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    This is a Hardcore MiniCTM Map inspired by Super Hardcore Maps, You must got the Black Flame Energy Core and bring it back to our world.


    1. Play in MC 1.12.2 version.

    2. Play on hard difficulty.

    3. Clouds off

    4. Adventure Gamemode

    5. No mods or bugs

    6. Enjoy




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    Hi, this is my first map and i was inspired by the classic Super Hardcore Mini Maps like Xekaj Maps, DarthVid Maps, i struggled too much and i spent around a week to finish this project. I hope you enjoy it. I have no money for a Premium MediaFire account so i uploaded it in Google Drive (After download erase the numbers after the "-") (Sorry for that)

    Reply if you liked the map, i wanna grow up in this.

    This map is too difficult

    For Minecraft 1.12.2

    Do not use mods, just Optifine.

    Do not cheat.

    And read books and signs in the lobby.

    You should make some copies of the map.

    This is the link for download:


    A Bit Of Lore:

    You've been chosen for a special mission to save the world, your enemies would be very strong and you will feel some optical disorder and impossibility to natural regenerate.

    Screenshots from the map:

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