person im going to do something about it, im not sure were people got that you were duplicating items from though. And I never disbanded your faction, if you are banned in anyway it does it automatically, and I have been camping lately so i had no idea about your base.
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    posted a message on War Nights: Arenas [Hardcore PvP]
    Quote from Tropical_Bacon

    This server really sucks. It's filled with douchebags who kill you right when you join, you'll never get a good start. Do not join.

    Im not sure how you couldent see the 'kill' part by joining a pvp server
    And gregg you got banned because you broke the rules, many times
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    posted a message on War Nights: Arenas [Hardcore PvP]
    War Nights Arenas is a hardcore arena server.
    Fight for survival in over 10 unique arenas!
    Team up with your friends and create alliances to survive!
    Fight against other players or team up to kill as many mobs as possible!
    Work your way through the ranks to become the arena master!
    20 slots
    Join today!

    This server is up 24/7 for those of you who are in other time zones :D
    It is recommended to have the spoutcraft client, it enchances the gameplay.

    Current Plugins:
    Factions (used for alliances)
    Guns+ (requires spout)
    and many more!
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    posted a message on Bukkit essentials problem
    This is a sipmple question (probaly) but i cant seem to make kits cost money.
    in the essentails config file there is a area to make commands cost money:

    # Defines the cost to use the given commands PER USE
    # /example costs $1000 PER USE
    #example: 1000
    # /kit leatherpvp costs $750 PER USE
    #kit-leatherpvp: 750

    I understand most of the config but this part has be baffled, whenever i remove the # it makes all kits unavailable.
    Im probaly just missing something simple but i cant find someone who has had a similar problem.
    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on Mackazona's Survival Server
    We now have a steam group!
    If you like the server and have steam, join!

    Be sure to vote us up on minestatus!
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    posted a message on Mackazona's Survival Server
    We recently got a big upgrade, a extra 5 slots! more people, more exitment.

    We strive to create a pvp enviorment.
    pvp is enabled, but not in spawn(instant ban if you do)
    stealing is allowed, hide your chest!
    we have economy and sethome, /balance for your current money count.
    any problems should be reported directly to a admin or mackazonia
    You can make easy money by killing other players and taking there stuff then selling it, quite useful.
    pvp in spawn or any other desinated areas
    spam or grief, its not tolorated.
    hacks are not allowed and will be a ban

    Hosted by

    Care to donate?
    Enjoy our server? donate at
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    posted a message on Pixelcraft | 24/7 Dedicated - Bukkit - Survival - 40slot |
    In-game name:
    What country do you live in?:
    Where did you hear about this server?:
    Krigmaster told me
    Why do you want to join this server?:
    It everyother ever I go to is down alot and I would like a break from pvp or survival
    Be honest, did you really read everything in my post?:
    Most of it.
    Experience in Minecraft?:
    I have been playing since alpha 1.2.2
    Have you ever been banned before?:
    Tell us about yourself:
    I love minecraft, PvP and fightning are my best points, but freebuild is good to
    Will you kindly vote for us at
    Which rule is your favorite, and why?
    I dont hae a favorite rule, really...
    *colors were not working well*
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    posted a message on Mackazonias Survival [PvP] [Survival]
    Quote from Rogueblawd

    Do you love pvp: Yes
    Do you love survival: Yes
    Do you hate griefers: No, I dont hate people over games...
    Are you a griefer: If the rules say no, im not a grieffer on that server...

    accepted, please dont grief
    (all above accepted as well)
    Forms are not needed to connect anymore!
    just come on down and get right to it :happy.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: New Mob...Revealed?
    To me they dont look like a mob that could be damaged easy...
    much like the ghast, when i first saw it i was like
    But imagin, walking out of your house at night to get important supplies when you stop moving and something turns you around...
    only for it to have grabed you...
    and to be staring into its eyes o_o
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    posted a message on Mackazonias Survival [PvP] [Survival]
    After much crap going wrong I managed to get a grip on the server!
    Everything has been worked out now and rules are established!
    PLEASE put your IGN in the form! otherwise i cant add you
    EDIT: I added you incase you dident konw :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Mackazonias Survival [PvP] [Survival]
    Quote from bmprod

    IGN: bmprod
    Do you love pvp: Meh, its okay
    Do you love survival: Absolutely
    Do you hate griefers: Of course
    Are you a griefer: Silly question, but nope ^.^

    EDIT: ignore this request, i log on and get killed before i even load. Not my type of server.

    sorry about that, the offender was punished
    but you are welcome to come back anytime
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    posted a message on Mackazonias Survival [PvP] [Survival]
    Welcome to mackazonias survival!
    in this server we strive to create a survival/pvp enviorment.
    stealing is allowed

    griefing is forbiden

    pvp is allowed

    no spawn killing, this cause rage and is now a insta-ban, upon crossing the red wool line anyone is free game

    Forms are no longer needed to join, feel free to come on!

    Any use of mods that grant a advantage over other users will resault in ban upon sight of you using these mods (no damage, teleporting, ect)

    owner (only me)

    we use clay balls as currency and have a few interesting plugins!
    We are always under construction and new things may be added!

    good luck and happy surviving!
    Why the server may be down:
    I dont have a deticated server since i am broke, but its up most of the time with a few exeptions.
    1. The server pc is off
    2. The server hoster is away from his pc (as in, not at his house)
    3. Overhaul, we do have to change things and when we do the server can go down.

    Ways To Rank Up:
    1. Being around alot will get you up
    2. Not being a Asshole mean person
    3. Helpin OPs with stuff
    4. Getting on OPs good side (goes hand and hand with number 3)

    Quick ways to rank down:
    1. breaking number 2
    2. Being a genral douch
    3. Griefing
    4. beaking any rule

    Server Status:
    Server is down, the hoster goin touble and wont be on for a while...
    sorry bout that
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    posted a message on The Mob Suggestion Clan (Need Trailer Video)
    Great news everyone!
    i have whitelisted everyone in my clan because trev wont /:
    so feel free to come on we need more people!
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