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    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    Yea there's a popular pack called ItemBound that does this!

    I like their idea, but you have to copy the loot_table folder into your Minecraft save file, it is not actually loadable through a Resource Pack.

    As for the rest of you Resource Pack authors on this thread, I would greatly appreciate if you voiced your opinion on my suggestion thread:
    About adding Loot Tables and Recipes to the Resource Pack contents.

    Managed to get an official response from Dinnerbone on the topic:

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    Quote from GHXman»

    Wait, why are you talking so much about pvp servers, its their problem, and remember nowdays mc we can remove and block stuff, so pvp servers can disable their dash feature. From what time is Mastermined such a pvp fan? you loved your garden so much

    "Dash can be used in pvp, speeding up your travel, jump longer distances and escaping." -GHXman (found in OP)


    And what do you mean that the levels reset when leaving the game (server?) or lobby? What's the point of gaining levels if you lose them? Do you know how big 40km is?

    If Minecraft had other skills that would be leveled (or boosted) from activities (i.e. mining, woodcutting, fishing, etc.) then the suggestion would work well.

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    You should give more info here before random devs start contacting you. What do you need to be done specifically, time frame, what kind of experience are you looking for, etc.

    If you're doing a job listing, the applicant needs to know what they're getting into.

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    This is more of a list than a visual graph. Comparing numbers in a visual graph is much more effective when presenting to an audience. You should also state sources and dates when pulling statistics.

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    Don't you miss some crucial bug fixes by not updating certain versions? I too stick with the most recent releases. More content means more stuff to retexture!

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    Quote from M_km047»

    please put Persian language in game because we don't have it and I'm from Iran well it isn't easy to play minecraft when it's not your language and my friends don't know English and it's not good for them anyway please put Persian language in game for us!We need this because we want to play better and more interesting!!We need this. all of Iranians want to have Persian language in game so we need this!:(




    Persion is around 49% translated. It's getting there, it needs people to help translate.

    A suggestion isn't needed, as it looks like its planned to be added once its fully translated and voted as correct.
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    Quote from GHXman»

    I got an idea and that can be the new CATEGORY + a new PVP STYLE..

    So the existing powders cannot be dropped as an item anymore? That doesn't sound like a very good idea.

    I think maybe a splash/lingering potion would be better for the setting things on fire (I would suggest entities only).

    The explosion thing isn't very useful if we have splash potions of harming.

    As for the rest, powders are ingredients to potions, bypassing brewing to get effects like those you suggested defeats the purpose of brewing.
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    Quote from MulverineX»

    There is not a clear way to remove your minecraft server off of this website's server list. Please Remove this server:


    You can press the report button in the upper right corner of the post. From there you can select Move/Delete my post.
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    Hi I saw these titles and I wanted to know how to get them please reply and tell me how

    If you mean Minecraft Forum Titles, check this pinned thread:
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    Quote from Str8shot75»

    Hello to all my fellow Minecrafters, I need an opion on my new build design and I believe y'all will give me a bump up to make it better! First off, this is a poll for you of how you like it or not, but if you want to give me advice of how to make them better, just go ahead and leave a comment below. This is an archer tower build; you may have seen some from other builders but I'm trying to create my own and see how it will work out. Rate it from five selections of of the closest of how you feel of this idea and will review by next Sunday. If most of the ratings is either, "love it" or "like it", I will post another poll about the archer towers.

    You should make arrowslits that are narrow but allow arrows to pass. And thats an interesting shape of tower you have, if you're trying to taper the top, try adding staircases.
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