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    posted a message on Is there any way to see every server I bought a rank on?
    Quote from cdms325»

    I bought a lot of ranks on multiple servers in the passed and I haven't played Minecraft for a while and I need to find the servers I bought ranks on. Is there anyway I can find all of those servers like on a list or something? By the way I changed my Minecraft username a few times if that effects anything. Thanks!

    Check your bank/PayPal/email statements for any Minecraft related activity.
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    posted a message on Keeping render distance fog
    Quote from S3ttiii»

    Is there any option/mod/resource pack that allows you to keep

    the fog that appears below a certain render distance after you've boosted

    it to max or gone above where it keeps making fog.

    I'm asking because i like the surreal/livid/oppressive feeling the fog gives, but I do not want

    to see chunks and other half formed things appear before the fog can cover it.

    Thank you.

    Optifine can set fog distances regardless of render distance. I recommend trying out my resource pack in addition to Optifine which utilizes :
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial_perspective for immersion.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Enchantment: White Hot
    Quote from Wcoun27»

    When a pickaxe has the White Hot enchantment iron and gold ores will drop their smelted ingot rather than the ore. Stone will also be mined as Stone rather than cobble.

    When a shovel has the White Hot enchantment Sand will be collected as glass.

    When an axe has White Hot wood will be collected as charcoal.

    This is enchantment can be achieved by a book found in dungeons or an enchantment table however the chance of getting it from the table is low.

    Make the enchantment incompatible with mending and I think it could balance itself out and fit in game.
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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    how did you do that?

    I left the regular enderman texture blank, and just used the enderman_eyes texture, I made the opacity 50/255.
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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Endermen as ghosts? They nearly fade away in sunlight.

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    posted a message on Four Kingdoms [16x][Custom Models][Optifine Required][Random Textures+CTM]

    Preview of WIP villager textures, something thats been bugging me and needed to be finished. + they look a little less weird than vanilla.

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    posted a message on Four Kingdoms [16x][Custom Models][Optifine Required][Random Textures+CTM]

    You must use Optifine for the features of this resource pack to work properly. You can download it here.

    Additional Screenshots:


    Distribution Disclaimer: All textures present are under this disclaimer. You may not use them in remix packs, or edit them. For personal use only. Do not redistribute anywhere else. Only legitimate copy is here on the Minecraft Forums.

    Additional Credits:

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    posted a message on Resource Pack Additions

    The resource pack is the ultimate Plug and Play addition to the game of Minecraft. They are easily created via tutorials, allowing for personal customization of your gameplay, and are easily distributed via our own Forums here.

    The current resource pack format allows these things to be put in:









    (data from Minecraft Wiki)

    These new items could easily join this list of customizable features. They are Loot Tables, Advancements, Structures and the new Recipes found in the 1.12 snapshots.

    These use simple JSON code to alter things such as:

    -Loot from chests, mob drops, fishing, villager trades, etc

    -Crafting recipes

    -Naturally generated structures

    -Custom achievements

    Imagine having custom loot drops, quests, crafting recipes or structures throughout your world, a great addition to creativity.

    I believe that incorporating these features is an easy task, a simple override when the resource pack is loaded.

    Freely discuss the suggestion on topic.

    For simple yes/no support, use the poll.

    The use of this will be to polish a formal suggestion on the Minecraft subReddit.

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    posted a message on Remove sprint jumping.

    The feature is balanced. From personal experience, you consume more hunger sprint jumping than just sprinting or jumping alone.

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    posted a message on New Mob: Vulture

    Great suggestion, and I like the drops it has. I see you said it spawns near cacti, but is it always airborn? Do they ever land to sit around? As with all legitimate suggestions, get some community feedback here and post a polished post to Reddit!

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