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    posted a message on Adding a new ranged weapon to the game: The arquebus

    Arquebus is the name, and it was a very old weapon that preceded the musket, so it existed throughout the middle ages but was semi rare. It was basically a bolt action rifle that dealt decent damage.

    Negative, it was muzzle loaded firearm.

    Why would the bullet disappear at 60 blocks, where an arrow can outrange it being shot from a height?

    It would be the first weapon to lack enchantments, that's a big change.

    Who is the weapon smith? The blacksmith in a village sells both weapons and armours.
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    posted a message on Serious 1.11 warning. (Not a bug, just a big danger)
    Quote from Cryptopian»

    I decided to try out 1.11 on one of my survival worlds where I use the Soartex Vanver texture. The texture didn't work because I have the 1,10 version of it. I didn't do ANYTHING in the world. I just logged in using 1.11, looked around, and immediately quit out. Then I went back to my 1.10 Soartex version of MC and discovered that ALL of my villagers are gone. ALL of my chests are empty, ALL of my furnaces are empty. Whatever you do, DO NOT go back to 1.10 in a world you have once opened in 1.11. You will deeply regret it if you do! I lost a huge amount of resources, my iron golem farm, my villager traders, and a warehouse full of hard-to-find items.

    I tried going back to 1.11 again, but the villagers and items are still missing.

    The good news is that the world is a new one that I've only been playing in for a couple of days, so I can easily re-enter the seed and start over from scratch. But it's more than mildly annoying that all my last couple days of hard work vanished in a puff of smoke.

    So be warned. Don't migrate to 1.11 unless you really mean it!

    Link us a bug report! Disregard

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    posted a message on Minecraft wont play!
    Quote from firebom396»

    Whenever I go onto a hack client like Huzuni I always get an error message when I click play. It shows this http://imgur.com/a/BjyH8 and I dont know what to do and how to fix it. I have uninstalled minecraft and reinstalled minecraft, deleted my .minecraft and got it back and it still doesnt work. Can anyone help me please. http://imgur.com/a/BjyH8

    Please don't use hacked clients. Try the regular launcher.
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    posted a message on Need Help with Graphics Driver
    Quote from crbsmith»

    We're trying to install MC on an older laptop. Got the message about pixel acceleration not supported with the graphics driver. Tried the instructions provided with the auto detect of Intel drivers but got NO results after running it.

    Followed the additional instructions to copy the dxdiag results, which are here:


    Any help is DEEPLY appreciated!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    Auto detectors are not always reliable.

    Your current driver version is

    The latest version is (

    You can download it here:

    I always recommend manual downloads of drivers.

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    posted a message on A fatal error has occurred this connection has been terminated
    Quote from AbbysMom»

    Let me start by saying I'm what most if not all of you would call a newb. I play minecraft with my daughter. We have a lot of mods and we play on our home internet so that we can play together. We recently have an issue where she creates a world and when I log in it says "fatal error". I've read about 20 other threads on various websites about how to fix this and I just plain don't understand. We haven't added any new mods and we have all the same mods and same versions. Any idea why this has just started? How do I resolve? What other info do you need from me (and where do I find it, I'm really new to this!)

    Also I'm asking for help, please don't be rude in your responses.

    A fatal error has occurred this connection has been terminated.

    Let us know the list of mods you are running, your client/server versions, and the server host computer specifications.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashes after name change

    Copy your saves and resourcepacks and do a clean install.

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    posted a message on Help With Blender & Skins for Minecraft Animation

    Soo I really want to create my own skins and I have tried everything to be able to do so and import into Blender while making render correctly and it seems impossible.

    I have been able to download someone else's skin off planet Minecraft & get it to work properly on Blender, but I haven't been able to get it to work with a skin i've made from skin editors. I know it has to do with the version, like 1.7 skins work best, but I cannot find anything that works for me.

    I have been learning from Black Plasma Studios YT and I'm using the RymRigs

    Has anyone been able to solve this problem? I also use a Mac and im wondering if that could be making the difference somehow. I would love to be able to create my own skin, i'm always worried about copyright stuff.

    I haven't really looked into rules for using PlanetMinecraft skin because I just downloaded the one to see if I could get that to work to isolate the problem.

    My only alternative is to use other peoples skins in any animations I make, but am I able to do that without violating any laws

    All downloaded skins should be png format. It is a matter of setting the right UV wrapping on the model.

    The issue may be because there are different layouts of the skin in the png file:


    They come in different resolutions, some have outer layers, and some have slim arms.

    Using other people's skins in an animation is not against law if you are not claiming it to be yours. Artists will specify if you can use their work for commercial purpose. This is similar to using vanilla textures and skins in any animation you are making.

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    posted a message on I'm looking for a screen recording app on iOS
    Quote from gianbatra»

    I was using iRec but now it does not work anymore. My iPhone is running iOS 10 so I cannot get it jailbroken. Any suggestions in this case? Thanks in advanced.

    You can record via QuickTime:


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    posted a message on Not letting me shoot a bow and arrow?
    Quote from kiraluvsu»

    Hi, I am not new to this game I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years, I have never had the problem with not being able to shoot a bow and arrow... My mom gave me her old MacBook Pro which is in GREAT condition. When I shoot a little line pops up on the screen and goes away after a second. The line is like its loading something every time I try and shoot... but the thing is after the line goes away no arrows are anywhere, basically no arrows were even shot at all. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the line but that is the best picture I got. Someone.. PLEASE HELP!

    I'm not an OSX user but, are you able to do any other functions with the second click (like place blocks, eat food, etc.)? Is your second click enabled in preferences since you were given the laptop from someone else?
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    posted a message on What are you looking for in a server?
    Quote from charley_temp»

    Hello Everyone !

    I have had numerous servers with every time their own theme and concept. Those who played always had fun, but in the end it always turned out to be something completely different.

    I would like to launch something new and unique, where the server has all the aspects that people like best in minecraft.

    This is where I need you guys to tell me what you like most.

    I was thinking a survival server, with currency and mcmmo, as well as claimable land using the faction plugin, so that you can decide wether you want your land to pvp or not. Randomly spawned pvp chunks which cannot not be edited by player(obviously this can be changed). Teleportation from player to player, claiming land and setting faction home would cost in game money, to make it more challenging.

    Any ideas ?

    Would need builders and moderators as well as simple players :D

    Thank guys and cant wait to hear from you

    I suggest setting up a Google survey to better track result.
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