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    updated. MC 1.7.10 and MC 1.6.4 support included.

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    project title

    Survival's Pack

    for all ot those, who accept survival challenges

    hello guys and girls) proudly presents to you start of my project. it will consists of two parts - client-side (there will be a tools and some extras) and server-side (map-generator). the main idea of project is help for people, who like survival-style gameplay, especially hard-mode))


    part adds to game some recipes (now) and items (later), which fills game with new abilities. this mod doesn't add new blocks, like IC or BC, it only links existing simple rocks (not ores) to sense a taste of real life.

    gallery ......................................... IMGUR - Survival's Pack Gallery

    official project page .................... CURSE - Survival's Pack Downloads

    in next updates:

    - support lower versions of MC

    - tune up recipes for balance

    - project pages

    - hearing positive reviews)))

    - adds best features, based on hearing above))


    this part will implemented as function, which modify map generated by minecraft internal mechanism. this event will appear on new player login, so endless ocean will fills with islands step by step.

    with hope of positive reviews :)

    unlike others mod so as "Minecraft Is Too Easy", "Real Life Mod" or others my mod give you stock, vanilla MC for playing and do it a few better for surviving.

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    hello, i have an idea for mod, more then it - i try to write this mod by self. all is good, all is work... beside of one. i tell it, may be u help me with it, mm?

    here is a code and description for mod. in MC simple rock blocks are not linked by craft processes. cobblestone, gravel, sand, earth - are stand-alone blocks. in real life we have processes which convert one of them to another: cobblestone is coming gravel with time-flow, gravel - becomes a sand and etc.

    also back processes available - from sand with some addons we can get an earth with grass, gravel can become an cobblestone.

    so i think to add some recipes to game via new mod - to make life better, because i like play survival mode and it will be helpful for survivors - to do one blocks from others. i read manuals and write this code in sum:

     1 GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ShapelessOreRecipe(Blocks.grass, new Object[] {OreDictionary.getOres("treeSapling").get(0),
          OreDictionary.getOres("sand").get(0), OreDictionary.getOres("sand").get(0), OreDictionary.getOres("sand").get(0),
     2 GameRegistry.addSmelting(Blocks.grass, new ItemStack(Blocks.sand, 1), 1.0F);
     3 GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.gravel, 1), new Object[] {Blocks.cobblestone});
     4 GameRegistry.addSmelting(Blocks.gravel, new ItemStack(Blocks.cobblestone, 1), 1.0F);
     5 GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.sand, 1), new Object[] {Blocks.gravel});
     6 GameRegistry.addSmelting(Blocks.sandstone, new ItemStack(Blocks.cobblestone, 1), 1.0F);
     7 GameRegistry.addSmelting(Blocks.red_sandstone, new ItemStack(Blocks.cobblestone, 1), 1.0F); 

    rows 5-7 are for sandstone to gravel conversion

    rows 3-4 are for gravel to cobblestone conversion

    row 1 is for making grass from sand blocks and some addons

    and row 2 is for my question. in row 1 i convert any of treesapling (6 options per ID - oak, dark oak, etc...) and any of sand (2 options per ID - sand and red sand) to 1 block of grass. now for row 1 i need back function - i need from block with 1 option per ID get other block, which have ID, conjoint with other block. i need to get a red sand from grass, but how i can select which sand i want to get? so as wroten i get usual sand.

    please help, thanks.

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